HI Everyone!

Ok so i was thinking about writing this story but I'm not sure aboutall the details like names and stuff ya know?

It's about a guy named Richard Grayson who is a police officer who just ransfered from Gotham To jump city, he's one of the best right next to Kori Anders who is the head cop . Kori is very secretive and shy no one really talks to her, she is really harsh all the time so know really WANTS to talk to her . But all they know about her is shes probably the best cop they've ever seen. When Richard comes he sees her and falls for her. He wants to know everything about her. They become friends over time. But when he discovers her past what will happen?

I would say more but I don't wanna give much away.

I think for titles maybe

"Loving you changed my life"

Please tell me if you have any better ideas for names in a review. Also tell me if you would be interested in reading it 2, or any better ideas I can add to it.

Please I really need help it's gonna be my first story I plan on finshing on the site.

yours truly

SuPeR HyPeR ChIcK 101