Clark looked at his watch as he sped down the road. Ben Baxter had broken his leg a few weeks ago and Clark had volunteered to work at the Baxter farm that day. But since he couldn't use any of his abilities, the work took a lot longer than he thought it would. Now he was at least half and hour late in getting home.

And he had to be home on time tonight. Martha was coming home after her last term in the senate. Her flight came in at Metropolis International Airport at 8:00, and Lana wanted to get to the city in time to have dinner at the newest restaurant in town. Kirstin and Bart were riding with them while Chloe, Lois, Oliver, Art, and Victor would meet them at the airport.

Lana. Clark smiled thinking about her. Sometimes it still seemed a little too surreal. Every couple had problems of course, but for the vast majority of the time, the last five years of marriage to Lana had been as perfect as he'd imagined they would be. Her divorce from Lex went off without any of the hitches other couples sometimes encountered (the only good thing that had come from Lana being a Luthor), and they were married within weeks of the divorce proclamation.

Lana was adamant that the wedding would be everything her wedding to Lex wasn't, and Clark was so happy to finally be marrying her he wasn't about to deny her anything. So with only their closest friends and family, Lana and Clark exchanged their vows outside in the open air at the top of a bluff close to the Kawatche caves at sunrise on an early spring morning. When questioned about the time for the ceremony, Lana said that she had read it in a book once. How the couple got married at sunrise to symbolize the dawning of their new life and all the new beginnings they would share, and she thought it was a perfect metaphor for the two of them. The location was chosen to further that theme as one could see for miles in any direction, giving off an absolute feeling of freedom, and the sense that anything life had to offer was there for the taking. And being so close to the caves was their way of including Jor-El and acknowledging Clark's biological heritage with only Martha having any idea that was the case.

Lana herself had been something of a vision, in a long simple Ivory dress and formal coat and her hair long and free, tousled softly in the morning breeze; her eyes shining with love and unshed tears; the cool of the morning adding an adorable pink tint to her cheeks and the tip of her nose; her smile more beautiful than he had ever seen it. Not that Clark could remember the exact details of the dress or anything (and he would never admit it). All he remembered was his breathing catching in his throat, and thinking that nothing could ever match her beauty that day. Nothing.

After it was all over, everyone agreed that it turned out to be a beautiful and touching ceremony, perfect for Clark and Lana. Only Chloe had one question.

"I'm so glad the weather turned out so well. What would you have done if it rained or something?"

"We would have let it rain." Lana said with a smile at her new husband who winked back. Only he knew that she wasn't like most other brides, and that rain would've been the one thing to put the absolute perfect finishing touch to her wedding day.

Home at last, Clark rushed inside, barely catching the door from slamming behind him. If Lana asked him once, she must have asked him a thousand times not to slam the door and risk waking the baby. And indeed his wife peaked her head around the kitchen doorway with her finger to her lips. He walked quietly into the kitchen, kissed his wife first, then leaned over the car seat on the table to kiss his tiny sleeping daughter.

At three months old, Lori looked exactly like her father ,was the apple of her parent's eyes, and was doted on by all of their friends. At this rate, she'd never have to raise a finger for anything for all of her life.

"Mommy? Where are you?"

Lana closed her eyes in mock frustration at the sudden yelling and Clark stifled a laugh. She might succeed at keeping Clark quiet some of the time, but four-year-old Jonathan was a different story. As much as Lori looked like her father, Jonathan looked like his mother, and was as active as any little boy could be. Of course it didn't help matters that his father was his biggest and best playmate, he thinking up at least half of the mischief they got themselves into.

"Inside voice please, sweetie." Lana caught her son in her arms just as he plowed into her, Kirstin and Bart in tow.

"Did you hear that, Mommy? Auntie Kirstin said its 'posedta rain tonight!" He put one hand on each of Lana's cheeks to make sure he had her attention. "If it's rainin when we go to Tropolis can we still eat outside on the deck?" He didn't give Lana a change to answer before he was wriggling to get down and running for the living room. "Hey! It's getting dark out already. Maybe it's gonna rain now!"

"That's your son." Clark smiled at Lana, and she could only agree with a cute shrug of her shoulders.


"Oh, Jonathan!" Kirstin exclaimed in a shocked whisper. Bart was too busy laughing to speak, but his face was properly impressed.

"Sorry, Daddy."

Jonathan's tiny voice reached Clark and Lana just as they hurried through the doorway. It appeared that in his excitement to look out the window, the little boy had jumped into the sofa with one knee. Now he sat on the floor between the two halves, looking so adorably sorry, it was impossible to be angry with him.

"No, Babe. That's your son." Lana laughed.

"It's a good thing my mom is the one that's coming." Clark said quietly before he walked over to where Jonathan was sitting. In the past, they were never sure if Jonathan was already coming into some special abilities or is he was just clumsy and accident-prone when he broke things. This proved what the case really was.

"It's OK, little man." He picked him up and swung him around out of the way. "We'll just have to show you how to be more careful next time."

Clark picked up both pieces of the couch and headed out the front door, which Lana was holding open. "How long do we have until Nell and Dean come to visit?" he whispered, his voice only half teasing, and Lana just laughed.

"We'll figure something out." she said.

As he walked toward the barn, Clark looked up into the sky. Jonathan was right. It did look like it would rain pretty soon. For his son, that would be the perfect end to the day.

But for Clark, it didn't matter.

It was a perfect day either way.