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Naruto Master of the Jutsus

1 year later

Deidara smirked as he was sitting in a tree thinking of what he has been up to. 1 month ago he blew up the Tsuchikage tower and nearly killed the Tsuchikage. After that he had been doing odd jobs of terrorism taking out anything that needed to be blown up.

A figure could be seen walking in the field below him with a fox on his shoulder and the figure said "Deidara, former ninja of Iwa. I have come for your head."

Deidara laughed and said "And who do you think you are to make such a threat to me?" as he reached his hand into his pouch and had his hands start eating clay.

The figure said, "I am called many things but you can call me the Arrancar Kage. To remove Shadow"

Deidara laughed and said "That is funny but let me show you why my art is more then you will ever live to talk about." as he pulled out his hand and molded some clay into the shape of a bird.


Kage put his hands together and 5 copies of him appeared and they henged into birds before Kage started doing handsigns and a strong wind picked the birds up and they started to fly.

Kage had to jump away as one of the clay birds flew toward him and exploded. When the smoke cleared Deidara could not see the man there but he still felt his chakra. Suddenly a bird chirping could be heard and he turned his head and saw one of the henged birds fly beside him and explode sending him toward the ground.

As he fell he righted himself but another bird came and exploded into his back blowing him into a tree. He had to use chakra to stick to the tree as he looked around.

He pulled out some more clay and soon made a 20-foot long snake that he stood on the head of.

Kage appeared ahead of him and the snake charged to bite Kage who started doing handsigns before saying "Fuuton: Taihen Kamaitachi Jutsu." and blades of wind charged at the snake causing Deidara to jump off as the snake exploded destroying most of the clearing.

Deidara looked around and said "Art is a..."

He was caught off guard as another explosion hit behind him as another of the kamikaze birds blew up in his face.

He landed hard on the ground and looked around and saw the other two birds flying in circles above his head when a pair of hands grabbed his ankles pulling him into the ground.

A figure jumped out of the ground and Deidara said, "You think you got me. I dont think so." and he exploded covering the entire field to be covered in smoke and dirt. Suddenly a giant clay bird could be seen flying out of the smoke at incredible speed.

Deidara looked back and said "Yeah, any artist knows when to take his art elsewhere." as he smirked and turned back to look in front of him only to go wide eyed as in front of him is a huge ass F-5 tornado spinning blocking his path. He pulls up on the bird and blinks as the tornado distorts and disappears and he realizes he was caught in a genjutsu.

Biting his lip dispelling it he looks around and reaches his hands into his pouches and pulls out some clay but as he hears a chirp he looks down and in both of his hands were not his clay but the two birds that had been circling him earlier.

He got wide eyed and said "Art is a..."


Both birds explode causing the bird that Deidara's on to also explode and he flies toward the ground at an incredible speed.

He would have made his landing softer if he could have but both of his arms had been blown off in that explosion, as had his legs below the knees.

As he finally came to a hard stop he blinked and saw the fox that was on the mans shoulder earlier running at him with a double sided blade that had a wood handle in the middle that held it together and aloud the fox to carry it without getting hurt.

He closed his eyes and the fox sliced cleanly through his neck ending his life.

Kage walked out of the woods and said "Nice work Angel on the genjutsu. It gave my exploding clones a chance to get into his weapons pouch." as he picked up the head and sealed it into a scroll.

The fox shifter from a normal looking fox into her human form and she smirked and sealed the weapon into her arm and said "Yeah, using your wind affinity with your shapeshifting abilities made your clones able to fly and get close enough to get him were we could kill him."

Kage sighed and said, "So who is next. Sasori is off the charts and Kisame and Itachi both dont leave their villages for another few months."

Angel thought and said "I say after we get the bounty on his head we go after that bitch Aoi. You know the one who stole the Raijin. That would be a great weapon for you."

Kage sighed and said, "He's in Rain. If we head there we have to avoid Pein. I'm good right now low Jounin at best but I am not ready for Pein. Not yet."

