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Anyways on we go. This story is entitled 'Define Sin' and was inspired by my (almost unhealthy) fascination with the seven deadly sins. When the idea hit, it hit hard and once again has become an original piece of work in progress. Pairings will be announced as they surface and you'll see hints at one by the end of this chapter but we all know there will be AkuRoku goodness eventually.

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Chapter 1

Sinful Life

Would the world miss me? Would you miss me?

The radio wasn't as bad as the high pitched electric frequency that rang every time the alarm went off. Dumb hands patted around the nightstand, finding the button and silencing the hum before the hand went back to what it first hit. The brunette picked up the money and rolled over in bed onto his back, wincing a bit as he counted the bills. His morning pain would fade but this money wouldn't.

The door opened and he quickly hid the money under the pillow behind his head, looking over at the door and relieved when he saw his brother, "Morning Roxas, sleep well?"

"Thanks to your and your friend I didn't sleep at all," the blonde said with an obvious note of distaste as he leaned against the doorframe. For twins they were the same genetically and for most of their lives they'd been relatively similar. Over the past two years though Sora had changed.

"Aw Roxas, he wasn't a friend," Sora said, pulling the money back out and continuing to count it.

Roxas couldn't believe it and after a few second he realized something odd about what he'd said, "Wait. He?"

"Hey. You do what you have to," was Sora's logic though in this case it was more 'you do who you have to.' He leaned over and opened the drawer beside the bed, putting the money away and sitting up, his body still a bit sore, "So what's for breakfast."

"You're a pathetic excuse for a human being," Roxas scowled, turning and leaving his brother alone. Sora merely smiled sadly and watched him go, 'I don't need you to tell me something I already know.'

Roxas was downstairs at the table going through his bag to make sure he had everything by the time Sora dressed and got there, a noticeable stiffness in his walk. He couldn't believe what Sora had become and he shook his head disapprovingly, "What would mom say?"

"Nothing. She's dead," Sora said carelessly through a yawn, "What day is it?"

"Thursday Sora," Roxas sighed, shutting his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. While all the other seniors who graduated last year were off succeeding in college or working hard at a job Sora was spending his school-free life at a night club. Roxas never asked what or where it was, honestly not wanting to know. Besides, he was busy enough with school, attending the university across town, "And as usual you have nothing to do."

"Now who made you my personal agenda?" Sora laughed from the cabinet as he pulled out a box of cereal, "How's college treating you?"

"A lot better than your one night stands," Roxas said sharply, "Put that in a bowl; other people have to eat it you know."

"Yes little brother," he taunted, not about to let him forget he was 7 minutes and 34 seconds older. Roxas was only further annoyed and he left without another word. Sora smiled a little before sitting at the table and helping himself to the cereal, ignoring Roxas' advice to use a bowl.

There was a whistle from down the hall and Sora didn't bother looking back, "Man, he's not happy with you."

"Must be since you're here Wrath," he replied before holding up the box. A few seconds later he felt a hand rummage through it and pull out a handful, "You can still taste food right?"

"Ha, ha, you're a funny kid," sarcasm dripped off every word but Sora still didn't look at him, "Be careful about how funny you get around him though." Sora didn't answer and he stared at the table, not sure how to take the comment. "Well I suppose it's a good thing I got called in, Riku was going to come by and get you in the next hour," when he heard that Sora broke his stare on the table and the other man laughed a bit, "I thought that would wake you up."

Sora ignored that and swatted the hand away as it came back to reach into the cereal box, "Use a bowl…So what am I needed for?"

"Same as usual," the man came around the table, fierce red hair contrasting strongly with his attire of all black, "We've got some people who need to be put into check. A couple who showed up last night after you left for…more important business."

Sora gave the redhead a cruel look but knew he deserved it, "Axel…did you tell him?"

"I didn't have to. It's pretty obvious where you go and what you do," Axel said, helping himself to more cereal after easily taking the box from him, "It's who you're doing it to that's the big mystery."

From under the table Sora kicked him in the shin before standing up and heading upstairs, "Let me get dressed."

