A fanfic about one of my fav couples from Bleach, Ichimaru+Matsumoto:D The first chapter is pretty innocent… :3 Hope you guys like it! Please read and review! Thank you:)

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Here's a list of some of the terms I used, to make the reading easier for you:

reiatsu – spirit force

Zanpakuto – Shinigami (Death God) sword

taicho – captain

Gotei 13 – 13 Division Imperial Guards

shoji – room dividers made of paper

1. Something new

A long, drawn-out sigh was heard from behind a huge pile of documents, as Matsumoto Rangiku tried to suppress a yawn, which was threatening to come out any second. She already lost count of how many hours she had spent in the office of the 10th division, but the pile did not seem to decrease at all. Bright-blue eyes, filled with frustration gazed lazily over the room and to the window. The weather was magnificent – great for anything, but paperwork. Then again, Matsumoto wasn't sure if there was any time at all that would suit such a boring task. Her captain – the responsible man that he was – would probably help her out, once the current captain meeting was over. But of course Rangiku – the responsible vice-captain that she opted to be – wouldn't dare to pass on her duties… well, completely, that is. She took a deep breath, shook her head, and practically dove into the paper in front of her.

Yosh! Just a bit more…" she thought, encouraging herself, when a strong wave of reiatsu hit her senses. She instantly raised her head and looked at the door – naturally expecting her white-haired captain to be back. But the man standing at the door was someone else. Someone, whom she hadn't seen so up close for a very long time.

„Workin' when no one's lookin', instead o' slackin' away in the sunshine – my, my, so Rangiku has changed a lot indeed…" said Ichimaru, with his arms crossed on his chest, leaning against the door, with his trademark grin getting wider.

„Ichimaru… taicho…" said Rangiku, exhaling a breath she didn't know she was holding.

„Taicho?" said Ichimaru, raising a single brow at her „since when are we on such official terms, dear Rangiku?"

Ever since you ignored me and went your own way, after we both got into Gotei 13…" thought Rangiku – that, and much more, but in her slightly petrified state she said nothing. Instead she gave a slight coughing sound.

„Err… then Gi..." her sentence was interrupted by Hitsugaya's arrival through the other door.

„Her words were correct." he said, looking and Ichimaru „And it's Vice-captain Matsumoto for you." he added, in a slightly deeper tone. Ichimaru said nothing, so Hitsugaya continued. „What do you want, Ichimaru?"

„Oh my, are we u'friendly t'day" said the taller man, grinning „Jus' came to pick up th'se reports on the mission fro' last week."

„Could've sent one of your subordinates, captain." said Hitsugaya, now walking over to Matsumoto's table and picking up a file from the pile, which – to Matsumoto's great relief – she had already finished. He handed it to Ichimaru, who put it away, while taking out another file.

„I also need yo' to go thru' this one. 'Tis when our divisions work'd together two days ago. I'll need it back tho'." said Ichimaru, turning to leave, but stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Matsumoto „Oh, and 'tis ok if you'd send a subordinate, captain." and with that he left.

Hitsugaya sighed and looked at the file while walking towards his office, which was right next to Rangiku's. Matsumoto sat down and hid behind her pile again, still with a confused look on her face. Many questions were racing through her head, but those repeating themselves were mostly „why" and especially „why now". She and Ichimaru were childhood friends, who had made their way up to the elite class of the Shinigami world. Back then she would've even – naively – called themselves lovers, because of the few kisses they have shared. But shortly after their acceptance into the Gotei 13, Ichimaru started neglecting her, if not avoiding her. At first she was angry and frustrated, but with time these feelings faded away. The closest they got in the past year or so was when she congratulated him on the ceremony when he got promoted to captain. But now… it was almost as if…

„MATSUMOTOO!!" came the loud call from Hitsugaya's office and shook her back to reality. He had been apparently calling her name continuously in the past minute or so. She blushed and ran to his office, apologizing and bowing on her way.

„Never mind that." he said, and handed her a file. „Take this back to Ichimaru's office."

Matsumoto's back stiffened for a second, but a moment later she bowed to her captain and rushed out of his office. As she got out of the main building of the 10th division, she slowed down, and absent-mindedly fixed her hair and her uniform. „Doesn't hurt to look good, after all…" she thought to herself. As she passed a little pond she tried to examine her make-up in the reflection, but failed to do so, since the sun had already set and her reflection remained a gray blur. „When did it get dark…?" she thought for a second, then hurried away towards the main building of the 3rd division.

