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Title - A Past Forgotten

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The eighteen-year-old girl silently watched her sisters and brothers as they entered the gates of the Crystal Palace for the first time. This building was strangely familiar, and the feeling she could not shake. Her long hair rustled in the breeze, and she shivered in the cold. Everybody was gathering for the celebration, and the entire city of Tokyo was expected to be there. Neo Queen Serenity was, after thirty years of rule, going to be forced to pass her senshi duty to another. She had no heirs, and the decision would be difficult.

"Chibiusa, what are you waiting for?" a hard voice asked. It was her father. She cringed as she turned around, expecting his anger. Her father had a reputation for being cruel, and he did nothing to contradict it. At least not to Chibiusa. He, for an unknown reason, held a strong dislike for the young woman, more so than any of his other six children. Chibiusa did not know why, but she speculated it to be her differences from the rest of her family. Her hair was long and pink, an unusual color. It was lightening with her age, and was now a silvery shade, and silky. Her eyes were a bright red, and many thought she could see into one's soul, and had the power to change one's mind and thoughts. Her skin was pale, but not sickly. It was a flawless, not a scar anywhere on her body.

Two of her sisters, Annika and Akira, sixteen year old twins, loved her and made a habit of showing her off. Her mother was just like her sisters, but had died several years back, and was deeply missed.

Chibiusa silently shrugged and turned. She followed her father, Kevin inside the gates. The palace stood a tall and proud, a gorgeous white rose among a field of simple bluebonnets. Few people had been inside, and it was rumored that there were great people in its doors. She had been born too late to see the palace be made, nor to witness the legend that preceded the Queen.

Serenity had once been a senshi, along with four other women. She was the senshi of the moon, and her companions were Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. Each woman had her own palace on their respective planets, as well as a family. They were all childless, which was speculated among the common people. It was rumored that they were immortal, and would evade death until time ceased to stretch, and while it was known that their bodies didn't age, they weren't old enough to be proven eternal.

The crowd of townspeople quieted as Serenity appeared on stage. She smiled, and her beauty made many men gape. Few had seen her in person until today, and she was sure to become an idol of many. She wore a long white dress, which shimmered in the light, rustled in the breeze. Kevin looked back and forth from Serenity to Chibiusa, his mouth wide open. "I'll be damned," he said quietly, for there was no noise as the mob waited for Serenity to speak. "You look like the queen."

Chibiusa shivered, noting the similarities herself. But she would never be that pretty. Serenity was quite a sight to behold, a goddess and an angel, all in one. Chibiusa was simply the child of shop owners. Chibiusa tucked her delicate hands into her pockets and waited patiently.

"My children, I know you have come in question, waiting for the announcement of the next senshi of the moon. Before I release the name, I wish to tell you a story.

"When I was fourteen, none of this was here. Tokyo was a simple town, and I was a simple girl. But I was given the chance of a lifetime. My advisor and friend, Luna, told me I was a chosen one. Back then I was a crybaby girl. I accepted my duty as Sailor Moon grudgingly. I thought I had simply been picked out of many, that I was just a luck of the draw, and did not like the new life I had to live."

She got a distant look in her eyes, and silenced for a moment. "But I found out that I had not been randomly picked, I was Sailor Moon heart and soul. I was that crybaby girl, Sailor Moon, Serenity, all in one. It was overwhelming, but I accepted my duties more readily. And now, it is time to pass it to someone new. I can fight the evil which threatens this world, but I cannot do it alone. There are other senshi, of course, but they have their own problems to deal with, their own homes to protect.

"This one must have a pure heart, and must have the blood of the moon entwined in her veins, and her soul must be that of an immortal goddess, like mine is. This woman," she paused, the silence giving a dramatic effect to her words, "is my daughter."

People gasped, sending up a loud cry and a sudden stir of movement through the crowd. Serenity closed her eyes.

"My dear daughter, Small Lady Serenity has been taken from me. When she was only three years old, we were in a terrible accident, along with the other senshi. Before I could make sure she was all right, a being came and stole her from me. Her four companions, the daughters of the other senshi, were also discovered missing." Tears began to stream freely from the Queen's eyes, and the look of pure pain made tears well up in the eyes of people, including Chibiusa's.

"I cannot remember her face, for much of my memory was jarred in the accident. My dear husband Endymion was killed, and I have had to piece together the memories from what I have been told. I cannot find my daughter, for her soul has not awakened yet. All I know is that as a baby, she had fire red hair, and eyes to match. We know nothing of the other four, their mothers weren't as lucky as I. Please, if anyone can help me find my princess or her friends, I beg of you, please, let me know."

