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Link trudges along sighing as yet another hour of the sight of nothing but the sprawling Hyrule Field passes.

He really should have used the Prelude of Light but he needed time to think, to come to terms with what he had to do. To come to terms with what he did to Volvagia.

He heaves another sigh and stops, shielding his eyes from the sun. "Still can't see anything, Navi?"

"Nothing…Link, this isn't good. We have to hurry and defeat Ganondorf!"

Link turns away from the glowing orb for a moment before looking up at the sky. "I was so damn stupid…Not bringing any water…"

Navi chimes softly, sadly. "Hyrule Field has become rough during those seven years." Navi winces as Link's ears droop faintly. She turns away from her charge and blinks. She chimes excitedly.

"Link!! A village!! I can see a village!!"

The teen hero perks up somewhat. "A village?" He smiles. "I'm saved!! I can get food and water there!"

He starts to jog towards the village when a feeling nags at the back of his mind. He stops and turns jerking his head to the side just in time to let dagger whistle by his cheek. Gasping Link draws his sword and shield only to be brought to the ground as his attacker's full weight slams against the protective sheet of metal and wood.


Link looks up at his attack just as she glances down at the sword. Recognition in both is instant.

"Mrs. Impa!"

The Sheikah woman smiles slightly. "Link. It's been seven years. I'm glad to see that you finally obtained the Master Sword."

A dark frown crosses Link's face. "I don't feel like I deserve it though."

Impa tilts her head and helps the hero to his feet. "Tell me about it on the way to the village. We'll get you food and drink there."

Link smiles sadly and begins.


Sheik sits on the window ledge of the Audience Room quietly strumming his lyre. The notes of the song stir memories within his mind. Memories of people who had been here before him.

Bass note…Atheth…A torturer and assassin who had grown a conscience and escape. Even now Ganondorf searches for him.

Baritone…Dark Link…The tortured dark mirror of the hero and rebellious soul sent to rot in the Temple of Water.

Bass again…Hath…A fellow spy who left for the sake of his mate.

Soprano…Nabooru… The unfortunate Gerudo that has to follow her king's whim.

Baritone sounds twice…Himself…left here to contend with Ganondorf's rage.

His fingers still as awareness passes over him. Sheik lowers his lyre as his keen eyes look around. "I thought you couldn't leave the temple."

A shadow, not like the rest, shivers and a pair of glowing red eyes appear. "I found a way."

"Ganondorf will destroy you."

"So? I welcome death. It's not like anyone cares."

"You don't know that."

"Are you saying you care? Ha! I thought shadows didn't have feelings."

"We don't and I wasn't saying that I did."

"My point."

"That doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there that would care."

The shadow shivers again. "Sheik, Sheik, Sheik…You've fallen in love! Don't let Master hear this…He'll rape and slaughter the girl in front of you."

Sheik stiffens and the shadow chuckles. "You know its true Sheik."

The Sheikah frowns (not correcting the shadow) and nods. "Unfortunately I do. What do you plan to do?"

The shadow laughs. "I plan to kill someone or die trying."

Sheik curses as the shadow fades away.


Link scarfs the food that Impa's friend kindly gives to him, Impa looking just a touch disgusted by the Kokiri raised boy's table manners. "Ah! Thank you! I can feel myself reviving! This is sooo good!"

Impa shakes her head. "So, you defeated the evil dragon at the fire temple?"

Link pauses mid drink smiling falling away as he sets the glass down. "Yes."

The Sheikah woman sighs. "I want say that you've come a long way but what is with your carelessness? Forgetting water and food? Not packing the supplies you needed for the return trip from Death Mountain?" She shakes her head. "I understand well your pain. I do. But to transverse the mountain and cross the field without supplies? It was foolhardy, Link. That sword would cry if you died."

Link bows his head, thoroughly chastise and even appalled by his own actions. "I'm sorry…"

Impa sighs. "Link…"

Both Hylian and Sheikah jolt when a sudden, primal scream pierces the air. The two look out the window to see several ranch hands struggling to restrain a frantic but beautiful mare. Link's eyes widen as he recognize the magnificent creature and rushes outside, drawing out his ocarina. As he nears the mare he sets the instrument to his lips and the melody of a not so long ago childhood fills the air.

The townsfolk and ranch hands watch in amazement as the mare calms turning to the source of the song with a soft, questioning whinny. She quietly approaches the teen and neighs happily when a breeze brings to her the scent of an old friend.

Link smiles broadly as Epona pushes him affectionately with her nose. He scratches between her eyes softly. "Hey Epona…Long time no see huh?"

The chestnut mare knickers a soft agreement to his question as she turns to look at the approaching Impa. Link, too, looks up a look of pure determination on his face.

