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Naruto sighed as he leaned against the wall of his apartment looking at the picture of Team 7 when it first started and said, "I'm tired of this shit. 22 years now, 22 years of trying to prove these people who I am and they do this."


Naruto sighed as he looked at the necklace Tsunade gave him. She had passed away 2 days ago and had trained Naruto to be Rokudaime Hokage. He was sworn in this morning and everyone cheered and thats when it happened.

He stood in front of the village to make his speech when the council walks up and Anos, a civilian who was head of the council "Sorry to interrupt you Hokage but we had a vote yesterday and we have come to a decision. Sasuke Uchiha is now the next Hokage and will replace you in an hour. Thank you." and they smiled turning and walked away while the entire village except for those of the rookie nine and Gai's team that had befriended him started to laugh at him.

Flash back end

Yes, Sasuke was brought back with the downfall of Akatsuki and then after all the truth was revealed about who the real leader was it was a costly battle for the leaf, though during the massive battle Itachi body was completely destroyed and Sasuke was given a warning not to do it again and had to work at the academy for 1 day was all his punishment he had.

Sakura who at the time was his fiancé broke up with Naruto and had married Sasuke being the good little bitch she is only for him to get rid of her after finding out she could not have kids do to the battle with Akatsuki. Ino and Choji had got married but divorced seeing as they never could get passed petty differences on looks. Neji and Tenten dated but nothing happened as the Hyuga council forbid them from seeing each other romantically. Shikamaru and Temari dated until Shikamaru died though Temari said they were calling it off. Long distance and his lazy attitude hurt their relationship; Hinata had surprisingly married Shino and was the only one who had a decent life though she did receive that damn seal.

Naruto sighed and said "I'm tired of this shit and most of all I'm tired of being lonely. I wish I could do it over again. I wish you were here."

Little did he know a certain fox was about to make that come true?

Naruto closed his eyes and suddenly open them as a strong burning pain covered his body and he screamed out from the pain only to pass out a little later.

Naruto groaned as he slowly open his eyes and felt something heavy on his chest.

He looked down and saw a pair of red eyes looking up at him and a face he could say belonged to an angel. She had long black hair that went to her back and her lips were ruby red. Her looks were almost as good at Kurenai before she had a baby. She looked at him and smiled which he returned but wondered who she was and why was she here.

She looked at him and said "Hello, kit."

Naruto blinked and said, "Do, I know you."

The woman smiled and said "Oh, I only been sealed in you for 22 years. It's me Kyuubi or rather my human form. I got a proposition for you."

Naruto rubbed his eyes and shook his head and said, "I thought you just said you were Kyuubi."

Kyuubi sweatdropped and said "I did."

Naruto nods and said "Thats it, I'm dead. Come and get me Shinigami."

Kyuubi slapped him upside the head making him look at her and she said, "Listen, how would you like the chance to see Tsunade and Jiraiya alive again as well as to change history and do things your way."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "I'm listening."

Kyuubi said, "My deal is simple. I hate this village but I dont want to see it destroyed any more but instead I want to see it kiss your feet. I also have come to respect you over the years so I am willing to use my power to do something that will get me in trouble unless you agree to my terms and then we can do it and you can see them again."

Naruto said, "What exactly are your terms."

Kyuubi said, "I want you to be my mate and the new Kyuubi and king of Demons. In return I will send you back in time to the day I was sealed in you with all your knowledge but I will also help you get your revenge however you want. So say you wanted to create a new hidden village that will become the strongest in the world I can help you do it and guess what the best part of it would be. You can pick anyone you want to be members of this village, even if they are dead, say like your mother and father. So say you want Jaraiya and Tsunade, bingo, we ask them and if they agree then boom their back alive at the same day I bring you back to though there is a little more to it that I will explain in detail. Think about it. You can bring you mom and dad back to life as well as anyone else you want from any timeline. Normally this would get me in trouble but when an immortal has a wedding they are given a certain allowance to fuck the rules so are you interested."

Naruto asked "Not that I agree yet but what do I have to do then. Will I be in my baby body or will I be in this body or what."

