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The room, and entire building itself, had an un-escaping empty feeling that chilled any soul that walked into it. There was no sense of warmth or kindness within the walls of the orphanage, located in the poorer area of Domino City. It seemed as if nothing could bring love to such an abandoned and run-down place as this—except when two certain boys ran around, their laughter enough to light up any darkness, and to awaken any life within ones heart.

The boy with coffee colored hair ran after his blue haired friend, who ran into the room that they slept in; if you want to call it that. The boys filled the room with laughter as Judai jumped out to tackle his friend, falling on his friend's legs, causing the older boy to fall flat on his face. The two of them burst out with laughter, as Johan sat up, managing to escape the ball of brown hair on the floor.

"Still not strong enough, Judai-kun!" Johan said as he pinned his friend down, and the two of them wrestled, their laughter bringing warmth into the dull, lifeless room.

"Johan!" a voice echoed through the hallway that leads to the room. The sounds of clumsy footsteps were heard in the hall. "Johan, Johan!"

Stopping their play, the two friends sat up and looked at the door, as another blue spiky haired boy ran into the room, stopping just in front of him. "Johan, Johan!"

"Syrus, I'm in front of you, what is it?" Johan stated the obvious.

The spiky haired boy that came into the room bent over, resting his hands on his knees. "You're leaving," he gasped between breaths.

"What?" Johan and Judai said in unison.

Judai walked over to his brother, putting a hand on his shoulder. "What do you mean Syrus-chan?"

The heaved over boy whispered something, loud enough so that only Judai could hear. Judai's eyes widened, as his body froze.

"What's going on?" Johan asked, getting upset that he was the only clueless one. The blue haired boy stepped forward, grabbing his best friend's hand. "Judai-kun, what's—" a gasp escaped his lips before he could finish what he was saying.

Two tear drops escaped Judai's chocolate brown eyes. He did not move when Johan grabbed his hand, or when more tears escaped his eyes, more falling with each passing second.

Johan just stood there, unable to even breathe. "Ju…dia?" was all he managed to get out.

But Judai would not budge.

Looking over at Syrus for answers, Johan desperately tried to fight back the tears that were swelling up. He had always followed Judai's emotions—whenever Judai cried, Johan cried.

But this time it was different type of crying, a more broken-hearted, ripped apart cry.

"Johan, you're…you're…" Syrus choked on his words; he just could not say them, not with his brother breaking down with the saddest look on his eyes he had ever seen.

"You've been adopted," Judai completed Syrus's words. "You're leaving…"


Opening his eyes slowly, Johan woke up from a soft, unpleasant sleep.

"Well, it's about time," his father spat at him.

"Sorry," Johan mumbled, lowering his head.

"Just be quiet," his father coldly snapped back at the boy sitting across from him.

Not saying anything, Johan looked out the window of the limousine he was currently in with his parents. It had always been the same thing; act proper even if family is around.

If he can even call them that.

Straightening out his posture, Johan glanced at his so-called father, who was typing away on his laptop, not looking up for a second or even to give his fingers a break. Then, the young male glanced over to the woman sitting next to him—his "mother".

What on earth did he do to deserve such cold hearted parents?

He was so sick of everything; his life was a waste. There is nothing he wants more than to see Judai again.

His best friend, though it had been eleven years; eleven long, lonely years without the cheerful brunette by his side. The brown-eyed boy with the warming smile, and the beautiful laugh that made everyone happy. And now his heart was empty without him.

"Johan, what the hell is wrong with you today?" a bitter voice screamed out at him, cutting Johan away from his thoughts and jerking his head up to the woman who yelled at him. "There's a tear on your left cheek," she said in disgust. He wiped it away, and held his head down low once again. "Men of your status are not allowed to cry so pitifully."

Nodding his head, Johan kept his head bent low. He had to keep his emotions in tact or his parents would go crazy on him.

He just had to rip his emotions to shreds and keep moving on.


"I don't want to leave!"

Clinging to his best friend, Johan tried desperately to not be taken away from the boy he was holding onto—the only person he has ever and will ever trust.

Syrus stood there, crying hysterically as his brother and friend held on to one another. He did not know what was more sad; Johan leaving forever or the heart broken look that was plastered on Judai's face.

"Alright, we got the little uh…darling… now let's go, Akizumi," a woman with short, curly brown hair spoke rather coldly to the man next to her. "I'm going to be late for tea with the ladies if we don't go now."

The man, or Akizumi as his wife called him, kept nodding as he walked up to the three boys crying on the floor. He looked down upon them with disgust. His eyes glanced over the boy with blue hair, and pulled on his shoulder. "We're leaving, so leave your tears behind. If you do not, you will face bigger pains to cry over later tonight."

Johan froze in his spot and looked into Judai's eyes. "Judai," he whispered. "I don't want to leave without you!" his voice was breaking, and tears were begging to come out of his eyes, but he used everything in him to keep them from pouring out.

The other boy just jumped on top of him, hugging him as tight as his arms would allow them, trying his best to not let go.

"That's enough, let's go." Akizumi growled, pulling Johan away and began to drag him through the door.

"No! Judai-kun!" Johan screamed, his legs kicking and his hands trying to reach out for his friend.

"Johan, I'll find you again! I promise! Whatever it takes, I'll be sure that we're together! Promise me you'll look for me too!" Judai cried out as his friend was benig taken away.

"I promise, Judai!" And when he went out that door, Johan's life would never be the same.


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