In Las Noches:

Ulquiorra bowed respectfully before their great leader.

" You summoned me, Aizen-sama? "

" Yes, I want you to go to the real world and capture shinigami representative Kurosaki Ichigo. Use whatever means necessary but bring him back to me alive. Understand? "

" Hai Aizen-sama "

" Do not fail me, Ulquiorra "

Ulquirrora stood up and gave a deep bow. Then, he opened a portal to the real world. But deep down, he was confused. Why did Aizen-sama want with a piece of useless trash like him? Sure, the boy had attained some sort of new power, but at the moment it couldn't even lay a scratch on him, Espada number 4, so why?

Pushing his thoughts aside, the Arrancar stepped out of the portal into the real world. Then, he began searching for the boy's monster of a reiatsu.


In the real world:

Ichigo, Renji, Rukia and the others were busy fighting the Arrancars. Ichigo taking on the teal haired Espada, Grimmjow Jaggerjacks of course.

Ichigo was losing. He was bloodied all over. A deep gash ran all the way from his left shoulder to his right hip. His shinigami uniform was shredded to pieces, a token from Grimmjow's Cero, which he had fired a few minutes ago. Ichigo's vision was blurring and his strength was fading, probably as a result of the overwhelming loss of blood. But nevertheless, he bit back his pain, determined to continue the fight. Meanwhile, his opponent was barely scratched, aside from a small cut on his forehead where blood was trickling down his face.

" Dammit !! I will not lose !! " Ichigo cursed.

" Ha !!! Give it up shinigami! Your pathetic little bankai wasn't able to do shit to me ! It's over !! " With that, Grimmjow raised his sword, preparing to deal the final blow.

Suddenly, Ulquiorra appeared and blocked Griimmjow's sword.

" Ulquirrora ! What are you doing here you bastard !! " Ichigo shouted.

" Kurosaki Ichigo. You are to come with me to Las Noches now. Aizen-sama wishes of your presence. " Ulquirrora atated emotionlessly.

" Bastard !!! There's no way in hell I'm gonna follow you to your shithole to meet that traitorous son of a bitch !! So you can take you and your fucking ass home, and tell that sorry dipshit that I ain't going nowhere !!! " Ichigo spat vehemently.

Ulquiorra gritted his teeth in anger. How dare that worthless trash insult their noble Aizen-sama?!

He disappeared, then reappeared behind Ichigo.

" Unfortunately, I can't take no for an answer, "

With that, he dealt the orange haired shinigami a swift blow on his head. Ichigo doubled over in pain, then finally blacked out.

" Mission accomplished. Grimmjow, we're going back. You carry him, " Ulquiorra ordered.

" Stupid Aizen bastard !! Can't I even enjoy my fight without him or Tousen bitch or Gin creep always ruining it for me ?! " Grimmjow thought maliciously.

However, as Ulquioora was higher in ranks, and much much stronger than him, he dared not disobey. He did as he was told and carried the shinigami on his back. After that he followed Ulquiorra through the portal back to Hueco Mundo.

Renji and Rukia noticed as all the Arrancars retreated.

" Ichigo !!! " They both yelled.

" Kuso!! What the hell do they want to do with Ichigo!!! " Rengi screamed in frustruation and kicked the wall.

" Ichigo! What are we gonna do ? " Rukia said.

" We must report this matter back to Soul Society at once. Then we will take further actions. " Hitsugaya taichou said.

" Hai taichou " Renji, Rukia, Ikkaku, Yumichika all said in unison and immediately headed for Soul Society.

" Kurosaki-kun…. Please be safe…" Orhime prayed as tears streamed freely down her cheeks. It broke her heart to see the man she had loved all her life taken away, and whisked off to one of the most dangerous places of all.

" Inoue-san, we must not give up too….Let's go discuss with Urahara-san on what to do….Don't worry….Kurosaki is a strong fighter….He will live……" Ishida reassured Orhime.

" Yes don't worry too much " Chad added.

With that, orihime, Ishida and Chad went off to Urahara 's shop.


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