Kyuubi said "Oh, you will be in your baby body but I will change it the moment I am sealed in you so that way you will be a demon then and I will be just as I am now except once I make you a demon we mark each other as mates and I can leave the seal as you wish and I will act as acting Kage of whatever village you want to create or your own personal secretary to help you torture anyone you want to get revenge on, Its all up to you, and I can even give you a bloodline if you want it."

Naruto thought a moment and said, "What about if say I wanted to do something different including the new hidden village. Say for example Konoha out from under their feet. What would you say? Or perhaps find HER"

Kyuubi said, "Whatever makes you happy." as she liked that evil glint Naruto had in his eyes

Naruto rubbed his hands and said "perfect " as he started to do an evil laughed that would make Orochimaru proud or run for his life.

Some time later

A little infant was sleeping in a crib in the Hokage tower when a woman with green hair and red eyes walked into his office and said "hello Hokagesama."

The third looked up and said, "Yes, how can I help you miss."

The woman was dressed to look like a professional business woman said "I have come on behalf of my boss, a Mr. Nun Kaze and he has asked me to offer a deal to help Konoha to recover some more after the incident that happened 6 months ago with the Kyuubi attack."

The third said, "Really, tell me more." as he looked to make sure the baby was asleep.

The woman looked and said "My employer has agreed to buy 4 square blocks worth of building and land in the ruined section of Konoha and have them repaired and made even better then before but he want to make it where that all businesses and buildings in those areas can not be touched by the council."

The third narrowed his eyes and said, "Why is that."

The woman said "Because my boss has helped several villages out in times of need like Konoha is now but he does not like councils because every time they get involved either someone gets greedy and try and tax the people that live there or hinder work in that area because they want to take credit for what he does and winds up destroying what he has taken time to help make better. One such time was in a town called Ramentopia."

Naruto giggled in his crib at that making both look at him as he rolled over away from them asleep.

The third sighed and said "I guess that I can understand where he is coming from miss..."

The woman said, "My name is Vixen." as she smiled.

The third blinked and said "Thats an unusual name."

The woman smiled and said "I had an accident many years ago that caused me to lose my memory. My boss found me and nursed me back to health and the only thing I had on me besides my cloths was a jacket that had a vixen painted on it. My boss gave me that as a nickname until I could hopefully remember which I never did. Since then I just kept the name as a way to remember where I started out from."

The third nods and said, "So miss Vixen. When can I meet your employer and finalize the deal."

Vixen reached into a pocket and pulled out a scroll and said, "Here is the contract as well as the actual location that he wants as well as a pretty generous check for the property."

The third opened it and read and found everything was in order and looked at the check and got wide eyed and said, "I agree with the terms."

Vixen nods and said "Its a pleasure to do business with you. I will be Mr. Kaza's official representative here in Konoha most of the time until he decides to visit and check up on the progress or unless I have to leave for other business."

The third nods and said, "Welcome to Konoha Ms. Vixen."

Vixen shakes his hand and said, "thanks and you have a cute grandson there."

The third laughed and said, "He's not my grandson but I look at him as if he was."

Vixen said "Thats sweet but if He's not your grandson who is he. I cant see someone as busy as the Kage of a village running a babysitting service out of his office." as she looked at Naruto.

The third said "He's an orphan with a burden."

Vixen thought a moment and said, "So he's the one everyone in the village has been whispering about. "Can't they see he is just a child and not that?"

The third said, "How do you know about that." narrowing his eyes.

Vixen sighed and said "Simple. I arrived last night and got a hotel room and went out to get something to eat and a sip of wine to drink when I heard a bunch of people discussing it. Both civilian and shinobi."

The third looked down and said, "I wish people would understand."

Vixen walked over and picked up Naruto and held him in her arms and said "He's so innocent." looking at the third and then a vein appeared on her forehead as the infant grabbed her breast through her shirt and pinched her nipple.

The third sweatdropped and thought "Thank god Kushina dead because if she was not she would kill not only Minato but Jaraiya and maybe me also."

Vixen said, "I think he's hungry." as she looked around for a bottle only to moan as the baby squeezed harder on her nipple.

The third gave a perverted giggle and said, "I think he likes you."

Vixen asked "are you reading that pink book to him as bedtime stories or something." in a dangerous tone as she points to the book sticking out from under a pile of scrolls.

The third knew that tone as a woman who was about to bash a pervert and said "No, of coarse not."