Most of the windows of the building were dark – nobody lived in the main building after all, they just worked there. And with the fall of the evening, most work was finished or left for the day after, and the members of the 3rd squad returned to their homes in the surrounding buildings.

Matsumoto made her way to the staircase leading to the main office. As expected, a dim light was visible through the beige-colored shoji and Matsumoto knelt before the entrance. Her introduction was interrupted before it began by a voice from inside.

„Com' on in, Rangiku" said Ichimaru. Obviously her reiatsu provided enough information about her identity, and she mentally cursed herself for forgetting about that. She entered the room and bowed – to his back, apparently, as he was kneeling towards his table.

„I'm deeply sorry for interrupting you, but I must deliver…"

„Rangiku, relax!" he interrupted her. She looked up and saw him facing her and leaning back against the table with his elbows rested on it. She was confused, but more importantly she felt the good old feeling of frustration return to her – a feeling she thought she discarded years ago. At least towards him.

„What... do you want…" she paused, but then added „…Gin?"

His grin widened into a smile and tilted his head a little to the side.

„'Tis." he stated. „Closeness. With you. Again." he added, each word separated by slight pause.

„I'm not sure I understand…" began Matsumoto „…you mean, after all these years, all of a sudden you just want to be friends again?" she finished with disbelief in her voice.

„No." he stated and leant in closer to her still half-way bowed form „I want to continue where we left off." he added with a smirk.

Before she could process the heard information, Ichimaru circled his right hand around her neck and kissed her. Aquamarine-blue eyes snapped wide open, but her confusion didn't allow her any other movement than that. A few – very long – seconds later she was aware of her surroundings – his tight hold around her, his silver strands brushing her forehead, his way too familiar scent in her nose, his lips kissing hers – and she forcefully broke out of his hold and bumped against the shoji behind her, her face expressing both surprise and shock at the same time. But even in this state she caught the hurt face expression Ichimaru made for a split second, before it was replaced by a small grin.

„Well well, kinda tho'ght it wouldn't go as easy as I imagin'd…" he said.

„You thought?!" Rangiku slowly regained full control of her senses and her frustration was accelerating. „What? I mean… What did you think would happen? That I'd… I'd jump into your arms and that's it?!"

„Well... kinda hoped…" he said, his grin growing.

„HOW??" she was yelling now, and made a move to stand up, but he grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the floor, thus making her fall back to her previous position.

„Yo, Rangiku, wanna wake tha entire 3rd squad?" he said laughing and she felt herself blush. The hand pressed against her own… the closeness of the person she once held dear… she still…

„Well… I thought…" he continued calmly, regaining her attention „now that we don't have to think 'bout promotions an' stuff, we'd… have mo' free time, and…"

Surprisingly, his clumsy reasoning calmed her, and she relaxed her posture.

„Promotions?? Really?" she said, half-teasingly „For your information, I'm still a rank away from the top, so I still have a lot of work ahead."

„Oh really? So how's yo' bankai trainin' comin'?" he teased, his grin widening completely, knowing Rangiku's lazy side all too well.

„Bastard!" she said smiling and freed her hand, pushing him away with the same move. „I don't need it; I may just as well go and kill you and take the position of the 3rd division captain." They teased each other as if those years of alienation never happened, it seemed to her.

„And tha's comin' from someone who forgot her Zanpakuto when enterin' enemy territory" he said, pointing at her waist, which was lacking its most deadly feature, Haineko.

„Enemy?" she asked, raising a single brow at him.

„Am I not?" he shot back with a smirk.

She was confused again, and just like in a de ja vu, he leant forward and kissed her again, except this time it was much more gentle, and even though she hesitated at first, moments later she finally gave in and kissed him back. He put one hand around the back of her neck and the other around her waist, while at the same time deepening the kiss. She brought her hands up and dug into his silver hair that she loved so much. Remaining in their sitting positions they tried to move as close to each other as possible, and soon they were practically melted into each other. A light breeze came through the open window and blew away the little candle on Ichimaru's desk, covering the kissing couple in the darkness and secrecy of the night.

- to be continued -

by: Whisper of the Snow