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Summary: Lord Sasuke Uchiha believes that he has lost something precious to him and struggles to convince himself every day that it didn't exist. What will he do when a blond haired peasant arrives at his doorstep claiming he has something the Uchiha "misplaced." (SasuNaru)

Author's Note: Here it is… the end. I hope it is everything you wanted it to be. Please excuse the fluffy cliché's… I'm a sucker for happy endings. Thank you for reading and reviewing and your support and for keeping me in shape running from burning torches and sharpened pitch forks. I am sad that this story has ended but I have already outlined my next and hope that you all will join me there! Thank you again and good reading…

For the Love of His Son


One month later…

Tsunade came to the castle to stay for the last month of Naruto's pregnancy. She said that it was to make sure that she was there for the delivery, but Sasuke and Naruto agreed that she just wanted an excuse to take time off. Naruto might have said something along those lines which resulted in him getting cuffed alongside the head which resulted in both Sasuke and Kiba taking serious offense and Jiraiya once more having to take up role of 'peacemaker'. In the end, it took Naruto laughing and saying they were all over reacting and to stop being cranky old geezers and overprotective bastards. And then he ran… okay, hobbled off… quickly. Getting hit once was enough… thank you very much.


After examining Naruto for the entire first day that she had arrived, she deemed him in perfect health if not just a little pregnant and explained to Sasuke and Naruto what they could expect from the 'birthing' process.

"Well, obviously, we won't be doing this the old fashion way. I mean, really, where would the Okbaby come out of?" Tsunade asked taking a swig of sake. "You only have one hole and…" She silenced herself at the Uchiha glare and Naruto's pale green complexion. "Right, sorry. Anyway, with 'that' option out, that only leaves removing the baby myself."

"Removing the baby." Sasuke blankly repeated.

"Yes, when the baby is ready to be born, I will create an incision in Naruto's abdomen and remove the baby and then close him back up."

"Sasuke," Naruto said his breathing shallow, "Did she just imply that I would be cut open?"

Sasuke looked down. Naruto was gripping his shirt sleeve, his face had turned to an ashen white and his breathing was slowing working itself into hyperventilation.

"Calm down, Naruto." Sasuke commanded. Tsunade gaped at the dark haired lord. She had never heard him speak to Naruto is such a cruel, cold manner. Naruto closed his eyes, gasping for breath.

"Sasuke!" Tsunade began, but the young man held up his hand in warning, never taking his eyes off of Naruto.

"Dobe, whatever has you worked up is NOT happening now. Tell me and I will make it better." His voice kept the same commanding tone and Sasuke internally sighed in relief when Naruto nodded and gripped his chair, almost physically forcing himself to listen to Sasuke and calm down. When blue eyes opened, revealing scared but no longer panicked eyes, Sasuke wrapped the boy into his arms and pressed a kiss against soft, blond spikes.

"Tell me." Sasuke said still holding the boy against him.

"Of all the things that Kabuto did to me, that was the worst." Naruto whispered letting the feel of Sasuke's arms and his warmth calm him.

"What?" Tsunade asked, "Oh my god… you mean that they…"

"I think that is what he means, Hokage-sama." Sasuke interrupted. He turned his attention back to Naruto, gently tilting the blond head until blue eyes locked with his own. "This situation will be entirely different. Tsunade is not doing it to experiment or hurt you in anyway. In fact, she will be giving us a brilliant gift… don't you think?"

Naruto nodded. "I know and I know that it is the best… well, only way, but it hurts so much!"

Tsunade's eyes grew to the size of saucers, "First baka, if I ever run into Kabuto again I will personally pull his entrails out through his goddamn nose." Sasuke's inner three year old could be seen cutting and coloring furiously before jumping up swinging his newly created 'You Go Girl!' flag. "And secondly," Tsunade's eyes softened to melted chocolate while she looked kindly at her petrified 'grandson', "You won't feel a thing Naruto. I will numb you totally and all you will have to do is wait for me to place your little boy in your arms." She smiled.

"And finally, dobe." Sasuke said pulling the boy into his lap, "I'll be there and I won't let anything or anyone hurt you."