Vixen asked, "You said he's an orphan correct."

The third said "Yes, why."

Vixen looked at Naruto and said "Well. I was thinking since you are busy running the village I could be his baby sitter from time to time. I would just have to wait until the workers finished with the new upgrades to the building and all to move in and take care of him."

The third asked, "Why would you want to."

Naruto chose this moment since he had a perfect shot to pull down the front of his diaper and started pissing on the Hokage's desk and paperwork. However there was an object hidden in a genjutsu between the desk and Naruto which just happened to have been a ANBU in a dog mask who was reading a certain book and from the angle of the piss it not only hit his mask but fell onto his book making him scream out and run out of the room.

The third looked at Naruto wide eyed and said, "I see your point. You do understand that Naruto will not be allowed to leave the village and I will make surprise inspections to ensure his is ok during the times your baby sitting."

Vixen said "Yeah. Thats no problem."

The third asked "So how long do you think it will take for your workers to have your place ready.'

Vixen said, "Well, since its Monday, the team will be done by Sunday."

The third blinked and asked, "how is your team going to be able to do that."

Vixen said, "My employer has some great contractors who work extremely fast and are only waiting for my order to come into the village and begin."

The third sighed and said, "Well, then I will take Naruto and you can go ahead and get to work with what needs to be done."

Vixen handed Naruto to the third and said "Have a good day and see you soon Narutokun." as she turned and left the office.

The third said "Inu, follow her and make sure she is not an assassin."

An ABNU with a dog mask appeared back in the room with a towel over his head trying to dry it and bowed before leaving.

Naruto cried and the third walked over and checked Naruto who suddenly shit all over the thirds hand when he checked him.

The third looked at Naruto and said "You hate me dont you Naruto."

Naruto smiled and giggled as the third sighed before getting to work cleaning the mess and Naruto.

Vixen was walking through the village when she saw 2 men who were drunk and one said "Hey pretty lady. How about coming over here and showing us a good time."

Vixen smirked and said "Sorry, your dicks are to small for my taste." as she walked past the ally they were standing against.

One man went to grab her from behind when she fazed out of view and appeared behind him and slammed him into a wall with his hand pulled up so he was unable to move and she said "Its people like you who give Konoha a bad name. I wonder why the Yondaime chose to save this village full of assholes."

Another man pulled out a kunai and charged Vixen who used replacement with the man she was holding causing his friend to stab him and she turned and punched him in the face and said "You know I wonder how long the ANBU who is following me is going to let you keep attacking before getting involved seeing as how one mans already dead because he was looking for a good time."

Just then an ANBU appeared and said, "You are herby under arrest for assault." grabbing the man who Vixen punched and tied him up when 2 other ANBU appeared and took him away.

The ANBU in the dog mask turned and said "You surprised me with you skills. "Are you a ninja?"

Vixen said "No. Mr. Kaza made sure all who work for him could handle themself in a fight. He has us trained for one year before ever taking a job that would put us in danger. He feels that us being able to protect ourselves so we can work longer for him would be worth more then just hiring a bunch of idiots who would run if attacked. Why else do you think I could walk around with a check for 750,000 that can be used at any major bank in the world only needing the person its for name wrote on it. It also helps I am his major business manager and part time body guard should there come a time where he has to carry something worth more then money. So tell me why were you following me since I left the Hokage office."

The ANBU said "I was asked to make sure you made it home safely."

Vixen said "Nice try Kakashi. Its obvious the Hokage wanted to make sure I'm not some kind of assassin sent to kill the child. If I was I could have killed him there in the office at anytime but I did not."

The ANBU asked, "How do you know me?"

Vixen sighed and said, "I knew Minato as a passing acquaintance. My employer had some kind of agreement with him that I do not know of. I was told who could be trusted and I was told you would be in a dog mask. You along with a person named Gai along with Jaraiya and the Hokage are all people I was told I could trust but I am not to do more then be an occasional helper and guard for him, as it would interfere with whatever the agreement was. I am also aware of the fact Naruto is Minato son."

Kakashi was wide eyed and asked, "How do you know this?"

Vixen reached into her pocket and pulled out a scroll and said "Here is my official orders for my time in Konoha."