Angel said "Dont forget kit. Pein doesn't take over Rain for another 3 years. He is still in hiding."

Kage nods and said, "Right well lets go to the nearest bounty station. I think its about 3 days travel south of here."

Angel changed back into a fox and jumped on his shoulder and Naruto took off running through the trees.

3 days later

Kage walked into the office of a border town and said, "I'm here to collect a bounty."

The man without looking up said, "Ok, you came to the right place. Who are you here to collect on." as he was righting into a ledger

Kage said "Deidara of Iwa."

The man dropped his pen and asked, "Who are you collecting on?!"

Kage pulled out a scroll and unsealed a head and said "Deidara of Iwa."

The man was wide eyed and said, "I see, S-rank missing Nin Deidara of Iwa. Bounty 2 million is the price on his head. Tell me your name."

Kage smiled and said, "I go by many names but you can call me Arrancar Kage."

The man nods and writes it down before writing a check and handed it to Kage and said "Well Mr. Kage. "What village are you from?"

Kage said behind his mask "None and all." as he took the check and turned as he left the room.

The man behind the counter wrote down

Arrancar Kage

Age ??

Weight ??

Height Estimated at 6 ft.

Eyes ??

Hair ??

Home Village ??

Skills ??

Bloodline ??

Dressed in all black and has a white mask that had black eyes that is impossible to see through and 4 red lines running vertically down the middle with 1 line going through each eye and the other 2 lines going down the nose. Carries a sword and is in the company of a fox.

Killed S-Rank missing-nin Deidara of Iwa.

He sighs and said, "Why does everyone always have to be secretive."

Kage after getting his money quickly resupplied and left town but not before mailing out the 2nd volume of the Hermits Diary to his editor who just happens to be the same editor for Icha Icha Paradise.

About 2 weeks later

Kage was sitting in a border town on of Iwa and Rain when he tensed. Across from him was someone he did not want to see. Orochimaru was sitting in a corner booth and beside him was Sasori.

Kage curses his luck and taps the fox on his shoulder who jumps off as he said "Kaze." making the fox look where Naruto is and go wide eyed and nods.

Just then Aoi walks in and Kage smirks as an idea hits him and he starts doing one handsigns under the table and smiles as he hears someone come in the door dressed in all white and he screams "Yo, Aoi." making everyone in the bar look at him including the two Akatsuki members.

Several people knowing what is about to happen gets up and leaves not to get involved in the fight. Kage gets up and the fox jumps on his shoulder and he walks out leaving the scene behind and Aoi asked the man dressed all in white "Who are you and why did you want my attention." as he narrows his eyes and reaches for a kunai.

Kage smirks behind his mask as he jumps up on the building and he hears the man in white say "My name is Death and I am here for the bounty on your head."

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes and whispered, "watch him." to Sasori.

Sasori nods and Kage smirks behind his mask getting the info from his clone who heard it before it dodges a kunai thrown by Aoi who jumps out the doors trying to get room to fight.

Kage said, "Angel dear, would you be so kind as to take out his legs."

The fox jumps off of his shoulder and bites it paw unsealing the weapon she used against Deidara pops out and she grabs it between her teeth and runs after Aoi.

Aoi for his part turns and then looks but does not see the man chasing him. He then screams as his leg is cut off from behind.

Back in the bar a few moments later.

The man in white turns and nobody can tell anything about him because all his cloths are white and he wears a blank white mask and the cloak he had had a white hood covering his hair and said over his shoulder "Tell me Orochimaru. Are you still interested in getting revenge against your former sensei."

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes even more and asked, "Who are you."

The man said "A puppet of the Shinigami." as a scream could be heard and he pulls out a 3-prong kunai and throws it out the window leaving in a yellow flash making Orochimaru piss himself.

Sasori asked "Was that the Hiraishin no jutsu."

