Present Day

"Mr. Luthor?"

Lex looked up at the sound of his security guard's voice. "Yes Darius?"

"This came for you this morning by express courier, sir." Darius held out a manila envelope, the kind used to carry legal documents.

Lex took the envelope, already knowing what the contents would be, but opened it anyway to read for himself. Turning away as he read, his face twisted into a scowl at the confirmation.

Another 33.1 project compromised. This time in the far east of Asia.

Schooling his features, Lex took a deep breath and turned back to the head of his security team at his mansion. "Thank you Darius."

Darius nodded in acceptance of his boss's words, but did not immediately leave. Instead he stood undecidedly.

Lex raised an eyebrow. "Is there something else?"

Daruis nodded slowly. "The courier wanted me to give you a message that isn't contained in that report. He said he was reminded explicitly to tell you this."

Every muscle in Lex's body tensed, but on the outside he remained calm. "What is it?"

Clearing his throat, Darius repeated the message word for word. "He said to tell you that 'he wasn't there'."

"Thank you Darius. You may leave now."

As his guard left the office, Lex turned his back to look unseeing out the window.

Well if you weren't there, where are you?