Kakashi took the scroll and read


You are to take the scroll labeled Konoha and proceed with the deal described in it. You are then to rebuild that section of Konoha to make it the best area in Konoha and then have our seals team set up security seals on it so only those who are respectable of the Yondaime's wishes may live there. You are also to make a place for Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze to have as a home when he gets older. I have no doubt in my mind the child will be put in the orphanage and then kicked out to live on the streets. When that happens he is to receive his knew home which will make it where only those he trust will be able to get to him and provide him with a safe place to sleep and live. You are to only trust Hatake Kakashi, student of the Yondaime who is now an ANBU who wears a dog mask, Jiraiya, Minato sensei, Gai, Kakashi long time Rival and closest living friend, and the Hokage himself. Make sure the council gets no control of these lands because if they do they will force Naruto onto the street or try and bypass the security so they can assassinate him. When Naruto gets old enough I will personally come and deliver what his father asked of me and to complete my orders he requested. You are to remain in Konoha and be my eyes and ears as well as my official representative. If you wish you may try and take care of him from time to time to make sure he has food and a safe place to sleep but not as a permanent thing. Only like a baby sitter. If you see something that is life threatening to Naruto you are aloud to interfere but if it is something that will not kill him or seriously hurt him physically you are not to do anything. Naruto will have to decide as he grows up what he wishes to do and he will either decide to follow his father in protecting Konoha or he will start a life away from a place that scorns him. It will be his choice but he must experience life there to decide which he will follow.

Nun Kaze.

Kakashi finished reading it before handing it back to her and said, "I see, so thats what the whole business deal is about. A place for Naruto to live in."

Vixen said "Yes, if things go like my employer thinks it will the third will have no choice but to declare Naruto an adult and have him take care of himself and most likely the people of Konoha wont let him have a decent or safe place to live. With the security seals I am ordered to put on the buildings Naruto will not have to worry about that."

Kakashi asked, "Why did you not tell the Hokage?"

Vixen said "Simple. Should I tell the Hokage the truth he would be even more suspicious then he is now and then probably outright refuse what my employer has asked me to do or have me leave Konoha. He will also have to tell the council what is going on and that could make it where word would leak out about Naruto true heritage from someone like Danzo who has publicly said Naruto should be turned into a weapon. If Minato was still alive he would kill the man."

Kakashi sighed and said "You know I will have to tell the Hokage now."

Vixen sighed and said, "I know but you can chose what to tell him. Now if you will excuse me I have work to do." and she turned and left.

Kakashi looked at the sky and then used leaf shunshin to leave and appear in the Hokage office and the third asked, "So tell me Kakashi, what is it she's here for."

Kakashi glanced around and said, "Her employer actually is buying these lands and helping this village as a way to honor sensei. When Naruto gets older he will have a safe place to live should the villagers refuse to wise up. The reason the council not aloud is so that way they cant force Naruto not to live there."

The third said, "I see. Very well, I will allow her some visitation rights over Naruto as a test but you are to watch from a distance at those times and ensure his safety."

Kakashi nods and looks at the sleeping Naruto who smiles and rolls over away from the others and thought, "phase one complete"

5 years later.

Naruto had been in the orphanage and have had many attacks and now lived on the streets. The third Hokage sighed as he walked up to Naruto and said "Hello Naruto, how are you today."

Naruto looked up and said, "Tired old man. They kicked me out again and I have had to sleep in the woods so people wont try and kill me in my sleep."

The third shook his head. Naruto always talked like an adult, as all his innocence was already lost to the hatred of the village. It was only thanks to a few that Naruto stayed sane in his opinion. He said, "Well, how would you like a chance to live in your own apartment."

Naruto asked, "What's the catch old man?" Even I know that you won't be able to make someone like me because of furball."

The third blinked and asked, "How do you know about that?"

Naruto slapped his forehead and asked, "What do you think I am, an idiot?" I have had people yelling at me, calling me demon, beating me, calling me a fox, have a huge as seal on my stomach that appears and disappears and was born the same day Kyuubi attacked. It dont take much to figure out that either I am the Kyuubi or the fox is sealed in me."

A mans voice said "Its the latter one Naruto. The fox was sealed in you by your father."

The third looked up and asked, "Who are you?"

Naruto said "My father."