With that, she bowed deeply and disappeared. The crowd stood, stunned, and finally erupted in noise. People turned to leave, forcing the entire crowd to move, lest they be trampled by the feet of others. Chibiusa was swept along until she was outside the gates, where she quickly dodged away. She watched for her family, and grabbed her younger brother, Jaime, who was holding the baby, Jasmine, and waited with them. They finally caught Annika and Akira. Once the crowd cleared, they were able to find the younger girls, also twins, Naomi and Nanami. Her father hated having so many girls for daughters, for he still believed in the old ways of sons caring for their fathers. Jaime was a good son, but would not stick around forever.

"Chibiusa, let's go home."

The six began the long walk home, where their father and Jasmine were waiting. The children preferred walking, especially since they could duck away and hang out in their favorite hiding spot. It was unusual to find trees so near Tokyo, but they were miles out of town. It would take until nightfall to get home, but the darkness added more excitement and adventure to things.

Today, this particular evening, however, Chibiusa wasn't paying attention to the children and their games, she was preoccupied with what the queen had said. The description burned into her mind, and she began to question herself. 'Could I be princess Serenity?' she wondered silently. The notion was quietly killed, and she scolded herself for thinking such a
treacherous thing. Princess Serenity was sure to be a beauty, gorgeous and admired by all. By thinking she could be the princess, she was insulting the young woman.

"Come on Chibiusa!" Akira cried softly as they ducked behind a bush. They watched as several hovers passed. Chibiusa ducked down lower as one turned to face them. 'I hate these stupid hovers. I wish the Queen knew of them and could stop them.' But they were new additions to the corrupt society outside the palace walls. Unfortunately, the wars in foreign kingdoms left no time whatsoever for such small matters on Earth.

The one hover approached them, and Chibiusa gathered the kids protectively to her. The hovers would kill anyone on certain territory, and this small street was a part of that land. Jaime grabbed a thick stick, and prepared to knock it out of the air, should it come near. Unfortunately, he wasn't fast enough. It spotted them, and Chibiusa blinked. "Run!" she shouted, her voice echoing. The other hovers heard it and began to come back towards them.

The six stood up and began to run, but unfortunately Naomi and Nanami were both very slow. Chibiusa waited for gunfire, and simply threw herself over her two younger sisters. The others were a significant distance away, and were out of harm. "Chibiusa!" Akira shouted, and Jaime had to grab her and Annika to keep them from running back to their sister.

Chibiusa bit her lip, still waiting for gunshots. A sound was heard and she cringed, and then there was silence. Chibiusa glanced around, and saw the charred remains of the three hovers on the ground. She sat up and gaped, gazing about, searching for the cause. A beautiful woman in a small outfit was standing there, a long staff in her hands, her long black hair wrapping around her in a nonexistent breeze. She watched Chibiusa with interest, before she turned and left.

"Stay safe," were her parting words, whispered into the wind. After she was gone, Chibiusa wondered if she had said anything at all, or if she had even been there.

"Let's get out of here!" Nanami cried, jumping up. She was unhurt, but badly frightened. Chibiusa scrambled up and joined the others as they ran off the street. They finally slowed once they found the familiar hideout. It was an old abandoned house, with dust and cobwebs on every corner. There had once been more like it, but they were no more, lost in some fire some years ago. There was a family that had lived here, but they never returned for the fully furnished house. It alone had not burned, and what was of the street and ruins was covered in dirt, grass, and generally a good number of years of nothing, since the time before the new Silver Millennium.

The six loved to look for certain remains such as photo albums. The food in the refrigerator had long ago rotted and been disposed of, but everything else was still there. Chibiusa's favorite spot was a room in the upstairs, which had belonged to a girl. There were pictures of a young girl, with hair much like the queen's. It was same style, but a much different shade. She looked very different from the queen though, and Chibiusa often found herself wondering who she was.

Today, Chibiusa just sat on the bed, which she had once shaken out, sending dust around the room in a shower. But now it was relatively clean, and was a convenient spot for Chibiusa to sit and think. Today, she decided to open the closet and explore it. She hadn't before, and was a bit scared of what she'd find. They hadn't entered many of the rooms, simply out of respect, but they would one of these days.