Naruto swallowed and then sent a bright, strained smile to both Sasuke and Tsunade. "With the two of you by my side I shouldn't have been worried in the first place, right?"

"Dobe," Sasuke leaned down until his lips were but a breath away from Naruto's ear, "Don't ever hide what scares you… I can't fight it if I don't know what it is."

Naruto nodded and offered his first real smile since the discussion began.


Sasuke sat in his seat at the head of the table and watched his dobe. The boy was having more and more trouble walking around and not just because of his increasing size. Something was off. Naruto seemed to be hurting but whenever Sasuke asked, the boy assured him nothing was wrong. The blond flinched when someone touched him, although he worked extremely hard not to show that to Sasuke. Sitting and standing made the dobe's breaths escape in gently pants. When people showed concern, he shrugged it off as normal eighth month male pregnancy symptoms.

Sasuke wasn't stupid and if the concerned looks that he was receiving from Naruto's friends were any indication, either were they. This had to stop. Naruto would tell him the truth if he had to drag it out of the dobe.


That night Sasuke lay with his arms around a sleeping Naruto when the boy started to whimper. As Sasuke watched on the whimpers turned to moans of pain and sweat broke out across the sleeping boy's forehead.

Sasuke sat up and pulled the blond against his chest. The move caused a cry of pain to tear from Naruto's throat and his blue eyes opened wide.

"Dobe! What the hell is going on?" Sasuke asked annoyance and maybe a tad bit of fear colored his voice.

"S'uke," Naruto whimpered, "It hurts… it hurts…"

"Naruto, what hurts?" Fear was the only emotion present this time.

Naruto took deep breaths trying to control the pain, "My chakra is wearing thin." At the fear that crossed Sasuke's pale face, Naruto hurried to explain, "The baby is fine, but the shield that protects me from Kyuubi's chakra is breaking down."

Sasuke's eyes widen, "How long has this been happening?"

"About a month…"

"What? Fuck, dobe! This is something you should have told me," Grabbing Naruto's shoulders he pulled the blond up until their noses were almost touching, "What were you thinking?!"

"Please, Sasuke," Naruto panted, "P-please, that h-hurts! It's like fire under my skin! Please!"

Sasuke immediately released his hold on Naruto's shoulders and gently pulled him back against his chest. "I'm going to go find Tsunade and we are taking the baby tonight."

"No! Teme, no! It isn't time. I am fine." Naruto's breath still came in harsh rasps that betrayed the lie of his words.

"No, Naruto. You are in pain. I will not let you live like this for another month."

"What about your son, bastard?" Naruto wrenched himself from Sasuke's hold and sat on his hands and knees at the end of the bed, his hands fisted from the exertion of keeping the anguished cries from escaping, "He isn't ready! I won't let you do this." Naruto's eyes flashed red causing the boy to shake from the pain.

"I will not watch you slowly burn from the inside, Naruto. Not for anyone." Sasuke said blankly staring at the stubborn idiot he married and loved.

A sob broke from the shaking blond, "I know that it seems bad but I can handle it. I really can."

"But I can't." Was Sasuke's dark reply.

Naruto crawled back up to his husband, "Sasuke, there has to be a way." He touched Sasuke's rigid jaw, "There's always a way. Remember? Impossible is a daily occurrence, right?" Naruto took in several shaky breaths, "I just need your help. I can't think…" Another pained flinch from the blond caused Sasuke's body to tense almost to the point of snapping, "I can't think like this but you can. Please, Sasuke. Help me." Naruto pushed himself against the pale, hard chest and reached around to take Sasuke's hands and wrap them around his expanded waist. "Please."

Sasuke closed his eyes. He didn't want anything to happen to the baby, but he wouldn't allow Naruto to live like this for even one more hour, let alone an entire month. He opened his eyes to see watery, pleading and most of all trusting blue eyes looking back at him.

"Please, Sasuke."

The young lord sighed, "Most of your chakra is sustaining the baby but what is left over is protecting your chakra network from the fox's chakra as it runs through your system." Naruto gave a relieved sigh and nodded. Sasuke tighten his arms slightly around his husband before continuing, "And now your chakra is deteriorating, presumably from prolonged usage and instead of taking chakra from the baby, it is taking it from the fail safe that protects you."