"She was to go to Ganondorf wasn't she?"

A soft child's voice answers before Impa. "Yes. She's the fastest there is. Ganondorf wants only the bestest."

The teen frowns. "I won't let him have her."

Impa studies the blonde hero for a moment before smiling. "Fine then. She's your horse from now own. Looks like she won't accept any other anyways."

Link beams at Impa before glancing around at the surrounding townspeople, various looks of awe, fear, and trepidation on their faces. The teen frowns faintly and turns back to Sheikah woman. "Lady Impa?"

"Yes Link?"

"Would you…Please…Train me?"

Impa smiles. "Of course."

Link cheers.


Sheik watches the scene from the rooftops, unnoticed by the townsfolk, senses on high alert as he looks for the escaped shadow. A smile quirks across his lips when the hero cheers, the picture a child like happiness as the sun catches golden hair and eyes sparkling like perfect blue rupees in sunlight.

A soft husky laugh reaches the blonde's ears. "So the mighty Sheik hasn't fallen for a nice village girl…"

Sheik hisses and spins, tanto drawn. "Show yourself."

A tall, lithe figure, not unlike the hero's, steps from the shadows. "You've fallen for the Hero of Time." The man steps closer to Sheik

"Head." He leans close.

"Over." The male smirks.

"Heels." A tongue darts out lick the exposed bridge of Sheik's nose.

Sheik growls and lashes out, meaning to punch the shadow, but the male steps back and laughs as the fist breezes past his nose, just barely missing the appendage.

The man smirks. "Temper, temper Sheik."

"And to think I pitied you."

The shadow hisses. "I don't need or want pity! What I want and need is Death but you never gave it to me!"

Sheik sighs softly. "I couldn't. Not when there's a chance for you to be free of Ganondorf."

The man droops. "Idiot…Even if you kill him...even WHEN you kill him…I will never be free of him."

"You don't know that."

"I do know that." Blood red eyes flash and the man straightens to his full height. "Don't try to deter me from my mission here, Sheik, I mean to either kill the Hero or die trying."

Sheik shakes his head. "And what if you do defeat him and you survive the fight. What then? Because I know you won't hold back. You never do."

"I'll figure out something."

Sheik sighs and relaxes, sheathing his blade. "Give him a resting period so that he can fight at his best."

The other male shrugs. "Whatever. Three days. No more, no less."

Sheik gives the shadowy male a small, controlled smile. "Good. You won't regret it."

"Then it will be one of the few things I don't."


Impa sits silently, looking out at the now night shrouded village, a book lying forgotten in her lap as she contemplates her personal little kingdom. The calming and encompassing aura of Link caressing her senses like the hand of a lover or perhaps… a curious child as she ponders the recent happenings.

The Hero of Time arriving here had caused a stir. Especially with the rumors of a shadow creature being whispered about by the villagers for weeks now, it would only be a matter of time before one of the townsfolk would as Link for his help.

In fact she, herself, had almost asked out of frustration of having the creature slip from her grasp several times now.

Too many times now it had gotten close to where she had hidden the Princess.

Impa glances upwards as the bed Link sleeps upon creaks as the boy shifts in his sleep, near inaudible, sleepy protests coming from Navi as the corner she sleeps on moves.

"Sometimes he seems too innocent to be the Hero."

Impa starts slightly and glances to the source of the voice, a dark corner completely enshrouded by shadow. She relaxes as the athletic form of her son steps out.

"And sometimes he seems entirely too fragile."

Impa returns to gazing out the window. "But he is the Hero. He is as exactly as the prophecy predicted."

Sheik quietly takes a seat across from Impa. He studies his mother's face for a time before sighing. "You know more about the prophecy then you let on."

Impa smirks slightly. "Perhaps I do. Perhaps I don't."

Sheik frowns, pulling down his mask. "And I suppose you are going to keep what you know to yourself."

"Of course."

Sheik sighs and he, too, looks out the window. "Link is in danger."

Impa tenses and turns to Sheik. "What does Ganondorf-"

Sheik shakes his head. "Not Ganondorf…Link has a doppelganger, one of Ganondorf's creations, he plans to either kill Link or be killed by him."

"He plans? It sounds like this creature has his own will."

"He does. I don't understand how but the doppelganger has his own personality…." Sheik's face darkens.

"I can only assume that he doesn't get the best of treatments."

"That, unfortunately, is an understatement." Sheik stands. "I can't linger here any longer. Link's got three days before his doppelganger attacks."

Impa nods and gives Sheik a studying look. "Be careful."

"I will Mother." Sheik gestures and disappears.


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