"Might want to try a hot shower too for the stiffness," Axel called after him with a snide smile, under his breath adding, "And a sock in the mouth for the whining."


Watching the blonde slide across the freshly waxed wooden floors in socks was anything but entertaining for the other man sitting at the bar, his head throbbing from last night. Usually he had a good tolerance for alcohol but he was convinced something had been slipped into one of his drinks. He usually wouldn't accept drinks from people, why should he when he worked the bar and could get drinks free? However, last night Luxord made the mistake of trusting someone, one of his coworkers, "Damn it…Xigbar," he grumbled, his head on the counter and his hands rubbing his neck.

"You complained?"

Luxord cut his eyes up at the gray haired man wearing a grin and an eye patch, "You did this."

"Yup," Xigbar didn't deny it and he patted Luxord on the back, "Payback is a bitch."

Before Luxord could say anything the blonde came sliding by again, slamming right into Xigbar and knocking them both over. Luxord laughed even if it hurt his head more, it was worth the pain, "Indeed it is."

"What's all the noise?" asked another man in nervous panic as he came running downstairs.

"Calm down Zexion, it's just Demyx making a mess," sighed another man who'd come up from the basement to see what the noise was.

Zexion was relieved and he sat down on the floor, looking up at him with a bit of a smile, "Riku didn't sleep last night?"

"Riku didn't have time to sleep last night," Riku said, indulging in the other's use of third person for fun. As he went over to help Demyx up Zexion followed, humming to himself and sitting on a stool toward the end of the bar.

Demyx was still laughing as he tried to get up, merely slipping again and conveniently landing on Xigbar again. Riku took his hand and helped him to his feet, knowing very well his landing on Xigbar was anything but accidental, "Now, now Demyx; no whoring around this early in the day."

"Rightio," Demyx said casually, dusting himself off and sitting on the bar counter by Luxord, rubbing his head to try and relieve the headache.

Xigbar didn't get up, comfortable to just lie on the floor, "Speaking of whore, where's the Envious one?" he asked, not needing to elaborate since they all knew what was going on.

"Axel went to get him," Luxord said into the bar, waving a hand carelessly to the rest of the room, "Apparently he made that brother of his mad enough that he had to check it out."

"That bad?" Demyx was genuinely shocked, as were the others, "Wow, Sora can successfully make anyone he meets angry."

What was sad was that nobody disagreed, not even Riku, though he did change the subject, "Regardless, we've got to put an end to that couple from last night. They were effectively causing more trouble than the entire club."

"Envy, Lust, Greed, Wrath, and Pride," Demyx confirmed, losing his childish behavior and adopting the serious one, "It's the first time more than three sins have been called out for the same mission in over 120 years."

"The last one though involved all seven of us," Zexion said with a slight shudder in his voice as he remembered the event.

"Yeah, but you have to take into consideration," Xigbar said with an annoyed sigh, "120 years ago we had a different-"

"Envy!" Demyx interrupted, though he effectively finished Xigbar's sentence and greeted Sora whom was followed by Axel, oddly enough carrying a box of cereal, "And Wrath! Welcome back."

"We would've been back sooner but someone needed a hot shower," Axel said, handing the cereal box to Demyx as he went behind the bar to make a drink for himself.

Sora said nothing, sitting by Demyx whom turned to him and said, "Just ignore Axel, he's a jerk." It was so entertaining to watch Demyx switch masks around people and act so differently. He would be your best friend one minute and the next minute he'd be gossiping with others behind your back, most famous for his two faced behavior around Sora but he was good at it with Axel and Xigbar as well.

Sora wasn't oblivious to Demyx's antics, but he wasn't about to say anything since Demyx was one of the few that would still talk to him. Zexion had been watching quietly from the end of the bar but he spoke up before all the underlying tension of the group erupted, "So now that everyone is here should we start?"

"Like I said earlier, we've got to snub out all the trouble that couple from last night are causing," Riku said, joining Axel behind the bar and explaining, "They live on the other side of town in the plaza, more money than god but not happy. They want everything, whether it's a material item or another person and they get what they want by any means."

