"Track Star"

A/N: This is truly pointless fluff, but thanks for reading! This takes place before high school graduation. Enjoy!



"I'm in trouble!" Edward announced after climbing though my window.

"What are you talking about?" I wanted to know.

"Remember how I left right after lunch so I could meet Emmett for a quick hunting trip?" he began. I was getting worried now. What could've happened on his short trip that would cause him to be in trouble?

"And?" the panick set in.

"Well, I was heading across the parking lot to my car and I thought no one was around. I got a little careless and started to jog. I heard Coach Carr calling my name, so I froze and sure enough, he was standing by the main entrance watching with a wide grin on his face. I had no choice but to acknowledge him. I didn't even have to ask him what he wanted, because I could read his thoughts which were whirling with excitement. 'Do you know what tomorrow is, Cullen?' he probed.

"I knew the answer since he was thinking it, but I played dumb." Edward continued and as I listened, relief started to slowly wash over me. Nothing horrible had happened to him or Emmett out in the woods. "'Tomorrow I'm holding tryouts for the track team and you'll be there, right?' I didn't know what to say, so I stood there staring at him. As calmly as I could, I replied with 'Track isn't really my thing, Coach.'"

I started to laugh "And then what?"

"Coach Carr launched into a ten minute speech about school spirit and how he needed me on the team. Just to get him to shut up, I agreed to consider it. A few minutes ago, when Emmett and I got back to my house, Carlisle was waiting for me. Apparently, Coach Carr called Carlisle and Esme to see if they'd take his side and get me to join the team. And do you know what?!" He was acting like a regular teenager. Instead of his usually cool demeanor and mature disposition, Edward was ranting like I would. Realizing this, I had to stifle my laughter.

"So what did Carlisle have to say?" A giggle escaped as I asked.

Edward glowered at me, "Carlisle took Coach Carr's side!" This surprised me. Usually, the Cullens tried to blend in and now draw any unnecessary attention to themselves. "His reasoning is that he thinks it might be good for me to interact with other students at school and that this might make me appear to be more normal. He said I could easily control my speed so that I don't look suspicious. Can you believe it?"

He was fuming at this point. I couldn't help but think about how handsome he looked with his eyebrows furowing together. "Edward, maybe Carlisle is right." This surprised him.

"Not you too!"

"Well, I mean, I have to work at Newton's a few days per week and you told me you're always bored those days." His face started to soften the tiniest bit, so I hedged forward. "Besides, I bet this could win you some points with Charlie."

"What about sunny days?" He smirked. "It wouldn't be right to committ and then let the team down, would it?"

"Good point, but why don't you take your chances. We have what, one sunny day per month?" We went back and forth like this for a few minutes and I ended with "Edward, just do what you want. I'm only playing devil's advocate. I just want you to be happy."

"Come here," he smiled, pulling me over to his lap and kissing my lips. "You better get some sleep, Bella." I guess the rational, mature Edward was back.

"Goodnight" I kissed him one more time. "I love you."



When I awoke, Edward was sitting in my rocking chair. He have me a quick kiss and told me he would meet me at school.

I arrived early, but of course he was already there, waiting for me, leaning up against his Volvo. The space next to him was open, so I pulled in and parked my truck. Something looked oddly different about him. His usually, perfectly messy hair was combed into a neat, conservative style, parted to one side. He was wearing one of his usual expensive sweater and jeans combinations, but over his right shoulder was a Nike gym bag.

"Should I even ask?" I said, looking him over from head to toe and now noticing that his usual expensive shoes were replaced with sneakers.

"Bella, I'm so sorry for everything Alice has done to you." He gave me a kiss and guided me toward the school. I laughed.

"It all makes sense now," I grinned.

"Yeah, Alice wanted me to look the part, so she went out last night and bought me a bunch of work out clothes, new sneakers and she insisted that the makeover had to include my hair so that I could fit her description of a high school jock. Are you embarrassed to be seen with me like this?"

"Never!" And the day flew by. At lunch, Edward confirmed for me that the try outs were right after school and Alice planned on hanging around to watch. I told him I would watch with her and I wished him luck.



"Good luck, Mike!" Jessica waved at me from the stands. I smiled back, but I wished it were Bella wishing me luck. I continued to tie my laces, then I stood up and looked around.

What the heck is Cullen doing here? I glanced around. And what's with his hair? As I watched him walk over to Coach Carr and shake his hand, I started fuming. A few more glances around confirmed my fear. Bella and Alice were sitting on the bleachers watching him and talking. Damn Cullen, sports are my thing! He has Bella, isn't that enough?

My bad mood did not dissipate as the try outs wore on. Cullen beat me in three different events. Depressed, I hit the showers.



"Well?" I asked Edward expectantly.

"I broke three school records and Coach Carr said I'm in." He replied nonchalantly. "Isn't it unfair though, Bella?"

"I guess if anyone knew your secret they might consider it cheating, but who cares, you look sexy" I smiled playfully at him. This pleased him and I was rewarded with a deep kiss as he wrapped his arms around me.

Later that night, he was rewarded further when he told Charlie all about it and Charlie was actually nice to him for a change. However, it still didn't prevent Charlie from kicking him out, promptly at 10 PM.