Orochimaru is already out the door not bothering to look at his partner and looks where the form of Aoi could be seen laying on the ground with his head gone as were one of his legs that lay a few feet away and his body bleeding all over the ground. The man in white is standing there looking at the body,

Orochimaru walks over and said, "Who the hell are you."

The man looks up and said, "Like I told you Orochimaru. I am nothing more then a puppet of the Shinigami. Its the fate of those who sell their souls to him though I do wonder who killed this fool." as he reaches up and removes his mask making Orochimaru eyes go wide as there is the face of Minato Namikaze.

Orochimaru asked, "What the hell is going on. Your dead."

Kage said, "Yes I am. Shinigami gave me a deal. Freedom from his belly in exchange for collecting the souls of those he has placed bounties on. I have to collect 10,000 souls. Aoi here is one such however someone else collected the bounty the humans placed on him meaning I dont get credit for it. He was supposed to have died in the fire when he nearly killed Ibiki but now I was sent for him. I already received a report that in the near future I will be seeing you again along with most of Akatsuki since your all stupid enough to try and use the demons. Death knows everything. Good luck." as he slowly started to fade away leaving Orochimaru to look at the spot where he was a moment ago as was Sasori who had came out to see what was going on.

Neither man noticed the figure sitting on the roof of the building they had exited with the scroll containing the head of Aoi or him pocketing a kunai and the Raijin. The fox that was on his shoulders closed its eyes and said "Fools. Neither of them realised they were looking at a Kitsune illusion."

Kage smirked and said "Good job dear. Someday you will have to teach me how to do them." as he jumps off the roof getting the hell away from the 2 Akatsuki members.

Orochimaru narrows his eyes and thinks, "perhaps now is a good time to leave these fools. I'm done. I've learned the immortality jutsu from Madara."

Sasori said "Hey, what the hell was that."

Orochimaru said "I dont know."

Sasori said, "Well lets get out of here and inform the others what we saw. Pein said we were about to get a new member in few months. Some Uchiha prodigy he has contacted recently."

Orochimaru smirks and said, "Yes, lets go see what is going on. I'd like to know what is happening with the Uchiha's." and thinks "this will be a perfect chance for me to get a new body with the Sharingan."

Kage traveled back to the town he was at a few weeks earlier and saw the same man and said, "Hey man, I got another bounty to collect."

The man looked up and thought a moment before flipping through a book and said, "Oh, I remember you know. Arrancar Kage. "So who is it this time?"

Kage unsealed the scroll and the man said, "I see A-rank missing-nin Aoi Rokushou of Konoha, now a Jounin of Rain. You do realize that you will be put in the books for killing him right."

Kage said "Yes but as you said, he already had a bounty on him from Konoha. You know I never got your name."

The man said, "My name is Tidus. "Do you know what happened to the Raijin sword he stole?"

Kage pulled it out and said "I have it and will only return it to Tsunade herself being the only living relative of the Nidaime."

Tidus nods and said "Right, well here's your check for the head of Aoi. Good luck." and Kage left.

Tidus sighed and looked at what he wrote last time and wrote

Arrancar Kage

Age ??

Weight ??

Height Estimated at 6 ft.

Eyes ??

Hair ??

Home Village ??

Skills ??

Bloodline ??

Dressed in all black and has a white mask that had black eyes that is impossible to see through and 4 red lines running vertically down the middle with 1 line going through each eye and the other 2 lines going down the nose. Carries a sword and is in the company of a fox. Also carries the Raijin though claims he will return it to Tsunade herself.


S-Rank missing-nin Deidara of Iwa.

A-Rank missing-nin Aoi Rokushou of Konoha / Jounin of Rain

Kage was walking down the street when he sees someone from his past or rather his future. Nadare Rouga.

Kage said as he took a seat and watch the man eat "Angel, what do you think we should do next."

Angel said, "Well, until we go to the land of water nothing I know of. Why.

Kage said, "I think we should go to Spring Country."