She stood and reached for the handle. It too was covered in dust, but that didn't bother her. She grabbed it and twisted, pulling one of the doors open. Inside was quite clean, without any dust or insects. Chibiusa simply stared at it, her mind not registering what she found. Inside were a few gorgeous dresses, prettier than anything she'd seen. On top there was a small book, and Chibiusa hesitantly reached up to it, taking it to the bed. As she opened it, she noted the language. It was written in English.

"Diary, I don't know what to do. My life has changed so dramatically in the past few years. A talking cat came to see me, and that's when it began. I'm much smarter now, at eighteen, and so I can better express my thoughts. But to put it in as little words in possible, I am Sailor Moon. I don't know what my future holds. I have been told that I shall marry Tuxedo Kamen, and the little girl who came to visit will be my daughter, but that's so hard to believe. I have forgotten her name, as the effects of that small ball she carried with her have begun to erase her from my memory."

Chibiusa let the book fall from her hands, as it smashed to the floor, sending dust all around. 'This is... this is... oh gods, this is Serenity's old house!' She blinked, the realization shocking her, sending chills up her spine. Chibiusa sat there for several moments, until a crashing noise caught her attention. She whirled to see a flaming ball of cloth catching things on fire. She yelped, her mind racing at furious speeds. Another crashing sound made her heart sink.

"Get out of the house!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. She quickly decided she would not let Serenity's precious things smolder. There was no way to stop the fire, but she could save some of it. She grabbed the diary, and ran to the closet. The dresses were draped over her arm, and a jewelry box on the dresser, as well as several other small things were gathered. Chibiusa dashed out of the room, and down the stairs. She found her family waiting outside in the dark, watching in horror as the place smoldered. Chibiusa turned around, and began to cry.

"Serenity, I'm sorry I could not save your home," she whispered. Jaime laid a hand on her shoulder. "Let's get out of here. The people who did this may want us dead, and we shouldn't give them a chance."

He noted the things in her hands, and raised an eyebrow. "You stole this?" Chibiusa shook her head, and decided to keep the diary a secret. "They're too pretty to let burn. I couldn't do it, just let these things stay." Her brother shrugged and took some from her hands. They began running, and reached the house out of breath.

Jaime helped Chibiusa sneak the items to her room, and silently left her, as their father was calling him. She watched him as he left the room, her mind whirling. The dresses were spread out on her bed. She ran a hand over them, and picked the first up. It was long and black, and generally very fitting. There were no special designs, but it was beautiful. She shut her door, and decided there was no harm in trying on the garments.

Chibiusa slipped it over her head, and gasped as she looked into her small mirror. The dress fit her perfectly, as though it were made for her alone. A knock came at her door, and it was opened before she could move. Akira and Annika slipped into her room and shut the door behind them. Akira gasped as she took in the sight of her sister. "Chibiusa! Where did you get that? It must have cost a fortune!"

She put a finger to her lips and glanced at the door, then back at the two. "Please, don't tell anyone. I got them from the house. They were too pretty for me to leave to burn." Annika sucked in her breath.

"You look like Serenity," she whispered. Akira nodded, agreeing. Chibiusa sighed, pulling the dress over her head. She reached for the next, and tried it on. Akira and Annika either rejected a dress, or liked it. When they were done, the three decided to keep it the dresses a secret. Chibiusa was careful to hide the jewelry and diary from them; she didn't feel like explaining it. The twins left when it was their bedtime, and she was careful to hide the dresses behind her other clothes. The other small things went into her underwear drawer, the one place she knew nobody went.

After changing into a nightgown, she climbed into bed, letting the day's events tumble around in her mind. The queen's face flashed through her mind, and she began to cry silently, until her pillow was soaked. She flipped it and dried her eyes, willing herself to sleep. Once the entire house was out, several figures appeared in her room. One, the woman who had protected her before. Beside her were five women. One in a fuku that was filled with the colors of the rising sun in the morning named Eos, one in an all white fuku named Eris, one in a silver fuku called Demeter, another in a pink fuku, Rhea, and the last one in lavender, who was Aurora.

"Eos," the first said quietly, her voice once more the wind. The one beside her that was holding a staff much like Pluto's, stirred slightly.

"Yes, Pluto," Eos replied and lowered her staff. A small symbol glowed on the young girl's forehead. It was a crescent moon, one much like the one on Serenity, though whiter. Eos drew the staff back, letting the moon fade.

Pluto nodded with finality, a small, sad smile on her face. "It is time. Her journey will begin tomorrow. I know she will find the others."


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