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"How do I look?" She asked; stepping forward and giving them a small twirl.

The transformation was stunning; the long dress flowed as she turned, the material floating through the air in a manner that was strangely slow, as though gravity had lessened its hold over the folds of the skirt. The whole dress hung delicately from her shoulders; loose fitting and yet it complimented her form, seeming to enhance the grace and beauty of it as she finished her turn and faced them; gravity catching up with the skirt and bringing the hem back down to her ankles. The dress was in a shade between red and pink, and went perfectly with the short and bright pink hair upon her head. As Aelita faced them she grinned somewhat sheepishly, almost uncomfortably.

The three boys stood silent for a moment, Odd being the first to speak, "Looks great, Princess." He gave a huge grin and Aelita's expression seemed to relax a little; Ulrich nodded vigorously in agreement, adding a 'thumbs up'.

"Jeremie?" She inquired in a voice that was polite and innocent.

Jeremie still stood for a moment, aware that the others were looking at him; but his mind was still unable to process the question. Aelita looked different… well, no she didn't; but Jeremie saw her in a new way, a wonderful way. He could barely believe that he hadn't noticed that she could be quite this… this…

"Beautiful." He gasped; his mouth speaking the word even before his mind had formed it. She was now looking at him directly and he felt his cheeks burn, he hadn't meant to be quite so direct with his compliment. Aelita looked away, colour filling her own face; but Jeremie was relieved to see that she was smiling.

"Did Yumi help you pick it?" Ulrich inquired; after a pause which, to Jeremie, seemed to last an age.

"She didn't need my help." Yumi said; standing by the doorway to Aelita's room, which had previously been closed as they had waited for her. "The moment she saw this one, she insisted on it and no other." Yumi smiled at this point and the blush on Aelita's face became a deeper pink.

"Well, it was a good choice; eh Einstein?" Odd added; clapping Jeremie cheerfully on the shoulder. Jeremie just managed to give a nervous nod; and cursed himself inside his own mind for being so obvious.

"Well, I suppose we'd better put it away now." Yumi said, moving to stand next to Aelita, "You won't need it till Saturday."

"Yeah, we'd better go too." Said Ulrich; a note of irony in his voice. "Jim'll have a fit if we're late for PE again; but it looks like you girls get off easy."

"Oh yeah," A sarcastic smile played on Yumi's face as she spoke. "Who would have though that the water pipe would burst and flood the girl's changing rooms," She sighed dramatically, the sarcasm heavy in her voice as well. "It's such a shame."

"I told you, you should've launched a return to the past after that;" Odd butted in, directing his comment at Jeremie. "But no; 'No one noticed, so what would be the point?' you said."

"Oh shut up Odd, it's not that bad." Ulrich said; and began to walk down the corridor, turning for a moment to say, "Come on guys, let's go; and I guess we'll see you two later."

"Goodbye." Yumi called after him; adding a small wave to Odd as he walked away.

"See you, Jeremie." Aelita said pleasantly; and she smiled at him in a way which made his stomach squirm.

"See you, Aelita." He managed to respond, smiling weakly back; before setting off after Odd and Ulrich.


As they left the dormitories, making their way across the courtyard; Odd said something which made Jeremie start, "You know, I bet you two will look pretty cute together on Saturday."

"What? Who?" Jeremie said quickly and instantly regretted it; he could see Odd's smirk grow.

"You… and… Aelita," Odd spoke slowly, as though he were speaking to someone who didn't understand his language. "At… the… dance… on Saturday… you remember?"

"Well… err…" Jeremie bumbled. Of course he remembered, but it was Odd who had first made him really imagine it. He thought about himself and Aelita, in her beautiful new dress; how they would be on the dance-floor and hold each other. He felt his cheeks burn slightly; something which was only enhanced by the sly look Ulrich was giving him and the happy expression on Odd's face.

"Don't tell me you haven't asked her yet?" Ulrich asked; Jeremie knew that both of them were teasing him for it.

"Well… err… no; not exactly." He responded; he had, of course, though about it frequently; and even tried on several occasions; but the time had never been right. Seeing the looks on the faces of the other two; Ulrich's something between amusement and exasperation and Odd's of sheer glee; Jeremie quickly decided to change tack and addressed Ulrich directly. "What about you? Have you asked Yumi to the dance yet?"

Ulrich's expression changed instantly to that of someone who has just been caught very off-guard, and the hint of a blush even started to appear on his cheeks.