Angel blink and said, "But Spring country does not...I see." as she notices Nadare sitting there

Kage said, "I need you to get to Konoha as fast as possible and have an S-Rank mission requested. Go as Vixen. I want Kakashi, and Gai on this mission. I want them to track down Yukie and give them all info on Yukie as well as the fact she wont go willingly and tell them it is at request of me but Arrancar Kage will be joining the mission at some point who is helping in assassinating Dotou Kazahana and restoring Yukie as the rightful heir to the land of snow. I'm going to go on ahead."

Angel said "You do realize you will be on Konoha radar after this."

Kage nods and Angel jumps off his shoulder and takes off toward Konoha.

Kage gets up and walks over to where Nadare was sitting and said, "Well this is a surprise. Meeting someone from the land of Snow all the way out here on the border of Iwa country." taking the seat next to him and grabbing a bottle of Sake from the bartender.

Nadare looks at him and said "I dont know what your talking about." as he starts to get up.

Kage said "Really, so you dont want information of your lost princess." making Nadare stop and turn to look at Kage who handed him another bottle of Sake and motion for him to take a seat.

Nadare sits down and said "I dont know what your talking about but I will see if I can remember what it is if you start talking.

Kage smirked behind his mask and said, "Here's the deal. I know all about the crystal you need as well as the fact that Dotou is the ruler of Snow country. I know that Yukie has the crystal but you dont know where she is. I am willing to sell this info for 5 things."

Nadare narrows his eyes and asked "And those 5 things would be."

Kage said "Simple. I want 10,000, I want a list of 20 Ice jutsu all above D-rank, I want one of the famous chakra armors for myself that I have heard so much about as well as the blue prints to repair the armor if it is ever damaged, I want free travel papers to come and go into the land of Snow in case I ever have a bounty there I want to collect and I want this deal agreed to by Dotou himself who I will give the info to once I see that he has all that I have ask for. In exchange I will give the name Yukie is hiding under as well as her current location and how to find her. If he agrees in this scroll is a special seal that will summon me to him shortly. Just break the seal on the outside and open it. If I do not here from him in one month the seal inside will dissolve and will no longer work and I wont sell my info to him and you can spend the next 10 or 20 years trying to find her. You should know this. If you try and double-cross me you have better pray it works because I only hunt down A and S-rank Nins and I am very good at it." as he hands the scroll to Nadare and left.

Nadare looks at it and quickly forgets his regular mission. Dotou would pay high dollar for this info and you never want to cross him.

Kage smirked as he watched Nadare leave and takes off toward Snow country at a slower pace.

Angel had traveled for about a week when she neared Konoha and changed back into her human form and took off into the trees.

When she arrives at the gates the guards said, "Stop. State your name and reason for coming to Konoha."

Angel said "My name is Vixen and I have come to request and S-rank mission from your village and I wish to speak with the Hokage."

Both men nod and an ABNU appeared and escorted her to the Hokage tower.

When she arrived the third looked up and blinked and said "Hello again Vixen. I have not seen you since before Naruto left. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

Vixen said "Its good to see you again. I have been sent to request and S-rank mission from my employer."

The third blinked and said "Really, what has Shinro been up to and how is Naruto."

Vixen smiled and said, "I'm sorry to say that Shinro passed away a few months ago but Naruto-sama has taken over all dealings and is my new employer. It is him who requested this mission."

The third nod and said, "So what is the mission."

