Four long years have past since Sasuke kidnapped her from the leaf village.

She did not regret it the same as him but she wondered how everyone was doing. There was also a rumor going around that Naruto was alive. At the last minute a medical nin found him.

Even though it was only a rumor it made Sakura happy. Sound was also doing much better than when Orochimaru. It was a bit happier. But only a bit.


Sasuke's lips caught Sakura's.

"I've missed you."

Just as Sasuke was about to rake up Sakura's black silk kimono a sound massager busted in.

"Sasuke-Sama You have an important message."

"Cant it wait."

"No Master."

"Very Well."

A scroll was throw towards him. As gracefully as Sasuke was he caught it with out looking away from Sakura.

"You may leave."

Sasuke quickly opened the scroll not wanting to keep Sakura waiting. It stated.

"Dear Sasuke Uchiha

the leaf village will like to make peace with the sound village.

This war has been for nothing but bloodshed. We will expect you

Answer two days from 2/27/2008.



"That dobe very is a alive."

"Sasuke Naruto's alive. Whats the scroll about.."

"They want peace."