Title: Broomstick Ride
Pairing: None
Words: 224
Summary: Ron's still so innocent.
Comment: Apparently some toy manufacturer came out with one of these, but didn't realize the appeal it would hold for a certain market group.

When the discrete little ad first appeared in Cosmos ("for the Worldly Witch") he'd thought it was some kind of joke. But here in front of him lay the truth's damning evidence: a perfect, gleaming miniature of the Nova G300X, the most cock-throbbingly beautiful broom on the market. Twelve inches of satiny, polished wood, ending in sleek, shining bristles.

Beside it lay the now-empty box. A photo of Harry, the Falcon's up-and-coming star Seeker and the Nova's spokesman, waved merrily from beneath the words "Harry Potter's Broom" in sparkling purple.

Hermione looked at Harry uncertainly. "It's very..." she floundered, obviously searching for a word that would express her distaste without offending him.

"Wicked," Ron breathed, his eyes gleaming with an excitement normally reserved for the latest piece of Cannon's memorabilia. "Look at it, Harry, it's a perfect replica. Oh man, I wish I could ride one of these. Hey, let me ride yours one day, please?"

A small, mischievous grin was growing on Ginny's face. "Look at this, Ron. You can even make it vibrate, so it feels like you're riding the real thing."

When Ron turned wide, excited eyes towards Harry and proclaimed this "The absolute greatest thing, ever," Harry could only groan. Maybe he could hide out in the muggle world until this all blew over in a few centuries or so.