"The whore of a wife has been bringing in money of her own through a new job which involves club hopping for rich intoxicated men," Axel added before taking a shot of the drink he'd made, "And the husband isn't much better. He's the dean at the college and has been drugging students and raping them."

"Possibly the most upsetting thing is how they both know what their spouse is doing," Riku concluded, "Lust for people other than their spouse, Greed for the wife's obsession with money, Pride for the husband's ability to act as if he's done nothing, Envy because whether or not they ever admit it they miss the life they once had together, and Wrath for the utter hatred and foul intentions they have planned for each other. Anyone have any ideas of how to put an end to all of this?"

There was a long silence as everyone thought seriously and Axel took another shot of alcohol before coming out with his plan, "Well, she's a prostitute right? We can put an end to her easily. One of you just have to convince her you're rich and when you get her alone it's lights out in more than one sense."

"There's the matter of being traced though, especially if the pair is seen together in a public place like a nightclub," Xigbar pointed out as he got up off the floor finally and sat at the bar.

"Leave it to me. I'll make her disappear," Riku said, reminding them who he was.

Axel laughed a bit before getting more glasses and sliding them down the bar to the others, "That's right, you worked with Mr. Jack back in the day."

"Out of all 43 murders, only 5 of the victims were found," Riku said while recounting those days over a hundred years ago, working alongside Jack the Ripper in London's east end, "It's been a while but I think it's safe to say she won't be a problem. What about the husband?"

"Where did you say he worked?" Sora asked, having an idea but he had to make sure he heard right.

Nobody answered him, the cold shoulder treatment had been going on for weeks now and Sora wasn't surprised he was ignored. There was only so much of the tense silence the group could take though and Demyx finally caved and answered, "He's the dean at the college across town."

Sora knew then that his plan would work and he had some hope that if it succeeded he'd gain some redemption in the group, "My brother is going there, he can-"


Zexion finally spoke up and Sora looked down at the serious expression on his face, wondering why he didn't agree, "Leave him out of this. You should know we can't get anybody involved with us."

"You're risking enough as it is by still living with him," Xigbar said shortly. They all knew that well by now but Sora was still having trouble accepting the fact that to exist they couldn't exist. They couldn't get attached to anyone or anything because the next day they could have to get rid of them; nobody could live a sin-free existence and neither could the sins live entirely in one person. One night stands and limited indulgence were the confines of their attachment. That was what made everyone envious yet in awe of the one meaningful relationship in the group, but the way Envy had treated it made them disgusted and enraged.

Axel took his box of cereal back from Demyx, who'd been helping himself for quite some time now, and poured some in a bowl he retrieved from under the counter, "How do we do this though? I mean a prostitute you can just make disappear easily. The dean of the college is another story, he's seriously in the public eye," Axel pointed out while uncorking the bottle of vodka and filling the bowl of cereal with it.

"It would be great if we could get rid of him in the public eye though, make an example to everyone else," Luxord loved the idea of public humiliation, the problem was finding a way to work that out, "He's bound to make a statement to the press about his wife's disappearance and we should do it then."

"One of us should be behind a reporters note pad then," Xigbar proposed, the idea gaining momentum by the minute, "A little game of dress up, one bullet later the guy is gone and we make a quick and clean escape."

"I'll do it," Axel said as he ate his alcohol induced cereal and read the almost sickeningly cheerful and bright back of the box, "It's been a while since I've shot someone."

"The woman should be here tonight if her pattern of hopping doesn't falter, Demyx you'll be helping me trick her," Riku said, more than ready to wrap this up since he was tired, "I'll finish her off and within 72 hours there should be some sort of address to the press where Axel can get rid of the dean. Luxord you're responsible for Axel's escape and Sora you'll be sitting this one out."

Sora wasn't expecting to hear that but the others didn't care, everyone accepting the plan and leaving to continue about their morning business, "What do you mean sitting out? I'm a part of this," Sora protested, following Riku persistently.