"Yes." Naruto closed his eyes willing the pain to recede so that he could think and help Sasuke.

"So, what you need is more chakra." Sasuke concluded.

"I g-guess," Naruto said still not opening his eyes, "but it's not like I have extra l-lying around."

"So take mine."

Blue eyes snapped open. Sasuke stared down at him, his black eyes impossible to read.

"I don't understand." Naruto began but was immediately cut off.

"You do it all the time, dobe. There is no reason I can't do the same." Sasuke said. "I will 'force' my chakra into your chakra system and hopefully it will act as your shield until the baby is born."

Naruto's face twisted into a pained, but relieved smile. "Yes, yes, that will work!"

"Naruto." The blond looked up at the seriousness of the tone, "If it doesn't work and I will know so don't fucking lie to me, we go to Tsunade. Do you understand?"


"DO you understand?!"

"Yes. I understand." Naruto conceded.

Sasuke leaned forward, pushing sweat drenched bangs off the tan forehead before gentle kissing Naruto's fluttering eyelids. "Okay, here we go."

Sasuke gathered chakra into his hands and placed one on Naruto's panting chest and the other against his back. He closed his eyes and… pushed. His inner three year old chanted, 'Because I can! Because I can! Because I CAN!'

Naruto's body jerked violently and he whimpered against Sasuke's chest. Sasuke continued to push his chakra into the boy and suddenly Naruto's body fell limp into his arms. He looked down and swore his heart had stopped. Naruto looked back at him. The smile on his face was filled with wonder, appreciation and most importantly, relief.

"It worked." Sasuke stated.

Naruto sighed and shut his eyes, the smile became blinding, "Yeah, teme, it worked."

Sasuke pulled the dobe harshly against him and pressed his lips against the tan neck. "Naruto."

"Yeah, teme." Naruto breathed, exhaustion clouding his voice and weighing his eyelids.

"I love you and I love this baby but this is the end. No more children. I don't need them… I don't want them. I will not lose you." Sasuke's hold became painful, "Promise me!"

Naruto's breath caught in his throat. He closed his eyes and was shocked when a vision of Sasuke sitting outside in the garden entered his mind. The dark haired man sat on a red blanket with the makings of a picnic spread before him. Suddenly laughter could be heard and Sasuke turned his head in time to see four dark haired children run at him before tackling him to the ground. Naruto watched in awe as Sasuke's rich laughter blended with the childish ringing of his children.

"I can't, Sasuke. I can't promise. Don't make me." Naruto shook his head, eyes pleading.

"I will not lose you, dobe!" Sasuke growled.

"No, you won't." Naruto held the lord's face in his hands, "I didn't 'plan' this child, Sasuke. I can't guarantee something I have little control over."

"Then I won't touch you again." Sasuke said. Sasuke's inner three year old was torn between sticking his tongue out at his stupid dobe and taunting 'What do you think about them apples?' or staring wide eyed at stoic Sasuke before hitting him upside the head screaming 'Are you INSANE!'

"That would make me very upset, teme." Naruto said before attaching his lips to Sasuke's pulse point and sucking while running a hand over Sasuke's chest and then letting it wander lower.

"Fuck, Naruto. We will have two beautiful sons. Sons neither of us had any right to think we would ever have."

Naruto nodded, "You're right."

Sasuke sighed before kissing the blond head. "Promise me."

Naruto nodded but said, "I can't. But I do promise that I won't try… and if I really want to, I will talk to you first."

Sasuke knew he wouldn't change the blond's mind. Not tonight at least. "I will accept that for now."

"Thank you, teme. I love you, but I am so tired. Can we sleep now? I might actually sleep tonight…"

"Dobe," Sasuke said and watched as Naruto forced his eyes back open, "You will tell me if you feel even the slightest twinge of pain again. This is not an option… promise me."

Naruto smiled and nodded, "Yes, teme, I promise." And then he fell asleep.


Sasuke's chakra lasted for a day before Naruto came to him and told him that it was wearing off. As a result and after a forced conversation with Tsunade and Hinata, every night Sasuke put Naruto to bed and before kissing him goodnight offered him the chakra that would keep his dobe safe until his son was born.