Vixen said, "The mission is simple. As I have been informed you already know about the Coup de taut of Snow country a few years back. Naruto-sama has come into contact with a group of the older royal guard and they have asked for his help. He has agreed and is sending one of his best men named Arrancar Kage to go into Snow country and assassinate the Leader Dotou. The mission I am here to request is that Kakashi and Gai along with whomever you feel should be on this mission track down Princess Yukie who is actually the actress who plays the lead in the Unlucky princess movies. Her manager is actually one of the royal guards and has been keeping her safe though she does not know it. She possesses the future of Snow country in the crystal around her neck. That crystal is the key to start a generator that will melt all the snow in snow country allowing the spring that was promise to its people to actually happen. The team you send need to get her to go back to Snow, even against her will to take over. The assassination may be over before they arrive but incase its not they are to protect Yukie until they meet up with Arrancar Kage and he informs them that the mission is a failure or a success. Kakashi was requested since he's been there before and Gai is requested as he is strong enough to fight against the snow armor."

The third said "It seems Naruto has taken a very hard task to himself. How is he doing and when will he be returning."

Vixen said "Naruto is doing great and is actually very strong now. You will know what I mean when you see him and as for when he is to return it will be when he promised before his age group graduates. Now here is a scroll with the check for an A-rank bounty Konoha is to pay for a missing nin that Kage just recently captured as payment." handing the check to the third who looked at it and got wide eyed.

He asked "what of the Raijin."

Vixen said, "It is in safe hands and Naruto-sama said that it will be returned to Tsunade herself being the rightful heir to it."

The third nods and said, "Well this is a good portion of the cost of an S-rank mission but not enough."

Vixen pulled out a checkbook and said, "How much more do you need." looking at him.

The third said "Usually another 25,000."

Vixen wrote a check for 40,000 and said, "In case the mission is harder then it should be. I must be off now but this mission is time sensitive so please hurry with it and dont inform anyone that Naruto requested it. Say the employer is Kage." as she turns and leaves the office.

She soon leaves the village and after about an hour of traveling in the woods she stops before setting up camp to rest before going to where Naruto was the next day.

Kakashi appeared in the Hokage office and was greeted by the shouts of Gai saying "Ah my eternal rival what new hip attitude are you going to use today."

The third said "Now that Kakashi has arrived I can give you the information for the mission. It's an S-rank mission. All details are in that scroll. Kakashi, you are in charge of the team from Konoha." as he hands the scroll over.

Kakashi grabs it and reads

Mission Rank-S

Mission is to get Yukie Fujikaze, the lead actress for the Unlucky princess movies, who is actually Princess Koyuki Kazahana, Daughter of the late ruler of Snow country and the rightful heir to the thrown. She is to be taken to Snow, even by force so she can take over. Her manager is one of the former kings loyal guard and has been protecting Yukie so you might be able to get him to help. An Arrancar Kage who you will meet on the mission who is assassinating Dotou Kazahana requested the mission. Your mission is to protect the princess and ensure the protection of the crystal she wears. That crystal is the key to saving snow country. You are to protect Yukie until the assassination is over or Arrancar tells you the mission is a failure.


Kakashi, Gai, Asuma, Ibiki.

Kakashi looked up and asked, "Why is Ibiki going?"

Ibiki said, "I want to meet the man that killed Aoi."

Kakashi was wide eyed a moment and said, "I see. Is there any other information on this Arrancar guy?"

Ibiki pulled out a bingo book and said "All the info I have is from the new Bingo book. Apparently he has taken out the S-rank missing-nin Deidara of Iwa and Aoi."

Kakashi nods and asked, "Do we have any leads on where Yukie is?"

The third said "As a matter of fact. The fire lord recently sent a mission requesting a simple body guard for the movie while they shoot in the northern part of the fire country near Kanku city."

Kakashi nods and said "Ok, If we are going to snow country I should warn you all that snow ninja have a special armor that make them stronger then normal people. Prepare for winter weather." as he left followed by the others.

The third said "Ibiki, before you leave I have another mission for you."

Ibiki blinked and said "What is it Hokagesama."

The third looked around and said, "I did not tell the others but the real person who ordered this mission was Naruto Uzumaki. Arrancar Kage works for him. Dont ask me how because I cant say but I want you to see if you can find out any information on Naruto for me."

Ibiki nods and leaves.