The man who had black hair and red eyes and stood about 5'10 said "Forgive me for being rude Hokagesama but I have just recently arrived and sent my personal assistant Vixen on another matter. As far as you are concerned I am Mr. Nun Kaze however that is a fake name as the real Nun Kaze is right beside you. Mr. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. My real name is Shinro."

The third looked at the man and Naruto asked, "What do you mean by Namikaze?"

Shinro reached into his pocket and pulled out a scroll and said, "This was one of your fathers last request of me. I was one of his top spies during the war and since all traces of me in Konoha had been destroyed I was someone who could work behind the scenes." as he handed the scroll to the third.

The third opened it and started to read

Dear Hokagesama.

Since I dont know if the Sandaime is the Hokage at this time or if he has retired I will address you as such. I am writing this letter to inform you that the man here is one of my most trusted friends. Not even my sensei Jaraiya knows of his existence. At one time he was a spy directly under the Tsuchikage. When I received word of the Kyuubi attack I sent a messenger bird to him with instructions on what to do with a secret account of money for him. By now Naruto should be financially able to survive on his own and since my friend here would not appear before as he had received word that Naruto was to be named as an adult and the council cant interfere in it. The truth of who I am and what I must do is to be revealed to Naruto if he has not already figured it out.


Minato Namikaze

Yondaime Hokage of Konoha


The third sighed and said "I see and since it has the official seal of the Yondaime on it I have no choice in the matter. I am however curious as to how you found out what I had only decided that a few hours ago." as he looked at the man

Shinro smiled and said, "The moment that decision was told the council had already spread word to the villagers. Some are already planning on a nice party for him since technically the ABNU guards who are suppose to watch him cant be ordered to anymore unless he becomes a threat to the village. Danzo was more then helpful in that matter. Vixen notified me when she heard about it and since I was only a few miles away I came immediately since I know the council may try and say that you are making up the fact Naruto actually owns all those buildings."

The third looked at Naruto and said "Naruto, your father was Minato Namikaze the Yondaime Hokage and he could not kill the Kyuubi so instead he sealed it into you and he could not ask someone else to do what he himself wouldn't. Your mother was Kushina Uzumaki and died during labor."

Naruto looked down and said, "So I have no family and my father is the reason I'm hated."

The third sighed and bent down to Naruto and said, "Naruto, your father and mother both wanted to be there for you but they had no choice. You have to accept this."

Naruto looked down and asked, "Why was I not told before?"

The third said, "Because I passed a law saying that no one was to tell anyone who did not know but some broke the law anyways and told."

Naruto said "So they knew who my parents were and still treat me like the Kyuubi and even broke the law and here I am treated as a criminal."

The third said nothing.

Naruto said while looking down "Hey, Shinro was it where are you from?"

Shinro said, "I travel all over, why." looking at Naruto

Naruto looked up at him and said "I want to leave Konoha for a while."

The third said, "Naruto, you can't do that."

Naruto looked at him and said, "I'm an adult by law of Konoha correct."

The third winced and said, "Yes."

Naruto said, "I am not now or have ever been a ninja of this village correct."

The third knew Naruto was right and nodded and Naruto said "In that case since I am not a ninja of this village nor a child in the care of this village or a criminal I can not be held here like a prisoner having to live through all their hatred. I'm gone." and started to walk away.

The third said "Naruto wait. Dont do this, I wont allow it."

Naruto stopped and said, "Old man, either I leave with your permission or I will sneak away. Either way I am leaving. I will return before my class graduates from the academy but I need some time to be happy." and walked toward Shinro who placed his hand on Naruto.

The third sighed and asked, "Can I at least get someone I know to go with you."

Naruto said "No. How many of my bodyguards do you know that you thought were safe and wound up trying to kill me. I will trust Shinro here unless he tries something and then I will leave his care."

The third looked down unable to believe its come to this and asked, "Will you protect him Shinro?"

Shinro said, "Yes. I will also teach him what I know."

The third nod and said "Naruto, for what its worth I'm sorry."

Naruto walked over and hugged the third and said "Old man, I dont blame you. If you want to make it up to me do 3 things for me. One the first day of every academy year I want you to meet all the kids away from their parents and explain sealing to them and then explain about sealing a demon. Second I want you to make an announcement one year before I return about who I really am and who my parents are even if it gets leaked to other villages it will be ok but make sure EVERYONE in the village knows who I am and what I contain and why my father did it. The third thing I want you to do is remain Hokage until I return and protect the village and its people including your new grandson. I want you to know when I return and see the man I will become and be proud of me."