Within a week Sasuke's threat to carry Naruto everywhere became a reality. The poor dobe was tired all the time but insisted on spending one meal at the table with his 'family'.

"Dobe," Sasuke said as he carried his precious burden into the dining hall, "Tomorrow I am looking into that wheelbarrow."

Tears sprung to Naruto's eyes, "I understand."

"Hn." Sasuke stopped and aggressively captured the boy's trembling lips before forcing his tongue into the mouth and pillaging to his heart's content. When air became an issue Sasuke broke free looking down at the ravished boy, "I'm beginning to think you lied to me about the mood swings, dobe."

"Well, my 'darling' husband, I'm tired and cranky and look like a short, blond hippopotamus! Forgive me if I'm just a little sensitive you broody, goddamn Adonis looking, pale ass bastard!!!" By the end, Naruto's rant had become on all out yell.

Naruto turned his head to see every pair of eyes in the dining hall on him.

"Eh…" He reached his hand up to rub the back of his neck, hitting Sasuke to put him down. Finding his feet, he smiled shyly, "So, what's for dinner?"

"Hn. Dobe."


Two weeks before Naruto's due date, Sasuke came upstairs to take a nap with his resting dobe. He crawled gently into the bed and pulled the boy against his chest, kissing blond locks and rubbing comforting circles against the growing bump that was his second son.

Just as he began to nod off, Naruto's body tensed in his arms. The boy shifted until his face was pressed into Sasuke's chest and seemed to relax back into sleep. Not two minutes later however, blue eyes shot open and a pained moan escaped as Naruto curled into a tight ball in Sasuke's arms.

"Dobe?" Sasuke asked running pale fingers through golden silk.

"Teme…" Naruto ground out into the comforter he had his face pressed against, "You need to get Granny Tsunade."

"Is something wrong? Tell me." Sasuke demanded while trying to ignore his increasingly persistent inner three year old that was screaming and running in circles.

"The baby wants to come out now." Naruto panted. "Right now!" Naruto breathed deeply, seemingly trying to get himself under control, "Sasuke, please go get Tsunade."

'Oh shit… oh shit… oh shit…' Sasuke thought but swallowed back the panic and kissed his husband, "Of course. I'll be right back."

"Yeah, you do that." Naruto muttered, attempting a reassuring smile while fisting the sheets and gritting his teeth.

When Naruto heard the door close he shoved his face into a pillow, groaning painfully as the tears fell from his eyes.


"She's what." Sasuke said blankly. His inner three year old picked up speed and volume until Sasuke mentally erected a wall in the little bastard's path causing the chibi to knock himself out when he ran full force into it. His last thought was 'Ooo… pretty stars…'

Shikamaru looked up from the table he was sitting at with one of his sons, "Hokage-sama and Jiraiya left early this morning to see the hunting lodge we found Orochimaru at. I heard something about 'closure'." The lazy knight shrugged, "Troublesome if you ask me."

Sasuke closed his eyes counting to ten… quickly. "KAKASHI!"

Shikamaru jumped and stared wide eyed at his lord. The requested knight actually ran into the hall.

"You bellowed, my lord?"

"I need Tsunade NOW. I don't care how it happens. Send a summons, a bird and fucking platypus but in the end she gets here now."

"Boss," Kiba asked having followed Kakashi inside at the uncharacteristic summons from his lord, "Is it Naruto?"

"Yes! God yes. The baby is coming right now." Shaking his head, Sasuke tried to hold onto what was left of his Uchiha composure, "Kiba, please find Hinata for me. I'll be upstairs in our room." Turning to the side he saw Kakashi, "Why the fuck are you still standing there? MOVE!"

And, just like that, all composure was gone.


Hinata met Sasuke outside his bedroom as she closed the door behind her.

"How did you get here so fast?" Sasuke asked. Why the hell was Kakashi his 'right hand man' when Kiba was a bloody miracle worker??

"Actually I just happened to visit him. Did you get Tsunade?" Hinata explained.

"She isn't in the castle. I don't know when she'll get back. Is there something we can do?"