3 days later

Kakashi was smiling at the look on Yukie face as she comes out of the cabin and notices they are on a boat heading out to sea.

She screams "What the hells going on."

Asama Sandayuu said "I'm sorry princess Koyuki but when these men came and told me what there mission was I had to act so I allowed them to put a sleeping pill in your drink. It was for the good of Snow country."

Yukie turned and looked at him and said, "What the hell are you talking about."

A voice from above them all said "She's louder then I thought Kage." making everyone look up and see a man standing on the flagpole above the sails of the ship.

Kage looked down and said "I'm glad to see the Hokage did as I asked." as he jumped down and everyone in the group looked at him.

Kakashi asked, "Who are you?"

Kage turned and said "Its a pleasure to meet you Kakashi. I'm Arrancar Kage. I was the one who paid for the mission."

Yukie asked, "Will someone please tell me what the hells going on!?"

Kage turned and the fox on his shoulder said "Is she always this impatient. It reminds me of a pink haired bitch."

Kage snickered and said "Now, now Angel. Dont be like that. I mean she did watch her family home be destroyed by her uncle and then was forced to flee in a snow sled as Kakashi here took her away after her uncle killed her father. You can't blame her."

Kakashi narrowed his eyes and asked, "How do you know about that." as he reached for a kunai.

Kage said "Simple. A ninja by the name of Nadare Rouga talked about it when I got him drunk before I set him up so I can assassinate Dotou."

Ibiki asked "What do you mean set up and how can that fox talk.

The fox laughed and said, "I'm not really a fox. My family has a bloodline that allows us to shapeshift and since I am legally bound to Kage here as his concubine I prefer this form."

Kage smiled behind his mask and said "What I mean Ibiki is that I gave him a deal that told him I would sell him all information on the location of the princess here as well as the crystal in return I want 20 Ice jutsu, 10,000, free access to travel in Snow country and one of their snow armors as well as the blue prints for it so I can repair it. The last thing I asked was that the deal had to be agreed on by Dotou himself and he has to break a seal on a summoning scroll that will summon me to him. When that happens I will appear and before he has a chance to think he will be dead."

Yukie said "But why are you doing this."

Kage looked at her and asked, "Do you know what that crystal actually is?" I bet your bodyguard Sandayuu here doesn't even know because if he did he would have taken it and used it already."

Sandayuu asked, "What are you talking about. That crystal is a national treasure."

Kage said "Please. It is actually the key to a massive generator that Yukie's father spent nearly the entire budget of Snow on that when activated will melt all the snow in snow country and finally bring the spring that you have all wanted. Well speak of the devil, Angel. Party time, Kakashi, take the group and head for the castle. See ya." as the fox jumps on his shoulders and he leaves shocking everyone in a yellow flash.

Kakashi fell on his butt and said, "It can't be."

Ibiki asked, "Was that what I think it was?"

Asuma dropped his cig and said "Hiraishin."

In the Royal castle Dotou looked at the scroll he opened a few moments ago and said "So when will this man get here."

A yellow flash appeared and Kage appeared and said, "So do you agree with my proposal?"

Dotou said "Why should I now that you walked into my trap. If you want to live you have better tell me what I want." as the walls all fell away showing around 75 men.

Kage smirked behind his mask and said "Very well." and he put his hands in front of him like he's going to surrender before throwing them together in a seal and then yelled "Mass shadow clone Jutsu." and suddenly the entire room was covered in copies of Kage and all of them started forming chakra in both their hands and formed Rasengans.

Kage said, "Now prepare to die." as he charged Dotou who had jumped back and his men charged into battle.

Angel looked and said "the bitch is mine." as she jumps off after Fubuki.

Kage thought "what the hell is up with her and always wanting to take out the woman." as he ducks under a wild punch and send an uppercut to the guys chin knocking him into the air before he grabbed the mans feet and started swinging him knocking him into 4 other men before letting go and letting him fly into the wall.

