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Bella Swan was sitting in her truck in the parking lot of her Forks High School trying to kill some time before going inside. She had somehow managed to arrive at school slightly early. She had her Spanish book out looking over the intended lesson for the day. She needed all the help she could get in Spanish. She glanced at her watch and saw that her first class was a few minutes from starting. Shoving her book back in the her back, she was slightly startled when she heard a tap on her window. Her shock was quickly replaced by a grin as she saw her favorite crooked smile looking through the window.

"Good morning, Bella," Edward Cullen greeting as he opened the door of her truck for her.

"Hello, Edward," she greeted in return. She tilted her face upward to look at him and was met with a soft kiss. "What?" Bella asked, when Edward chuckled.

"Mike Newton really hates me," he replied.

Bella turned her head and saw Mike's retreating figure as he walked into the school.

"And you love that don't you?" Bella asked.

"Maybe a little," Edward said as he took Bella's bag and laced his fingers through hers.

Edward and Bella had been together for a couple of weeks now, but people stared disbelievingly at Edward's hand keeping a firm grip on Bella's. At least the whispering and pointing had died down. Some. The first day Bella had walked in with Edward's arm securely around her, she didn't think they were going to make it down the hall as practically everyone stopped to stare blatantly at the new couple.

As vain and shallow as it sounds, Bella couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking as they saw the beautiful, god-like Cullen with, what she saw as, the ordinary, semi-new girl. She had questioned Edward about it as soon as she got the chance.

"They think you are crazy, don't they?" she had asked him the first day.

"I'm sure I don't know what you are talking about," he replied in that way of his.

"Edward," Bella said with a knowing look.

"What they think doesn't matter you know. But," he sighed when Bella's gaze didn't let up, "if you must know, a considerable amount of the males here are extremely angry with me because you chose me over them," he finished with a slightly smug look. "Of course, I don't blame them. I would want to kill whoever you were with if it weren't me."

Bella hadn't failed to notice the Edward had left out the female population of the school, but she decided it didn't matter what they thought. She was happy. They would probably only be jealous anyway.

Now, as she sat across from Edward at the lunch table, she couldn't help but smile at his profile as he gazed absentmindedly out the window of the cafeteria for a moment. Then he turned abruptly back to her.

"What?" he asked when he noticed her smile.

"Nothing," she answered, but knowing how he hated being left out of her thoughts added, "just thinking about you."

Edward smiled at her. "Do you want to come over tonight? Esme and Carlisle would really like to see you."

"Sure. I have some homework, and I'll have to cook dinner for Charlie, but I'll come over as soon as I'm finished. Is that ok?" Bella added as she noticed Edward's eyebrows furrow slightly.

"What happened to your arm?" Edward asked, ignoring Bella's question. She had pushed the sleeves of her shirt up, revealing a bruise on her elbow.

"Oh, I, uh," Bella paused for a fraction of a second too long in Edward's opinion. "I hit it on the door frame as I was leaving the house this morning. Come on, Edward. You should know better than anyone how clumsy I am."

"Yes, I guess I do." Her excuse had sounded legitimate enough, but there was something about the way she said it that made Edward slightly doubtful.

"Come on. We're going to be late for Biology if we don't hurry."

They both stood to walk to class, and Edward noticed Bella pull her sleeve back down to cover the bruise. When they walked through the door to Biology, they noticed that the audio-visual equipment was set up. Bella glanced up at Edward and noticed the corners of his mouth struggling not to pull up into a smile. She couldn't help but feel the familiar tug at the corners of her mouth as well. They took their seats and, as the lights went off, the electricity between then was almost tangible. Unsure whether Edward would still feel the need to keep their slight distance as they had in the past while watching movies in class, she prepared to struggle to keep from touching him, but before she could clinch her fists, Edward reached over and took her hand. Instantly their hands began to tingle from each other's touch. Bella once again glanced at Edward and saw he was looking at her too.

Much too soon in their opinions, the class hour was over. As they stood to gather their books Edward said, "Well that wasn't nearly as unpleasant as last time."

"I wonder why that was," Bella said with a laugh. Edward chuckled and walked Bella to gym. "Ah. Gym. My own personal hell."

"Well the sooner you go in the sooner it will be over," he said trying to suppress a laugh.

"Oh yeah right. That's like telling a little kid 'the sooner you fall asleep, the sooner Santa will come' just so they will quit bugging you. Are you trying to get rid of me, Cullen?" She asked in mock anger.

"Of course not, love," Edward laughed at her attempt at teasing, but then added more seriously, "No, for some reason you insist on staying with me."

"It's because I love you, and you know it."

"True," he pushed a piece of hair out of her face and kissed her forehead, "I love you too. Have fun in gym."

"Not likely," she mumbled as she turned to go into the locker room.