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A/N: This is just a little snippet I'd thought of, because to me Dean Porter should've been there.

She was tired, sore, and her arm hurt viciously. She was just so tired of these idiot perps coming after her, but what hurt the most was that nobody came to see if she was alright. Not Fin, or Lake, not even Elliot of all people. That was what hurt the most. As Olivia got up from the chair that she was currently sitting in out in the hallway she heard distinct footsteps, running footsteps. She slowly lifted her head and gazed at the black haired man running towards her.

"Olivia are you okay?"

"What…what are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you were alright, what do you think?"

"But…I mean who called you?"

He smiled at her stammering.

"I was at the precinct when Cragen told me, thought I should know I guess."

"Oh, well you don't have to worry…its only a little cut."

He smirked and gently lifted her arm, at which she silently winced.

"It doesn't look like just a little cut to me Olivia."

She smiled," Its fine, really," she assured.

"Well I don't care how 'fine' you think it is I'm taking you to get that stitched up…no arguments."

She let him lead her outside to his car and they silently made their way to the hospital, where they waited and waited until Olivia got her arm stitched…he stayed the whole time.

"Listen Liv if you want you can stay over my place for tonight…I can sleep on the couch."

Another smile, "Actually I think I might take you up on that offer, thanks."

And, once again they made their way to his car and once again they made their way silently to his apartment. No words were needed as he opened the door, or as he gathered linens for himself. But, when all the lights were out and she made her way to his bedroom she couldn't help but say…

"Thank you Dean."

And those were all the words that were needed, for she knew she had someone to count on…a new day, a new start.

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