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Draco Malfoy had been wandering up and down Diagon Alley for over an hour. The nerve that his mother would leave him bored for an entire hour! It was about time that someone entertained him before he got angry. He leaned sulkily against a brick wall and glared down the street, when something down the road caught his attention. He grinned an evil little Draco grin. Here comes entertainment, walking in his direction.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Three best friends innocently browsing the many shops on Diagon Alley. That was, until they caught sight of Malfoy stalking toward them.

Ron groaned audibly. "I suppose it's just our luck that he had to choose the same day out of three months to be here that we did."

Hermione ignored Ron's complaint and stepped past him, quick with a plan. "Let's just hide, before he catches up to us." She walked to the closest door on her right, causing Ron and Harry to gape at her in disbelief.

"Hermione," Harry said, shaking his head. "I don't care what Malfoy has to say to us, there's no way that we're going into a Women's clothing store."

"Especially those kinds of Women's clothes." Ron added in a horrified whisper.

Hermione raised her eyebrows in question. Harry nodded toward the door that she was holding open, and she turned and peeked inside. One look at the first pair of lacy bra and panties and she slammed it shut and turned around, blushing furiously. "Oh, I hadn't…sorry," she stammered, avoiding eye contact with either of them.

Walking quickly to the next door down the road she stepped inside, this time carefully checking the sign above the door first. Thankfully it was just a Hair Stylist; for witches and wizards who didn't have the nerve to point a wand at their head and use a cutting spell. Or maybe for those with enough nerve to trust someone else.

Safely inside, the three of them sat on a bench by the entrance and crossed their fingers, hoping that Malfoy would take a hint and leave them alone. As if. Draco walked halfway past the shop but stopped in front the glass door, performing an overdone double-take as if he were surprised at what he saw inside. Ron rolled his eyes and the trio prepared themselves for what they knew was coming next.

Pulling the door open and stepping into the building, Draco stopped in front of the three Gryffindors. Harry was the first to stand, and Ron and Hermione quickly followed.

"Well, well. If it isn't the Mudblood and it's two little friends. Who let you three out in public?" Draco's sneer was as prominent as ever.

Harry clenched his jaw, already angry. "We don't want trouble today, Malfoy. Leave us alone and we'll do the same for you." He hated the fact that he had to look up to talk to Draco. He could only imagine that Malfoy loved it.

Draco raised his eyebrows with a mildly amused expression. "What, do you think I'm afraid of you, Potter?" He scoffed, taking a step closer to Harry.

Ron and Hermione stepped closer too. "Shove off Malfoy." Ron said warningly, tightening and un-tightening his fists.

Malfoy laughed curtly. "Was that a threat, Weasley? You lot had better watch it."

"Or what? You'll run off and tell mummy? We're not afraid of you either." Hermione stated in a loud voice, glaring up at him from between Harry and Ron's shoulders.

"Leave us alone, Malfoy." Harry repeated quietly.

Draco sized up his chances at a real fight. They weren't good. So, he gave one final condescending sneer before shoving the door open and sulking out into street.

Now he was in a very bad mood. He certainly hadn't intended to lose an argument that he had planned himself. Draco shoved his hands into his pockets, hesitating only momentarily before he turned onto a dark road. Who cared what his mother said? He needed a way to make Potter and his friends pay this year. And what better place to think about it than Knockturn Alley?

Draco avoided the malicious stares coming from hags and other deformed creatures along the dim and filthy roadway and walked straight into a familiar shop, Borgin and Burkes. Ingnoring the tall stands around him, stocked with dark objects of varying prices, Draco walked to the front counter. They always kept the rarest - and most dangerous - things there.

He examined the items displayed on the counter. A dangerous looking curved blade caught his attention immediately. About a foot long, the handle was decorated with inlaid jewels and carved designs. The tag read, "DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS -21,900 Galleons" Draco smiled as he pictured a certain trio having the misfortune to pick up that knife.

He started to look at the next item, a long claw on a metal chain, when the store clerk entered from the back room. "And how can I interest the young Master Malfoy today?" The man leaned forward over the counter.

Draco glared at him. The presence of another human had reminded him just how angry he was. "You can start by not calling me that," Draco snarled. "My father isn't here."

"Of course not...Mr. Malfoy." The man drew out the last words, eyeing Draco carefully to make sure that he had said the right thing. Draco purposely looked around for another reason to complain. Before he could find anything though, a scuffling noise from behind distracted him.

He turned around and saw a little cage, with a creature inside that was unbelievably hideous for it's size. No bigger than the back of Draco's hand, in had four legs and a small tail, but looked more like some mutated kind of beetle than anything else. It's hard, black shell was cracked in many places, revealing an orange/red color beneath. It didn't seem to have a face, no eyes or ears. Just two long fangs that seemed to be constantly dripping a dark yellow, almost grey, venom.

Draco was absolutely fascinated.

"What is it?" He asked quietly, not noticing the way that the shop owner beside him slowly grinned.

"Ah yes, that is our first live artifact for sale. Very few of these creatures still exist. Most people think that they are only myth now. But here we have one, ready for-"

"What does it do?" Draco asked sharply. He had no desire to hear the entire sales pitch.

The man pursed his lips, annoyed, and looked down at the cage. "In short, it's venom will completely alter your personality, making you think things and do things that you normally never would have done before, usually damaging things. To the point that everyone that you know will reject you. There are a few other details, side effe-" Once again he was cut short by Draco.

"I want it," he said shortly. "How much does it cost?" He looked demandingly at the shop keeper.

"Well, Mr. Malfoy. I-"

"I want it," Draco almost snarled. He was not going to lose again.

The man's shoulders sank as he gave in. "The price is 2,000 Galleons."

"Two-thousand?" Draco repeated incredulously. "You think I have that kind of money with me?"

The man shrugged. "That is the price. And it's less than it used to be." He started to pull a cover over the cage.

Draco pulled a small, black bag out of his pocket and dropped it on the counter. "Here, I've only got
250 with me now. I'll make sure that you get the rest later."

Borgin visibly scoffed. "That's not good enough. I need the money now."

Draco put on his coldest stare.

"Mr. Borgin. Do you really want me to tell my father that you wouldn't accept the word of a Malfoy? I know for a fact that he has been reconsidering funding you for that new collection from Africa."

Borgin looked miserable. It was officially official. He hated Malfoys.

"The creature eats only meat," he said reluctantly. "And any kind of meat, living or dead. The venom is injected with the first bite. Also, once you touch it, it will remember you as the first person that ever did and become completely devoted to you. Keep it in it's cage or it will follow you everywhere." He grabbed Draco's bag of coins and angrily shoved it into a drawer behind the counter.

Draco laughed to himself with twisted jubilee. Now Potter would finally get what he deserved. Malfoy picked up the cage and hid it under his coat before walking out into the street.

"We'll see how smart you are when nobody likes you, Potter. See just how you manage on your own…"

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