A/N: I do not own Her Majesty's Dog, but I love the story. So, please Read and Relax and let me know what you thought at the end.

She looks so beautiful today.

How would she react if I told her that I loved her?

What would change?

Would she look at me differently?

Would she treat me differently?

I can't let that happen.

They would think I'm unfit to guard her.

They would make me leave her.

I can't let that happen.

I have to stay close to her.

I can't leave her alone.

What would happen to her if I wasn't there?

Would she be ok?

What would happen if she got hurt and I wasn't there to save her?

No. I can't think about that.

It hurts too much.

If only I could tell her without having to face the consequences.

But I want to tell her so badly.

But I cant.

It's too dangerous.

I guess I have to just have to deal with it.

One day I'll tell her.

One day when things are better.

One day when I know we wont have to face any silly consequences.