He did not have time to praise himself as he had to dodge a kunai as well as a snow wolf but a fireball from Angel who had turned into her human form destroyed it.

Kage looked around and saw most of the men had been taken care of but Nadare was escorting Dotou away.

Kage said "Angel, finish up here and follow. I'm going after Nadare and Dotou." as he ran after them.

Nadare was panting and Dotou said "How could you let this man trick you into this."

Nadare said "But sir, you were the one who..." he never got to finish as Dotou turned and slammed a kunai into Nadare's head killing him before he ran to where the train was and got on it and started to leave the castle.

Kage saw Nadare dead and never bothered to check him as he followed the sound that was coming down the end of the hall and saw the train leaving and he ran and tried to jump onto the caboose but missed as it went down the hill gaining speed.

Kage jumped up and looked around when Fuyuguma Mizore punched him in the back as he rode by Kage on his snowboard.

Mizore came charging at Kage who reached for the sword on his side and Kage said "Kitsune Swordslice." and fazed out of view shocking Mizore and then he screamed out in pain as both his arms were left falling off at first the wrist and then the elbows.

Mizore lost his balance and hit a snowdrift and flew head first toward the wall when Angel in fox form came running by him with her boomerang knife in her mouth running down the mans chest, stomach and coming out at his groin.

Kage looked at her as she jumped on his shoulder and he picked up the snowboard and said, "Lets ride." as he jumped on it and started down the hill following the train that had a lead.

He started to go through some handseals and said "Fuuton: Tatakimasu no Taka" and suddenly the wind behind him pushed against his back increasing his speed.

As he saw the train getting closer in the distance he asked, "So what happened back there?"

Angel said "Well..."


Angel said, "The bitch is mine" and jumped off his shoulder before heading toward Fubuki. As she was running closer she grabbed a kunai someone dropped in her mouth and jumped at a man who had his back to her before she stabbed the kunai into his spine making him fall to the ground paralyzed.

Fubuki turned and saw the man on the ground and started to do some handsigns and some ice daggers charged at Angel who jumped back and changed into her human form and started doing handsigns and said "Katon: Kaji Suru Kara no Kuraikaji no Jigoku " and she bent over and a fireball shot out of her ass flying right at Fubuki who was to busy sweatdropping to avoid the fireball.

Angel smirked and roll to the side as an enemy tried to cut her in half and she started doing more handsigns and saw a snow wolf charging Kage and said "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu " and shot out 12 fireballs with 3 hitting the snow wolf melting it and the other nine hitting 4 men.

Just then she heard Kage yell "Angel, finish up here and follow. I'm going after Nadare and Dotou" and ran off.

Angel smirked and said "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" and suddenly 15 copies of her appeared and joined the clones of Kage and finished taking out the rest who were really weak. She then took off following Kage scent in her fox form.

End flashback

Angel said "And that's what happened before I arrived."

Kage nods and saw the train was only a few feet ahead of him and slowing down and he slid the board he was riding to the side of the train still running along it and passing the cars. The train finally stopped and a man jumped out of the engine and looked back toward the castle and got wide eyed and Kage jumped into the air with the board still on his feet going right for Dotou head and at the speed it was going with the extra weight from Kage on it snapped Dotou neck. The last thing he saw was a little sign that read, "How's my boarding?"

Kage smirked and closed his eyes a moment and dispelled the clones getting dizzy and fell on the ground sitting there a few minutes. He then stood up and picked up the body of Dotou and tied him to the front of the train and got in the engine compartment but not before removing his snow armor and sealing it away and Angel jumped on his shoulder and they took off toward the harbor town Kakashi and the others were to arrive.

25 minutes later

Kage stepped out of the train and saw the group getting off the ship and he walked over and said, "Ok, we can go home now." making everyone look at him.

Sandayuu said, "But what about helping us free the county."

