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Inuyasha's nose twitched. He could smell the scent of his friends, Miroku's scent, which smelled like the clothes he wore, the talismans he used, and the faintly evil scent that was his Kazaana. Sango's slightly sweeter scent, Shippou and Kirara's furry, demonic scents. And Kagome's, which was slightly metallic, like the world she was from, although that smell was slowly being covered by the scent of his world and the reincarnated miko's personal scent.

Silently, Inuyasha leapt to the ground from the branch he was sitting on and landed next to Kagome's huge yellow bag. Sifting threw it, he found the object he was seeking in a matter of minutes. It was the thing that had preoccupied Kagome for the past week, a simple sketchbook.

Being to be as quiet as possible, Inuyasha turned the cover, and stared. Kagome had somehow managed to draw an almost perfect sketch of Bankotsu of the Shichinintai, done in pencil. Not quite understanding why Kagome had drawn one of his rivals, he flipped threw the rest of the book.

Page after page of amazingly good pictures in black and white of almost every enemy they had faced in the past that had died. The only one that was in colour was a picture of Kikyou. Next to the drawing were a few words he couldn't make out, mainly because Kagome's handwriting sucked to begin with and had gotten worse since she didn't need to write in the Sengoku Jidai.

He barely stifled a gasped, but it somehow woke Kagome.

"I-Inuyasha?" she called out softly.


"What are you doing? Why do you have my sketchbook?"

"Well… You've been using it so much lately, I was just- I mean, I wanted-" he stammered.

"Oh… It's okay…" she replied.

"Why did you draw all of this," the hanyou replied after a moment of silence.

"For a project for school. It's for something called Remembrance Day, which is a day when we remember those who died in battle. Our art teacher asked us to do a coloured sketch of a relative who died in a war, and I thought that Kikyou could count as a relative… But then again, I guess we're all like family, all of us who were affected by the Shikon no Tama… " Kagome trailed off.

Still looking at the almost life-like picture of Kikyou, Inuyasha asked softly, "But why her?"

That made Kagome blink. "I don't know, really."

While still looking at the drawing, Inuyasha gently put his arm around Kagome's shoulder and gently hugged her to him.

"Thank you, Kagome…" the hanyou murmured. Kagome, still somewhat shocked by the show of affection, blushed slightly,

Unbeknownst to the two, Miroku, Sango, Kirara and Shippou were feinting sleep and watching with one eye open. Miroku was thinking perverted thoughts, Sango about how she wished that a certain monk could act like Inuyasha was currently, Shippou about how what he could do with what he was seeing later.

"I-Inuyasha… Are you…." Kagome started, but before she could continue what she wanted to say, Inuyasha's head fell to her shoulder. "Asleep?!"

Then again, she reflected, it must be hard for him, always fighting, then watching over us at night and barely sleeping… She felt her own eyes growing heavy, and gave to the soft gray of sleep, her head falling onto Inuyasha's.

Across the camp, a certain monk was having thoughts of copying the hanyou and miko with his beloved Taijiya.

The sound of a loud slap in the night did nothing to disturb the sleeping lovers.

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