If possible, Hinata's faced paled, "N-not in the castle?"

"No," Sasuke said and then mumbled, "But she will be soon or someone is going to die." Sasuke looked at the pale eyed girl, "What can we do for him until then? Do you have some idea how long we can wait?"

"Not long. Sasuke, there's nothing I can give him. He shouldn't have anything to eat or drink before the operation and I don't know if the pain medicine I have would affect that. It's not a chance I would suggest taking."

Sasuke nodded, "Of course not. If it came down to it, could you do it?"

Hinata nodded slowly, "Yes… but I really, really hope she gets here."

"Me too." Sasuke nodded and entered his bedroom.


Sasuke all but ran to the bed. Naruto had his face pressed into a pillow while he rocked back and forth on his knees. Sasuke tenderly pulled the blond between his legs so that he leaned back against his chest.

"Dobe." He gently rubbed circles against the boy's abdomen, feeling his son squirm in his need to be born.

"Okay, I promise." Naruto whined turning his head so he could hear his husband's heartbeat. "I promise, no more babies." Naruto gripped the comforter and pressed his face against the dark fabric of Sasuke's chest, grinding his teeth against the pain.

"Shh… promises made under duress don't count, dobe."

Naruto tried to smile but it appeared as more of a pained grimace, "Is she coming?"

Sasuke closed his eyes, pulling the blond closer to him, "She isn't here, Naruto."

"WHAT!" Naruto screamed, pain fueling the octave he reached in his outburst. "How can she not be here? Isn't the whole reason that she is here…" Closing pained blue eyes, Naruto bit his lip until it bled.

"Dobe, don't do that." Sasuke whispered gentle dabbing the wound with the edge of his shirt.

Tears ran down whiskered cheeks, "Isn't the whole reason she is here to help me with this? I can't do this alone!"

"Naruto, you are not alone and she is on her way. I sent Kakashi and I'm sure your personal bodyguard, Kiba, is helping as well."

The blond took a deep breath and nodded, "Thank you, teme. I know you are here. You are here and I will be o-okay." Naruto burrowed into Sasuke's chest like he could tap into his husband's strength.

"Yes, you will, I promise." Sasuke sat back against the headboard, holding his quivering husband and waited.


Jiraiya and Tsunade were about two hours away from the castle when they heard barking coming from behind them. Turing around they saw every dog Kakashi could summon as well as Kiba on the back of a running Akumaru bearing down on them.

"What is going on?" Tsunade asked as they were surrounded.

"What the hell did you think you were doing leaving the castle?!" Kiba yelled jumping off the back of his friend and stalking toward the Hokage. "Naruto needs you NOW. Not in the hour and a half it's going to take us to get home… NOW!"

Neither Tsunade nor Jiraiya could have imagined or were prepared for the shaggy haired boy to grab the Hokage and throw her over his shoulder before jumping back on the dog's back.

"I trust you can find your own way home, old man." Kiba's absently said before Akamura leapt into the trees and toward the castle.

"Oh boy…" Jiraiya said. "Things just got interesting."

The white head hermit turned and started running for home.



"Just a little while longer. You are doing great." Sasuke whispered into sweaty blond locks.

"No… I don't think I can." Naruto panted. "It hurts. It hurts. Please, Sasuke."

"Shhh… I know. Hinata will be back soon and if Tsunade isn't here, she will do it. Soon, we will be holding our precious baby, Naruto. The miracle that you gave me."

Naruto nodded, but Sasuke knew that his heart wasn't in it. Pain clouded his senses making it impossible for the dobe to see beyond it.

"Just a little longer."

Sasuke's head snapped to the door as the wooden slab exploded off its hinges. Kiba walked in with what looked to be a green sack over his shoulder. Upon closer inspection and listening to the raging threats issuing forth, Sasuke recognized the 'sack' to actually be the Fifth Hokage. An enraged Fifth Hokage.

"What the fucking hell do you think you are doing?! Why I ought to…"

"Granny…" Naruto whimpered barely above a whisper but everyone in the room heard it.

"Oh my god, Naruto." Tsunade turned to Kiba, "Communication, you little bastard! Why didn't you tell me he was having the baby?"