"Th-that's not important." Ulrich spluttered defensively.

To Jeremie's relief; Odd took up on this instantly and began pestering and teasing Ulrich. No longer in the firing line, Jeremie allowed himself to fall a pace behind the other two; he had decided that no matter what, he would ask Aelita before the end of the day and promptly lost himself in planning exactly how to do so.


She slipped out of her room, closing the door as quietly as she could; flinching slightly at the click it made. The corridor was dark, and it would be almost impossible to see someone else in it should they happen to be out on a wander as well; fortunately, Aelita knew this corridor well enough to know how to walk down it quietly. She was also prepared for if she did meet someone; she had already changed into her nightwear and as such could simply claim to be going to the toilet if someone asked.

It took five minutes to make it; looking to check for Jim around every corner, closing every door so as not to make a sound and tiptoeing down the stairs (which froze her toes even through her thick socks). She had made it down without any trouble though; she always did. She tapped lightly on Jeremie's door, hoping that he hadn't fallen asleep. The door opened just a couple of seconds later and Jeremie was standing before her, giving her a broad smile which she returned in kind; he too was in his blue pyjamas, but he still let her inside.

After sneaking around in the darkness, the light in Jeremie's room was surprising, and it took a moment for Aelita's eyes to adjust to it; not that it mattered much as both waited for Jeremie to close the door before speaking.

"Good morning." Jeremie said, just after the 'click' announced that the door had indeed been closed.

"Good morning." She responded, a quick glance at the clock indicating that it was actually half past one. It made her smile; she and Jeremie were often up at the early hours of the morning, not even having to go to school with little or no sleep would stop them, they had grown used to it.

There was an unusual pause as they both simply stood looking at each other; it was Aelita who was the one to speak first, "Shall we get to work then? How much progress have you made?"

"Huh, what?" Jeremie asked distractedly; there was something rather unusual about this, something in the way Jeremie was acting wasn't right. He was usually the one to get straight to work.

"You know, the Skidbladnir, our ship, making sure the programming is complete?"

"Oh yeah, that." Jeremie's response was uncharacteristic; Aelita had never seen him act so strangely. She watched him walk over to his desk and begin shuffling about pieces of paper and various computing magazines; he acted as though his mind were somewhere else entirely, rather than in this room.

Aelita was suddenly reminded of what Ulrich had told her earlier; Jeremie had managed to hit his head as they were playing football, because he hadn't really been paying attention to the game; Ulrich had said it was as if he were daydreaming rather than playing. And Aelita saw it again now; Jeremie was shuffling about various items on his desk, but was failing in making it any clearer.

"Jeremie, is something wrong?" She asked, trying to keep most of the concern out of her voice. He turned to look at her; but his face held an expression as though he had only just noticed she were there, "It's just that… you seem distracted."

He sighed, and put down the papers he was holding. "There's nothing wrong," he said, "I've just had a few things on my mind." Aelita sympathised, she too had a few things to think about; over the last few days Yumi had been pestering her to ask Jeremie to the dance, but Aelita just hadn't been able to pluck up the courage to do so.

Jeremie moved a few steps closer to her, such that they were standing face to face, before he continued, "There's something I want to ask you." Aelita's mind raced; she saw the way he was fidgeting nervously with his hands and the fact that he wouldn't meet her eyes for more than a fraction of a second; and she knew what he was about to say. Her pulse quickened.

"Well, would you… like to... go to the dance… with me?" Jeremie blushed violently as he said it, and Aelita could feel her own face going red.

"I'd love to." She responded, smiling broadly.

"Great." Jeremie scratched the back of his head, a large smile spreading across his face; a smile which Aelita loved and gave her a wonderful feeling every time.

"Err, Jeremie… did you mean what you said earlier, when I showed you the dress?" Aelita asked her own question not quite as nervously as Jeremie, but nervous all the same. She knew it was stupid, but she wondered whether he truly thought she was beautiful or was just being polite, and it had bothered her all day.

"Of course." He responded in a level voice that Aelita knew she could trust; and he looked her in the eyes even though his blush intensified.

"Thank you." She said; and leaned towards him, intending to give him a quick kiss on the cheek as a show of thanks; she knew it would only make him blush more, if that were possible, but she liked that. However, she was interrupted halfway through the motion as the door burst open and the two of them were blinded by a bright light.

"Stones! Belpois!" A gruff voice shouted from behind the light, and Aelita's heart sank; it was a voice that was unmistakeably Jim's.