"Do I have to send a petition around to get you to believe? Shall I tell you whose names would be on the top of the list? You know a few of them, but some might surprise you." Pg 445-Eclipse

Did you ever wonder who the list included? Here's my take.

Edward's POV

I watched my love as she slept. She was so beautiful, inside and out. How could she not see that?

The way that the blood rushed to her face when she was embarrassed or angry, when she smiled, especially when she slept. She looked like an angel when she slept.

I thought about the idea circulating in Newton's head with distaste. Apparently, Forks discovered our plans of marriage. Through Jessica Stanley's mother. I shuddered. What a terrible gossip. I could only imagine the havoc she could wreak in a larger town.

Alice had gone to the bank to make a withdrawal, for the decorations and such, and a mock invitation fell out of her pocket.

'Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Mason Cullen wish to invite you to their wedding'

Or something to that effect. Naturally, Mrs. Stanley felt it was her duty to inform everyone in the town. Including the Chief Police, Charlie Swan. Who just about had a coronary when he heard. I won't describe his words to you. It wasn't pretty.

Not to mention that he loaded his gun and had it in his pocket all the time we were talking.

I thought his head might've exploded from all the different colours he was turning. Pink, to red, to burgundy, to purple. . . . . .etc.

Bella actually looked scared. Especially when she had to tell Renee. I believe her thoughts were something along the lines of 'oh god. She's going crazy again, isn't she? I knew I should have taken her to the asylum after that time in the woods. . . .'

But now, as Bella was sleeping, she looked peaceful. Although I wasn't too happy about the muttering tonight. I only got a few words, but they said a lot. Things like: Bride of Frankenstein, I'll trip, vampwolf, and sex.

Sigh. My Bella has a one-track mind.

But wait. Vamp-wolf?As in vampire/werewolf hybrid? Knowing Bella, it was possible. Unfortunately.

But now, the latest trouble had me a little on edge.

When I said everyone knew about the marriage, I meant everyone.

Except for Bella. That is, she did know about the wedding, but didn't know that everyone else knew about it.

Thankfully. If she did, she probably would have an aneurism. Which I could NOT let happen.

But anyway. Now onto the latest trouble. As I said, everyone in town knew. From the School to the boundaries of the town, EVERYONE knew.

And Bella's . . . . .Errrrm. . . . admirers knew as well.

And that list included Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, Eric whoever, the Science geeks, and so on.

So the wonderboys, Mike and Tyler, hatched one of their most hare-brained plans yet.

A Petition.

That's right, the petition was going around the ENTIRE TOWN.

Wanna guess the name of the atrocity? It was 'Those who don't want Bella to marry Edward say AYE.'

And so far, with the school population of three-hundred-and-fifty-eight, with roughly a hundred and seventy boys, there were TWO HUNDRED signatures on the list.

As I keep saying, the odds are stacked against us.

Life is NOT fair. But, Bella's turning soon. Maybe death is.

But, I won't get my hopes up, judging from my experiences, death or existence isn't either.



Bella opened her eyes, yawned, stretched, then smiled at me. "Good morning. How was your night?" she asked.

"It was. . . . interesting. What did you dream about last night?" I wondered aloud, wondering if she would remember.

She froze, looked down, and blushed. "My dreams were kinda jumbled last night."

Would I EVER NOT go crazy from lack of ability to hear her thoughts? I looked at her expectantly.

"Would you like me to tell you what you were saying last night? To help you remember?" I asked innocently.

"Um. I'm not sure if I want to remember. Was it very bad?" She hung her head.

"No, not bad. But extremely confusing. You said something about the 'bride of Frankenstein', tripping, 'Vampwolves'", I made a face ", and sex. Care to explain?"

She flushed tomato red. "Um. Not really. But I suppose I have to, don't I? Well, the Bride of Frankenstein bit was about our wedding. I dreamt that I basically hopped up from an operating table, in an old wedding dress, and I was green, with, like, a nail in the side of my head, and-"

I pressed a finger to her lips. "Ok. I caught the gist. But, though some of the guests at the wedding will technically be dead, you'll never be the bride of Frankenstein. You're far too beautiful."

With that, I kissed her forehead, and, when I pulled back, saw her expression. It was disbelieving.

"Continue." I told her.

"Well, err the tripping thing was that I dreamt I was walking down the aisle and tripped on the train of the dress. And umm, well, the vampwolf was exactly what it sounded like. I dreamt that I had werewolf ancestor, AND that a vampire bit me, and changed me as a human. So I was half and Half." She said everything without taking a breath.

"And the last one?" I asked gently.

"Which one?" She feigned innocence. It nearly worked.

"SEX, Bella."

"Ohhhh, that one. I can't remember."

"You don't remember, or you don't want to tell me?" I pouted and stared into her neverending eyes.

"FINE, I'll tell you! You didn't have to dazzle me. I . . .was. . . dreaming about. . . . when. . . . we were in the meadow. . . but instead of me refusing . . . . we actually . . . . . did it."

My eyes popped open in shock. "Er, well, I told you, if you like, we can try. But umm, I thought you said-"

"I did. And I plan on sticking to that. And protecting my virtue," she grinned, "After all, we can't break another commandment."

"I agree. I agree." I said, and she went to get ready to collect some items she left at school.

Which was where the excitement started.