Kage pointed to the front of the train and said "Already done. Yukie here just has to take over now since they dont have a leader with me killing Fuyuguma Mizore, Kazahana Dotou, Rouga Nadare, Kakuyoku Fubuki along with those other 50 or so guy with help from Angel here." as he rubbed the fox behind her ear.

Yukie was wide eyed and said, "How did you do that?"

Kage said, "A hero always does what's right. Now you asked me why I was doing this. There are several reason but as payment for this I only ask for 2 things. When you country gets back on its feet you set up a trade alliance with Konoha. The other thing is a trade alliance with another hidden village that I will tell you about once I feel like coming back. Now besides those 2 payments the reason I did this is the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, Konoha Yondaime Hokage knew that well. Now remember what I said about that generator. You know where it's located at the 7 colors glacier. Now if you will excuse me I have some other things to take care of."

Kakashi asked, "How do you know the Hiraishin."

Kage asked, "What's that?" making everyone sweatdrop. He then asked "If you dont mind, which way is Mist from here."

Asuma pointed toward the left and Kage nods and starts walking away.

Ibiki asked, "How's Naruto." stopping Kage.

Kage said over his shoulder "He's good Ibiki, though he has changed so much that you would not be able to tell if it was him even if he was standing in front of you. Tell the old man he will be back when he said he would and your welcome for Aoi. I know how you felt about him and your brother is alive and happy right now." and then he took off running across the water making everyone wide eyed.

Asuma asked, "Is he stupid or something?" "Nobody can run across 45 miles of ocean without dying."

Kakashi narrowed his eyes and bit his thumb and started going through handsigns and said "Summoning jutsu." and a little pug appeared.

The pug said "Yo Kakashi, what you need."

Kakashi said, "I need you to smell the area and tell me if you smell anyone you know from Konoha."

The pug sniffed the ground and looked up and looked around and said, "Where's that kid at?"

Kakashi asked "Who."

The dog said, "Uzumaki, his scent is all over the place here and its fresh also."

Asuma said "You dont mean..." looking where Kage had disappeared

Kakashi said "Its possible but I dont know what to say. If he's learned to tap into that chakra he could make it all the way to Mist or even the main land without running out of chakra. "Though if it is him then how did he gets so strong and also grow up so much I did not sense a genjutsu or anything?"

Ibiki said, "Perhaps Naruto was just here earlier because a ship did leave before we arrived. The third told me that Naruto was the real person who paid for this mission and that Kage worked for him. Kage could also be meeting someone just out to see a little bit and did not want us to know it."


Kakashi said "Alright, we tell the Hokage only what we know and suspect but dont mention it in any reports. If its not him then we dont want to cause him trouble when he returns."

Ibiki asked "What hidden village do you think is the other one."

Asuma said "I dont know. Lets get the princess home and get this country going again."

Everyone nods though each with questions and no answers.

Kage was running along the water when he sees a ship up ahead and runs up to it and jumps on board and said "I need to speak with the captain." before anyone could say anything.

A few minutes later he was standing before the captain who asked "So what is it that you need to speak to me about that you would run halfway across the ocean to get to me."

Kage pulled out a scroll and unsealed a bag and said, "In this bag is 30,000. Make a detour to Mist without docking, just get to site of land and I will run the rest of the way and the bags yours."

The captain was wide eyed and said "You heard the man, set coarse to Mist. So who are you." as he took a seat holding the money.

Kage said, "My name is Arracnar Kage. Thats all you need to know." as he turned and left the bridge of the ship.

Fuuton: Taihen Kamaitachi Jutsu – Wind Style: Great Cutting Whirlwind Jutsu

Fuuton: Tatakimasu no Taka – Wind Style: Strike of the Hawk

Katon: Kaji Suru Kara no Kurai no Jigoku – Fire Style: Fire Expel From the Darkfire of Hell

Katon: Housenka no Jutsu – Fire Style: Mythical Fire Phoenix Jutsu

Kage Bunshin Jutsu – Shadow Clone Jutsu