"A very small part and your conscience won't care about missing, just like you won't either," Riku said on his way back to the basement, "As I said. You're only called because they miss the life they once had together. That happens so often you shouldn't be bothered by it."

Sora heard an edge in his voice and knew what he was implying, making him hesitate to follow him down the spiral staircase a couple of steps behind him, "I'm sorry I left early last night. I promised Roxas I'd be home before midnight." It was a lie and Sora knew it hadn't worked when Riku stopped and turned back to him, taking out a cigarette he'd tucked behind his ear and saying, "Hayner Harnes. 394 Jonathan Avenue. Don't even try to lie to me." Sora couldn't look at him, cutting his eyes to the floor and feeling 2-inches tall under the look Riku was giving him. Riku put the cigarette in his mouth and took out a lighter, turning and continuing down into the large white open room as he lit the tip of the stick.

Sora hated this area of the building more than any other and he felt horribly uneasy standing on the stairs even, hugging his arms and wondering whether he should go after Riku or not. He wasn't the only one put off by this room but he had the most reason to be. Finally he pulled himself together and made it to the floor, wandering across the lab to where Riku was watching the big monitor on the wall which displayed all sorts of information Sora didn't understand yet. He knew what one of the windows meant though, it showed all the situations of sin major enough that they had to address. How it worked he had no idea, the technology that was or had once been in this room was far beyond what anybody had seen before.

There was an uncomfortably long silence and Sora shifted and waited for him to say something, finally having to say it himself, "I told you I was sorry." Sorry wasn't nearly enough and Sora knew that, "…I really am."

"I think pathetic it a better choice of word," Riku said shortly, tapping the base of the screen and changing pages. He was mad and that was an understatement, "You've got some nerve to keep coming back."

Sora forced himself to smile a little, moving between him and the screen, "You can't stay mad at me though. Come on, it's just a few flings for money."

"That I had to find about through Demyx," that was what made Riku the angriest. They all suspected what was going on but it wasn't until Demyx caught him in the act this past weekend that Sora finally admitted to what he'd been doing for a month now.

"Aw Riku, don't tell me you haven't had a fling before," Sora said, trying to make him lighten up even though he felt awful and it wasn't working.

Riku smiled a little but the way he did it made Sora feel worse and he took the cigarette from his mouth and tapped off the ashes at the end before saying, "Not since you came into the picture two years ago. But, since you obviously don't care, all that will change tonight." The mission, Sora nearly forgot but when he heard that he was actually upset. Tonight he'd have someone else. He had no right to be jealous though since he'd been doing this to Riku for quite some time. "Go home Envy, you have no place here," Riku said shortly, putting the final nail in the coffin and Sora knew he was seriously not going to let this go.

His chest ached and he didn't know what to do, "Riku…I love you," he tried to reach out for him but Riku crossed his arms to make it clear he wanted nothing to do with him, "Please, I'm sorry."

"Get out."

Roxas had a bad enough day at school, and when he returned home only to see the living room was a mess he felt worse, 'Sora…' he knew who to blame an sighed with obvious annoyance as he practically threw his bag on the table and started to pick up the mess. As he calmed down though he realized that the mess was rather scattered and there was no pattern that would indicated Sora had spent the day lying on the sofa watching bad soap opera reruns, "Sora?" he called down, the hall. When he didn't hear a reply things only seemed stranger since Sora always shouted down some sort of response.

He put the stack of books on the table and started up the hall, looking into each room for his brother. There was a thud from upstairs and Roxas wondered what was going on. It was far too early in the afternoon for Sora to be bringing home any 'good paying customers' as he called them, "Sora? You up there?" There was a long silence and finally the door opened and Sora came out onto the landing, "Yeah…hey Roxas."

Something was wrong. He looked horrible, "What happened to you?" Roxas asked, quickly coming up the stairs. As if he didn't sound miserable enough his unusual black attire was something Roxas hadn't seen before, and that said a lot since he was always stuck doing laundry, "And what are you wearing?" Sora said nothing, instead just staring at the floor below even after Roxas was right next to him. "Sora…what happened?" Roxas was worried. This was not his brother.

