Alrighty, here's something I wrote in study hall when I was "doing" my algebra. I hope you enjoy this little spoof!

Disclaimer: Hmmm, do I own any turtles? I think not. I don't own Lucy or Narnia either.

Dedicated to my good friend Lauren- you're so awesome!


"Mikey, there is nothing in your closet."

"Don, would I wake you up in the middle of the night to ask if there's something in my closet? I know there's something in there. I just want you to see what," Mikey explained to Don as if he was a two year old. It was going onto midnight when Mikey dragged Don into his room to check his closet.

"Mikey, I can assure you that there is nothing, I repeat, nothing living in there." Don raised his eye ridges and quickly added, "Well nothing living that you have to worry about. Maybe just some molds, fungi, small animals, but nothing to worry about."

"Don," Mikey whined. "Please, bro?"

"No, I'm not looking in your Closet."

"Excuse me," a soft, timid voice with a British accent said.. "This wouldn't happen to be Narnia, would it?"

Don starred at the little girl who was standing right by Mikey's closet.

"No dudette," Mikey said. "This is my room."

"Sorry then, I must have the wrong wardrobe," the girl slipped back into Mikey's closet and closed the door.

"Well, I'm going to bed," Mikey said.

Don gaped at Mikey and at the closet. He opened the closet but there was only Mikey's comic collection and some other useless clutter.

"Night, Don," Mikey sleepily called.

Don shook his head and left Mikey's room. There were a lot of mysterious thing that involved Mikey. He didn't want to know most of them.