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Edward's POV:

Emmett, Jasper and I just got back from delivering Bella safely home, saying goodbye to Sebastian, and dumping Mike Newton in front of the Fork's Police Station.

"How did it go?" Carlisle and Esme asked as we entered the house. I could tell by the expression on their faces that they didn't really approve of what we had just done.

"See for yourself," Emmett tossed the digital camera to Carlisle. I could hear him thinking, They will probably give Edward all the credit when it was really my genius idea and direction. That's okay though, in due time. In due time…

"He's at it again," I nodded my head toward Emmett and the others understood what I meant.

"Emmett," Carlisle began softly, "you do realize that your little fantasy is exactly that. It's just a flight of the imagination."

Poor little unintelligent doctor, Emmett thought. Aloud he said, "Uh, yeah, sure Carlisle."

"He even sank so low as to convince himself that he can read and control Bella's mind. You should've heard what he was thinking in the woods," I explained.

Esme shook her head sympathetically and placed a hand on Emmett's shoulder. Emmett conjured up this secret life in his mind about two years ago after watching a marathon of movies like Superman and Spider Man. It was funny at first, but now it's something we're all concerned about.

Alice and Rosalie descended the stairs and came to see the photos. Everyone thought they were pretty funny. Hopefully this will get Newton to stop messing with me.


Mike's POV:

What am I doing here on the cold wet concrete outside of the police station? I'm supposed to be snuggled up next to Bella in a tent right now! I lifted the top of the sleeping bag and peaked under, noticing that I'm naked except for my tighty whities! What the heck?

I looked around and of course my car was no where nearby. I got up and hopped inside the police station and Office Slater, one of my arresting officers for the Brownie incident was behind the counter.

"Mr. Newton," he eyed me with irritation. "What are you doing here and where are your clothes?"

"I'm not sure, Sir, but I need a ride home," I said embarrassed.

"Were you drinking?" Officer Slater demanded.

"No, I think I was the butt of a prank," I replied. Officer Slater snickered. Just then, Chief Swan walked in. Officer Slater explained quickly what was going on as far as he knew and Chief Swan looked at me.

"Let's go kid, you're going to be late for school," he shook his head and went back out to his cruiser. I hopped behind him, ashamed.


Still Mike's POV:

Less than an hour later, I was dressed and delivered to Fork's High by my father, who is pissed that I left my car abandoned in the middle of the woods. It was reported to the police by an anonymous tipster and now we have to pay to get it back from the impound lot in Port Angeles. I'm not allowed to drive for the next three months – that's all summer!

As I approached the front door, I saw a plethora of photos taped to the door and surrounding windows. When I was close enough to see what it was, who it was, I about died right then and there. They were pictures of me with some guy!

Bella, how could you do this to me? Damn Cullen, he must have orchestrated the whole thing! But why did she go along with it after he cheated on her? Oh, damn, he figured it out and she believed him!

"Hey, Newton," some guy from the Junior class welcomed me as I walked inside, "congratulations on coming out of the closet."

"What? No…" I protested, but people were staring at me everywhere. Jessica stomped up to me immediately and I couldn't believe how angry she looked.

"So that's why you had trouble keeping it up, Mike. Because you're gay?" She demanded furious. "I thought maybe there was something wrong with me, but it was because you're not into girls, right?"

"No, I…" again, my protest was lost. She stomped away crying, followed by Lauren who glared meanly at me.

"Hey, Newton," Tyler Crowley nodded over at me. "I just want to make it clear that I'm not homophobic, but I did catch you glancing down at my Lil' Tyler during showers after Track practice, and I'm not interested in you like that, okay?"

"Okay, but…" I began.

"Good, I'm glad we're on the same page." Tyler walked away quickly.

"Mr. Newton," the Principal walked up behind me. "I need to see you in my office."

We walked to his office and my mom was inside. "Oh, Michael, why didn't you tell me?" She cried. "And now you're being expelled for distributing the indecent photos along with your drug usage a couple of weeks ago."

"But I didn't distribute the photos. I was set up!" I argued.

"Save it, Mr. Newton," the Principal said. "You're finished here, you many go now and try to get your GED or enroll in another high school, which likely won't take you since there's only a week left before graduation."

I followed my mom who was crying hysterically outside. Waiting just outside of the main entrance was that damn Cullen and Bella. I sneered at him as he just smiled and she glared back at me.

I've lost… I lost to Cullen… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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