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The Truth Is Revealed…Or, At Least On It's Way:)

Emmett's POV

It's been bugging me—actually, nagging more like it—to know what "tampons" and "pads" are really used for. Honestly, back when I still called them sandwiches and straws—which was, hmm…about two days ago—I could have sworn they were weapons.

I mean, c'mon, those things could be deadly if you used them just right. Like, for instance, when Jasper got hit square in the forehead: he just sort of stood there and kind of looked like he was about to pass out, which we all know is impossible for vampires—this just proves how deadly they can be; if it can almost make a vampire pass out, then it can surely kill a human. Poor Bella!

Edward and Jasper just shrugged off the fact that the straws and sandwiches weren't really weapons, just going on with their boring old lives without a second thought about figuring out what they're used for. But, I'm telling you now, I will not rest—haha, funny of me—until I know the truth!

Edward's POV

"Hey, Jasper, Emmett still doesn't know what tampons and pads are used for." Jasper snickered slightly as I grinned and thought of how Emmett can be such an idiot sometimes—and so slow! The first thing I did was Google it, and immediately my questions were answered.

I would tell him that the Internet has answers for everything, but it is just too much fun watching him make faces as he sits and tries to figure it out. He situates himself on the edge of the couch, holding his head in his hands with his elbows to his knees. He can stay that way for the longest of time—which, of course, is the strangest of occurrences because the guy can't stay still for more than a few minutes. Occasionally he'll scratch his head just above the eyebrow to the left a little, scrunching his nose in speculation. I swear the guy never had more dedication in his life for anything until now!

"Maybe he'll finally figure it out." Jasper said turning to look at me directly, a smirk appearing on his face. I pretended to imitate Emmett as he thought, sitting on the couch as he does almost every day.

Casually, I brought my index finger to my head and rubbed it back and forth. Mimicking his voice, I asked, "Are they some sort of weaponry?"

That made Jasper bust out laughing, falling out of the recliner he'd just been sitting in. I soon joined him because it was way too funny.

Then, hearing all the ruckus we were making as we mocked Emmett, Emmett decided to walk in muttering, "Immature," as he glared at us. This sent hoots erupting from us in response; we rolled all over the living room floor, from wall to wall, knocking into each other and everything.

Emmett's POV

Grr...It has now gotten to the point where not knowing is literally taking over my life. I've got to know, I decided that the moment I found out they weren't what I thought they were–weapons. But not knowing is making me go insane, mad!

All I want to do is corner Alice or Rosalie—maybe even Esme—and demand what they are. It just isn't fair that they think it is even funny that they have me squirming from not knowing.

I promise that I will find out, even if it is the last thing I do!

Alice's POV

Not again! Emmett is on the prowl for answers again! He just doesn't know when to leave well alone.

"Emmett, I already told you I'm not telling you unless Bella gives me permission, which I know for a fact she won't!" I stood on the tips of my toes drawing myself up to be as tall as possible. "Just give up!" I was huffing; I know I looked very unladylike, but that was the least of my worries. Emmett was really beginning to get on my nerves.

What I don't get is how he doesn't understand the meaning of no. You tell him no, he somehow translates that into a yes. It doesn't make sense…yet I secretly want to know how he does it!

"Please, Alice"—he tries to give me a puppy face, sticking his bottom lip out and batting his eyes a little—"I need to know." He is trying to his fullest to persuade me, but that sad excuse of an attempt at a puppy face is instead making me keel over laughing.

"Oh, stop!" I clutch my stomach and try to catch my breath. "If you're trying to be cute, you're doing the opposite!" He responded to my comment by glaring, giving me what he calls 'The stinkiest of stinking stinky eyes,' and I can guarantee that I had no part in helping him come up with the damn name of his glare!

"Alice! Please?!?!" He was now kneeling on the floor at my feet, slowly bending to plant kisses on my toes—with his disgusting lips!

"Oh, EWW!" I smacked him upside to head and sent him flying backwards into the wall. "Keep your filthy lips from my boots. They're leather…and expensive!" Now I was the one glaring. He looked up fearfully at me and sort of cowered—yes, cowered…like cringing and trying to shrink into nothing—against the wall, the dark paint contrasting with his pallor greatly.

He made a dash for the stairs—most likely running to Esme's side—and screamed, "I'M SORRY!" at the top of his lungs like a little girl.

Now that is what I call beating the odds! The little beating the big!

Hot damn…I think I could get used to this!

Emmett's POV

Note to self: Remember never go to Alice for anything—ever!

My head actually hurt, and that hadn't happened in years…since, I think, when Edward punched me for slipping up on my diet—which I regret greatly, of course, even without Edward's help!

I walked into the kitchen holding my head and nearly ran into Rose. She took one look and said, "Ah, I see you're at it again, huh?" She grinned a little and went back to what she was doing—what was she doing?

She had just covered up what she had in her arms, obviously wanting to keep whatever was under there secret from me.

"Rose," I said looking into her eyes then down to the hidden thing, going back and forth. "What'cha got there, honey?" My voice dripped with sarcasm and curiosity. I had a feeling—a very, very good feeling at that—that whatever lay in her arms could possibly answer my questions, and for good.

She opened her eyes wider and looked down at what she held, feigning innocence and surprise. "Oh, I don't know, honestly. I found it on the kitchen counter." She tried to dodge past me to the living room, but I wrapped my arm quickly around her waist and pulled her to my side.

"And where, Rose, do you think you're going?" I could see her confusion –and fear?—glinting in her eyes as I shadowed my features to the best of my abilities. "How about you show me what'cha got there?" I nodded toward her arms as she twisted her upper body as far as possible from me, trying to keep it out of my line of vision.

"Absolutely nothing," she said pretending to be bored, but I knew her better than that. I could tell by the minute twitching of the corner of her lip—a habit that often gave away when she was lying, nervous, et cetera—that she had way more than nothing concealed in her arms. She tried to bend out of my grip and elbowed my chest, but I knew her tricks.

I squeezed slightly tighter on my hold around her waist and secured my grip, ensuring she couldn't get out of my clutch of iron. "Uh-uh, Rose. You're going nowhere until I see what you're hiding from me."

Hmm...so what could Rosalie possibly be keeping from Emmett, and how could it possibly answer all of Emmett's questions? Well, I guess you'll have to wait and find out!

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