Sorry for not updating! I'm sick and this chapter probably sucks, but still. And, oh! You guys this is chapter 20! I am so proud.

The two weeks that passed were spent quite busily. The wedding was to be the Saturday coming, and though it was going to be a very small and quaint wedding, Olivia's morning sickness was getting worse by the day, Dean had to work, help with the last minute wedding preparations, and comfort Olivia.

Presently, Dean was coming home with Olivia's now pressed wedding dress. He hadn't peeked at it, though they agreed that tradition just didn't suit them, he felt bad doing so, only wishing to see the dress with Olivia in it.

He opened the front door, his arms full, to smell the delicious aroma of spaghetti and meatballs.

"Liv?" He called as he smiled.

Dean dropped the few boxes he had in his hands on the sofa, hung Olivia's dress up on the coat closet door, and went to the kitchen.

What Dean didn't expect, was to find Elliot Stabler in his kitchen, wearing an apron certainly not suited for him.

Dean laughed at the sight of Elliot tasting the sauce in the small pink apron, causing Elliot to turn at look at him.

"Stabler, what're you doing here man?" Dean asked, still amused at the sight.

Elliot grinned, shrugged and went back to the food.

"Eh, Liv called and asked if I could bring her some groceries. When I got here she was passed out, so I decided to help her out a bit."

Dean sighed, but had a small smile on his face.

"Well, thanks Stabler, you're a real good partner, a real good friend."

"S'no problem, Porter."

Dean nodded at Elliot and left to go check on Olivia. He found her sprawled on the bed. She was shivering and he laid the blanket over her. She sighed in her sleep as he kissed her forehead lightly.

"I love you, Liv." He said softly.

He smoothed down her hair and walked back to the kitchen.

"Go on and go home, Stabler, I'm sure that wife of yours is wondering where you are. I'll take care of this, and make sure she wakes up and eats. Thank you, a lot, for your help. Really, it does mean a lot."

Elliot nodded, shook Dean's hand and turned to leave. He was at the door when he turned back, and asked:

"You ready for Saturday?"

Dean smiled.

"I feel like I've been ready my whole life."

Elliot smiled, nodded, and left.