"Well, I know I'm going to the cafeteria." I said, trying to dodge him and avoid his dazzle.

"Why? Emmett and Rosalie have brought you a gourmet lunch." He grinned.

I sighed. Always with the expensive food. I could do a burger and fries the same as anyone.

"But, I said I was gonna meet, uh, Angela in the caf. To check out the parties. Yeah." My lying attempts were almost always pathetic.

"Oh, really? Well, Angela and Ben aren't going to the cafeteria. They're taking a walk around the grounds. As they said less than 10 minutes ago." He replied smugly.

"Well I'm meeting Alice." I said triumphantly, as I once again attempted to walk past him.

No such luck.

I decided on the truth. Since nothing else was working. And he couldn't possibly keep me away. I mean, it's not like a walk to the cafeteria could be too hazardous. Even for me.

"Edward, I'm going to the cafeteria. Either you come with me, or I go alone, but I will be going. Now, which will it be?" I told him. Hello, wife/equal, remember? You can't tell me what to do.

Nor can you forcibly remove me from school grounds. Well. He could do that. Who would really stop him?

"Bella, I don't-" he started.

I held up my hand. "Coming, or staying?"

He sighed in resignation. Ha. You don't mess with a determined Bella. Didn't he himself describe me as the stubbornest creature on earth?

He took my hand, and started walking. Very slowly. God, way to be morbid. It wasn't a death march. I was just going to see what new rumour was up and about concerning me and Edward.

We finally got to the cafeteria. Where I saw the bulletin board crowded with students, and the table next to it absolutely bombarded by pupils of Forks.

Hmm. This one must be good.

As we got closer, the crowd parted, and I could tell that we were the topic of discussion.

Then I saw the table, with Eric Yorkie, Mike Newton, and Tyler Crowley, grinning, and with a fairly large clipboard in front of them.

They looked kinda. . . worried, when they saw me. Then, they looked a little more pleased at my expression. Which was of pure shock.

Because I'd read the clipboard. That happened to have a lot of signatures. And the Title of that clipboard happened to be: Those who Don't Want Bella To Marry Edward, Say AYE.

I kid you not. I'm not joking. Well, naturally, I was livid. My personal life was none, of their business, and they basically did this because why? Oh yeah. Cuz they hated Edward. Edward, the love of my life, my soul-mate, my frigging man. And who were they? Insignificant little boys. And I'd show them as much.

Forming a plan in my head, I quickly dropped Edward's hand, not looking at his face, because I didn't particularly want to see his expression right then.

I plastered a fake smile, courtesy of Lauren, on my face, and strode over to the boy geniuses.

I leaned over on the table, trying not to look too mad right then.

"Wow, guys. You must've put a lot of effort into this." I smiled flirtatiously at them. I could almost feel Edward's confusion and frustration, behind me.

They got up from their seats behind the table, scrambled was more like it, which was exactly what I'd been aiming for, and stood in a row in front of me.

First, I went for Mike. Poor, retarded Mike. It wasn't his fault he was born a bonehead that thought with his other brain. And I do mean the one in his pants. His mom probably did a cousin or something.

I put my hand lightly on his shoulder, and went up closer to him. I could practically feel his anticipation. Yep, cuz it arose from the brain he kept in his pants.

"Mike. How did you come up with this idea?" I said sweetly.

"Well, I was thinking in my room, one night, and it just popped up. Then I got Tyler and Yorkie to join." He said, salivating.

"Well, I have something to give you because of that. . . This!" I said quickly, as I brought my knee up and got him in the groin.

Which was about when he promptly crumpled to the floor in pain.

I quickly moved to Tyler, who received a punch, similar to the one I'd attempted to inflict on Jacob.

Which left him on the floor too.

Then there was Eric. Whimpering, backing away, trying to make a quick escape to the Computer lab. He only got a slap, seeing as how he had a brain, but never got a date. Hooray Bill Gates.

It wasn't an easy slap, by any means. It was heard throughout the cafeteria.

"What the hell would make you three think for a second I'd listen to your pathetic petition?!" I said, scornfully. Ooh. Alliteration. Kudos to me.

"Really, I'm trying to understand. What would give you that idea? This is my decision, and my personal life, and choices are not up for debate! In the first place, Even if I did listen, who do you think I'd marry instead? Or even go to? Certainly not any of you! I never expressed any interest in any of you! I was never anything less than polite! Even when some people resorted to stalking because they couldn't take a flipping hint! And yes, I'm looking at you, Tyler!
The only reason any of you even know about the wedding was because someone's mother, who happens to be the town gossip, spread the word! And, Jessica, Edward would never have gone anywhere with you, even when I hadn't come here! So you, and your mother need to learn to read between the lines! No one likes you!" I panted, pausing.

"And as for this," I gestured to the petition, "I am confiscating it to burn at my house later."

Mike attempted to say something. "And I wasn't asking." With that, I grabbed the vile thing and took Edward's hand, storming out of the cafeteria, and the school.

In the Volvo, I caught Edward looking at me strangely.

"What?" I asked, suddenly self-conscious,

"Nothing. Just admiring the wondrous creature I fell in love with. You're amazing, you know that?" Edward told me, his eyes looking absolutely starstruck.

I blushed, and muttered, "No, but it's always nice to hear. Let's go."

He obliged me, and draped his hand over my seat, heading over to his mansion.