Tsunade looked at her and said "There's nothing more I can do for him. Hes dying."

Kushina sighed at that moment and then asked "What's wrong with him. Why can't you help him." as she gave a sad look toward Tsunade who was giving her one as well.

Tsunade said "He is no longer producing chakra. As his body uses what he has left he will die."

Angel said "Then so will we then." as she looked at Naruto.

The third who was looking at Naruto asked "What do you mean."

Angel said "Were linked. Everyone has to pay the shinigami sooner or later when you mess with his domain. Naruto, Nan, myself, Minato and Kushina will all die. There's nothing we can do about it."

Just then Naruto started to cough up blood. Nan lifted his head up and placed his head on her lap as she wiped the blood of his face.

As everyone slowly circled around Naruto, Naruto hair started to change from normal blond to grey and his body started to age. Nan, Angel, Kushina, and Minato also started to age at an incredible rate.

Sasuke coughed drawing everyone attention and Kushina said "You got to be shitting me." as she walked over to Sasuke body and pulled Naruto sword out of his chest and said "See you in hell." as she sliced his head off and then placed Naruto sword on his chest.

At this time she looked to be about 50 years old.

Jiraiya looked at Minato and said "Looks like I am going to lose you again kid."

Minato sighed and nods and said "I have one last request Jiraiya sensei. When we pass on will you take our bodies to Sumato Island to the shrine there."

Jiraiya nods and said "Yes, my family will honor your last request brat."

Minato nods and Angel who looked to be about 60 said "Rin, Kakashi, Anko, Zabuza, Haku, and Raiga, can you all come here for a moment."

As the 6 people walked forward Angel said "I want you all to do follow my hand signs. Its the release jutsu for the memories that we gave you guys to help us. It will take away the side effect that might happen when we die. Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune, Dan, Kisame and Nawaki have already done them before since they already had enough painful memories."

Each of them nod their heads and began following the handsigns. After nearly 2000 they said "Memory life Release." and each of them glowed.

As the light died down Minato who looked to be about 90 said "Saratobi, I have one final request. Can you finish training the next Namikage. It appears neither myself or Naruto will be able to. We have already nominated Zabuza as the next leader. He may be a little ruff but he is loyal and also a very good judge of character."

The third said "I will Minato."

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at Nan and Angel and said "I'm sorry I didn't get to marry you both. I hope we see each other on..." as his eyes glossed over and his chest stopped moving.

Moments later Nan fell across him and Angel fell beside him also.

Kushina and Minato kissed one last time as both fell to thier knees before passing away.

Everyone looked down in mourning of the ones who died. Jiraiya walked over and pulled out a scroll as he sealed each of their bodies.

The trip back to the hidden village of wave was a sad event.

When they returned the word spread about the loss of the 5. Within a few days Jiraiya chartered a private boat for Tsunade, Shizune, Nawaki, Dan, and the kids along with Kisame and Yugito. As they were preparing to leave several people came by to offer gifts they asked to have put on the graves of the 5 lost loved ones. Finally all that was left was the third, Zabuza, Kakashi, Rin, Anko, Haku, and Raiga.

As the boat was pulling away the third said "So, how long is this little act going to go on." making the 6 other look at him funny.

Kakashi asked "What do you mean sir."

The third said "I translated the agreement that was placed in the Namikage tower. I know the Sake you all drank to get the memories made you each have a form of immortality. I also know the jutsu you all did before the deaths must have been the cancel jutsu. So that means you all can live normal. I know with everything that happened Naruto would not have been able to come back and neither would Nan, Angel and I know Kushina and Minato would not leave them after being returned together so I assume the whole death was an act."

A figure stepped out of the shadows with red hair and green eyes and said "Just proves how wise you truly are old man."

The third looked at the figure and said "So whats to happen now Naruto."

The man said "Its a long journey to the island of Sumato. A single ship could easily be lost at sea by a storm. All hands on board could be lost."

The third said "I see, so why the whole death scene. Why not just leave."

The man said "The final curse the jinchuuriki must bear old man is we must create 100 decendants. Kami won't let us die until we do so those who have bloodlines won't die out when we do. Humans in general are stupid and greedy. Immortality and power are to interesting to be ignored. Sooner or later people would have tried to use us for weapons, breeding factories and other such deals. This way we all die out. Kisame and Yugito have fallen for each other. I think its because he looks like a fish and shes part cat. Nan, Angel and I are all tired of fighting and the people I saved are not the same ones I grew up with. The fact I know them from my past makes dealing with them increadibly difficult. As for how we pulled that off, it was all a kitsune illusion. Please don't hate the ones here or reveal our existence. They only did what was necessary to ensure the future of everyone we hold precious. We plan to take our ship beyond the farthest island and explore the great sea. We have enough food in scrolls to last 200 years. In that time we will either return to this land where we will be nothing but legends or find new lands where nobody knows us. I hope you understand old man."

The third sighed and said "I do. I just wish I could see my grandson finish growing up."

The man smiled and said "Don't worry, you will. I made one last deal with death. I gave him my last memory sake and asked him to allow our precious people to see what happens with us until we can join you on the other side. I will miss you all and my family said to please live a long, happy and good life. Have kids, get laid, drink, and above all, enjoy your new future. From those of us who are immortal. Goodbye and good luck." as he went up in smoke and in his place was a scroll.

Haku bent down and picked the scroll up and opened it. As she did the scroll exploded and every one of them was covered in tie-die paint.

Out at sea on the boat the captain of the ship changed into a blond with whiskers and laughed as he heard several shouts of his name. He set the boat on auto and stepped out on the deck and said "Well everyone, jiji send his regards, so I hope everyone is ready. Our new adventure begins."

Yugito who was sitting in Kisame arms said "Quit being a drama queen Naruto or I am going to start calling you emo."

Naruto pouted and Minato said "You know, dye his hair black and change his eyes to brown and he would be a poster child of an emo with that look.

Kushina hit him over the head and said "Remember that when your sleeping on the couch bud."

At this everyone laughed.

Shizune sighed and said "I'm going to miss my friends but I love being with my family." as she held Nawaki.

Angel said "So, I say in about 2 months we should be able to find and reach an island that use to be known as Hawaii. Its a tropical paradise."

Nan said "I can't wait. Once we get there we can get married and then start our family."

Kushina said "I hear you, to bad I am going to have to take it easy then, after all, Naruto going to have a little brother or sister then."

Naruto got wide eyed and Minato fainted.

Tsunade laughed and said "Yeah, good thing Shizunes a registered nurse since I'm in the same boat."

Dan and Jiraiya fainted and Shizune said "Um, me to." and Nawaki fainted.''

Naruto sweatdropped and said "If either of you say your pregnant I am swimming back to Wave." as he looked at Nan and Angel.

Angel said "No, just pms."

Nan said "Really, me too."

Naruto looked down and said "Kami, why the hell do you hate me."

Naruto couldn't be for sure but he could have swore he heard someone say "Because I can."