"…Things used to be so simple," his voice was shaking and looking closer Roxas could see his eyes were red. He'd been crying.

"Hey, everything is okay, come on," Roxas said, taking Sora and leading him back into his room. It was trashed but unlike the mess downstairs this one seemed violent, as if he'd just released whatever was wrong on the room. He didn't scold him for the mess because Sora was an even bigger mess right now and he sat him down on the bed, "Why don't you change out of that and rest?"

"I ruined it…I ruined everything," he mumbled, hanging his head and staring at the floor again.

It must have been something serious because Sora sounded shaken to his very core and if he was in trouble Roxas wanted to know, "Sora. Tell me what happened."

"…I ruined it," he repeated sadly, "…He loved me and…and I ruined it."

Roxas was annoyed to hear that and he stood up, "Oh please Sora. You believe those creeps you bring home when they say they love you?"

"No, Roxas you don't understand-"

"I understand perfectly! I'm sick of having to worry and take care of a whore!" Roxas shook his head in disgust and glared at him harshly, "I used to have a brother I admired! What happened to my brother Sora?!"

Sora deserved those words and he knew it but he couldn't tell Roxas the truth. Where he really went every night, who he was with, how he met the people he brought home, why he needed the money, or why he was crying, "Roxas there's so much more though!"

"Prove me wrong!" Roxas shouted as he turned and stormed out of the room, slamming the door shut behind himself but as soon as he turned to go down the hallway someone grabbed him and jerked him back to the wall, one hand covering his mouth and the other holding him off the ground and pinned to the wall.

"You keep showing up on my list, and you've finally hit priority status," the fierce eyed redhead said, looking mildly annoyed. Roxas was horrified but he was relieved when the door opened and Sora came out, "Axel! Let him go!"

"He's a Wrath priority Sora, this isn't any of your business," Axel said casually, "Just doing my job." Roxas could feel a burning pain in his chest and he screamed into Axel's hand as he struggled to get away, "Sorry kid."

"Axel please! It's my fault!" Sora pleaded, still in tears and only feeling worse by the second. All of the wrath in Roxas' soul was literally being wrapped around his heart under Axel's hand. It was a technique used in priority situations like this, requiring temporary contact with the target from whichever sin they were prioritized for.

Axel felt bad about it, really he did, but he'd done this so many times he didn't know why. Sympathy was very rare from him, if not nonexistent and this wasn't caused by Sora's pleas, it was because of the tears and fear in Roxas' eyes…pretty blue eyes. He couldn't bring himself to do it and he felt himself losing his constriction around the fragile heart. He let go of Roxas and he immediately slid down the wall, petrified and trying to catch his breath while his hands clung tight to his racing heart.

Axel knelt down in front of him and took hold of Roxas' chin to lift his eyes up to his own, "Hey, I don't want to have to do that to you again so work on those anger issues alright?" Roxas couldn't move, scared stiff and just staring at him. Axel didn't let go of him though, staring at the tear glossed blues for quite some time with great interest, "You have beautiful eyes…"

"Axel," Sora spoke up quickly yet there was a note of submission in his tone since he owed his brother's life to him, "Leave him alone." Sora knew Axel and he didn't want someone like him anywhere near Roxas. Axel merely laughed a bit and stood up, looking from Roxas to Sora before heading back down the stairs, "Have fun explaining this one Sora."

Roxas literally didn't move an inch until he heard the front door shut, immediately turning to Sora, "What's going on?!" he seldom swore but he'd nearly been killed and wanted answers, "Sora, what the hell are you doing?!"

Sora couldn't answer, he couldn't tell him.

"Sora, answer me!"

He couldn't, the only thing he could do was run from it. And he ran. Back into his room and right out the window. Roxas heard the glass shatter and he quickly got up to his feet, running into the room and over to the window, looking out just in time to see Sora disappear around the block, "Sora!" What was going on? Roxas couldn't take it anymore, stressed to the max and unable to breathe he fell limply backwards and blacked out right there on the messy floor.

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