A/N: I know this isn't a fanfiction. I lost this document while up at school and found it on a flash drive I left at home when I came back for vacation. So I am finally able to upload it. I didn't want to re-write it, because I wrote this after finished the Deathly Hallows. And was so sad looking on to the future. And wanted to make a little memoire of sorts about it.

It was the first book we bought with our coins and parents' cash (and yet still called "mine"), the first book we actually completely finished. The first time we dressed up when it wasn't actually Halloween, the first time our parents were willing to get us out of the third grade to go see the movie opening day. It was our first book report, our first escape from reality, and the first time we actually talked elatedly with our peers about a book. It was Harry Potter. It was the first of our many experiences and the book series that taught us about friendship and bravery. To a lot of people, you could say that Harry Potter was their childhood.

We have grown up with Harry Potter. And here we are at the last day. The euphoria…can you feel it? All the people you've associated with the series, all the people you've met at midnight showings who, out of the common fact that you were both dressed up for Harry Potter, were willing to take time to sew up your broken purse or share their fries with you. And then there's that aspect of you childhood again…it's gone. Where has the time gone? How could this minute creep up on us so quickly? The wish creeps into our minds of turning back time and starting all over, to just go through the experience of Harry Potter again. To be able to not know how it ends, to be left in darkness for just a little longer…just because it can't end. How can it?

It will be the only movie I will ever cry in, not because of the emotion in the film, but because of the emotion in my heart. The ties I have to this series, the friends I've made – lifelong friends you say, through a book series? Yes. It's the series that made me write, read, and feel that there really is more to the world. The series that showed me that imagination can do so many things and go so far.

We all knew the end would come. We've had countdowns for every movie and every book. When the books ended, we knew the end was inevitable. We held the book close, cried a bit, and set it down thinking it was over. The end of the series is inevitable, but is it the end of Harry Potter? The adventures are over in the series, yes, but what about the future generations? They won't have the same experience we had, they'll have all the books ready for them when they're done with the previous one – there's no wait for them. The adventure of Harry Potter is one that cannot be replaced, but the spirit of Harry Potter – that is something the world can never take from us.