Kiba stared at the woman wide eyed, "Why the hell else would I chase you down, you old hag!"

Naruto tensed in his arms, gripping the front of his shirt and Sasuke had had enough. "Kiba, that's enough. Thank you for finding Tsunade. Now get out!"

Kiba looked toward the bed and saw the deep glare on the Uchiha's face and the weak smile from Naruto before he turned on his heel, grabbing the door and propping it up as he left.

Tsunade approached the bed, "Brat, I'm so sorry I wasn't here, but I am now. Are you ready?"

A feeble sob was her only answer.

She gently rubbed his stomach, "Of course you are, baby. Let's start."


Sasuke sat at Naruto's head, holding his hand and whispering words of love and encouragement. Suddenly, his black eyes darted up when he heard the weak cries of a baby. Tsunade handed the baby to Hinata who wrapped the boy quickly before bringing him to his parents.

"He needs you." She whispered.

Sasuke gathered the boy into his arms and moved so that Naruto could see and touch the baby without moving his body.

"I don't know what I am supposed to do?" Naruto whispered, blue eyes tearing up.

"Dobe," Sasuke smiled watching Naruto's trembling hand move to take the tiny pale hand of his newborn son, "Just do exactly what you did with Ryuu. I'll help."

Sasuke wrapped his own hand around Naruto's and his son's and forced chakra into his palm. The purple glow melted into Naruto's tan hand and combined with the blond's light blue before disappearing into the now wide eyed chibi. The baby took several deep breaths and closed his tired eyes.

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered, "You were right. He is so beautiful." He bent down tenderly kissing his tired dobe's forehead, "Thank you for my son. Thank you for my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your love."

Naruto nodded, smiling, "… love you…" before drifting to sleep.

Tsunade and Hinata pretended not to notice when the dark haired lord ran his pale hand across his eyes.


Sasuke leaned back against the headboard of his bed. A thirteen month old Ryuu sat beside him staring down in childlike amazement at his new little brother. Naruto lay pressed against his husband's chest having just awoken to the beautiful image of his two boys before him.

"Teme?" Sasuke looked down to see blue eyes staring up at him, "So, what do you think we should name him?"


"Well that seems kind of simple, but if you really like it…"

"Dobe, I was thinking." Sasuke scolded, squeezing the blond to him a little tighter.

"In the future, you might try, 'Dobe, I'm thinking.'" Naruto said while reaching forward to tickle Ryuu's bare toes.

"Kisho." Sasuke finally said, "It means 'one who knows his own' and this little chibi has already proven his stubbornness, wouldn't you say?"

Naruto chuckled and then grimaced at the dull pain it caused. "Ryuu, meet your baby brother, Kisho."

Ryuu turned midnight eyes toward his mama before looking back at the little baby.

"Ba-beee." Ryuu said while gentle bouncing on the mattress.

"Yes, little dragon, he's a baby." Naruto smiled. Kisho cooed and Naruto felt his breath catch as his newborn son looked straight out him with midnight eyes so like his father's. Was he ever going to be able to breathe normal again?

"Teme, they both look exactly like you! You would never guess I was involved at all." Naruto whined.

Sasuke carded his fingers through Naruto's hair before placing a tender kiss on his husband's head.

"Dobe," Sasuke began but was interrupted by his eldest son.

"Goo, ba-beee! Goo, ba-beee!" The boy laughed, clapping his chibi hands. Sasuke looked up and gasped when Kisho looked back at his father with piercing blue eyes. Sasuke blinked and the baby's eyes were once again black as night.

Sasuke tighten his hold on his dobe who was almost asleep again in his arms, "They may look like me on the outside, dobe, but they are both one hundred percent you on the inside."

"Hmmm… S'uke?"

"Yes, Naruto?"

"We made it, right? This is the end?"

"No, dobe." Looking at his son's who were asleep holding hands, Sasuke whispered, "This is only the beginning."

"I love you." Naruto mumbled nuzzling into the warm chest.

"I love you too. Close your eyes, dobe."

Smiling contently, Naruto did as he was told.


The End


Author's Note: sniff… sniff…