The third smiled a sad smile and said, "I will Naruto."

Naruto smiled and walked back over to Shinro and Shinro said "Dont tell anyone that Naruto owns those buildings as I will be sending someone to buy more for Naruto to own. Also Minato asked me to tell you to use Kagebunshins to do your paperwork. It will give you more free time." and then Naruto and him were both gone in a swirl of leaves.

The third looked where they were a moment before and let a tear fall down his face.

When Naruto and Shinro appeared outside of the village Naruto sighed and said, "That was harder then I thought it would be."

Shinro shifted and turned into Kyuubi in her human form which is a woman about 5'10 with black hair and red eyes and she wore an outfit like Kurenai wears except it was all black.

Naruto took off his cloths and slowly shifted from the body of a 5 yr old to that of him when he was 15. Kyuubi pulled out a scroll and handed it to him and he unsealed the items in it and started to change cloths into a black pair of shinobi pants with built in holsters including a third one and black shirt with a built in vest and with scrolls in it already. A white mask that had black eyes and 4 red lines running vertically down the middle with 1 line going through each eye and the other 2 lines going down the nose. A highlander sword that had a dragon's head on the hilt was held in a white sheath. He also had a black cloak that had red on the inside. (Think Zangetsu and Ichigo's cloaks)

Naruto sighs and said "Man it feels good to be out of there for now. I dont know how much longer I could handle acting as a kid. I'm glad I got the ability to shape shift."

Kyuubi said "Add to the fact that you are now as strong as you were when you first became a gennin thanks to the gravity seals as well as your training though all you could do was up your seals and work on speed and endurance and since you only have one chakra now you control is way better. It was a small price to pay for my freedom from the seal but giving you 3/4 of my original chakra was worth it dear. Now I have to train also but at least this way you will be the stronger and rightful King of Demons."

Naruto smirked and said "I still can't believe that nobody ever found them after the gravity seals the second time you baby sit me. At least with the clone of me you made and allowed me to get something else to eat besides milk and baby food. (Shiver) Now I know why I hate milk so much."

Kyuubi stretched and said, "At least now I can be in my normal body."

Naruto asked, "So what has been going on Angel."

Kyuubi smiled at the name Naruto had chosen for her and said "Well Narutokun, As you already know I have been buying parts of the village and investing in businesses that are having trouble that we know will become big in the next few years. I used the money from the gold I sold after arriving that I kept in my den and have been getting everything ready. I also wrote those books you asked me to so that will get us extra income and also get your name out there Mr. Nun Kaze." as she walked over and kissed him.

After a few kisses Naruto pulled back and said "Yeah, who would have ever thought I would start following Ero-sannin lead and publish a porn book which is The Hermits Diary. I also got a few new jutsu walking around the village. That bloodline you created for me that allows me to use the Hyuga and Uchiha bloodline without the noticeable side effect telling people its active help."

Angel as she was now called smiled and said, "Yes, the ability to see 360 degrees and also copy any jutsu and dispel all genjutsu including the ones of the Sharingan no matter what level makes a great wedding present. Well what do we do now?"

Naruto eyes glossed over as he pulled his mask over his face and said "Gato wont make an appearance in wave for 4 years and wont try and kill Inari's dad until a year after that. That will be the catalyst. Zabuza will make an attempt to kill the Mizukage in 2 years at which time he will pick up Haku. Itachi will kill the Uchiha clan between the next 1-3 years, I know it happened why we were in the academy early program but I dont remember when. Between now and then I need to get stronger and make a name for myself. One that will strike fear into the hearts of my enemies and give hope to those who have none."

Angel smiled and said, "I agree Naruto-kun and I know the perfect place to start. Lets make art a bang."

Naruto smiled and said "Deidara in Iwa. He won't become a missing-nin for another year if I remember correctly so if I bust my ass for one year I can take him out. Take out Akatsuki before they have a chance to mess the world up. Lets head to your den and train there for the next year."

Together both start heading off to begin hell on earth for training. The likes of which would make Lee and Gai run in fear.