Something to Talk About

Summary: Five Times Ron catches Harry and Ginny in a rather… erm… compromising situation, (and one time he doesn't). This chapter takes place towards the end of HBP, and probably deserves a PG-13 or T rating, but I'm upping it to R or M just to be safe--I don't wish to offend anyone. The next chapter is likely to be deserving of a higher rating in any case… Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and their friends and family are owned by JK Rowling, Warner Brother's and a bunch of other people who are not me. The title of this story is owned by Bonnie Rait.

Chapter Two: His Best Source of Comfort

"…And hour by hour, he put off saying the thing that he knew he must say, doing what he knew was right to do, because it was too hard to forgo his best source of comfort…" (HBP, 634 American Edition).

He had been dreading the train ride ever since that moment at the funeral when he had told Ginny that they couldn't be together anymore. How on earth was he going to keep to his resolution of not being with her--not touching her, not even looking at her--as they took the long journey from Hogsmeade all the way to London in the confined quarters of a train compartment together?

Apparently, however, he needn't have worried, as the journey was now more than half over, and he hadn't had so much as a glimpse of her the entire way. Harry, Ron, and Hermione had a compartment all to themselves, and apart from a short visit from Neville, they had been left undisturbed for the whole of he trip. Ron and Hermione were busy playing chess and giving Harry worried looks, and Harry was sitting in a corner of the compartment, staring out the window, and determinedly not thinking about Ginny. Of course, the alternative thoughts that were crowding into his mind weren't terribly pleasant either. Dumbledore… Snape… R.A.B… Locket… Cup… Snake… He gave his head a vicious shake and tried to clear it of all thoughts. The greenery outside of the window seemed to blur, and thoughts continued making their way, uninvited, into his head. Dursleys… Dementors… Sirius… Malfoy… Something of Gryffindor's or Ravenclaw's… Weasleys… Wedding… Ginny…

Harry banged his head hard against the window pane, huffing out a sigh of frustration. Ron and Hermione looked at him in alarm. "Harry," began Hermione, "Are you--"

"Fine," said Harry shortly. He stood up. "I'll be back. Going for a walk."

He shoved the compartment door open, pushed his way past a Hufflepuff who had been loitering in the hallway, ignoring the dirty look the boy cast in his direction, and made his way down the long corridor of the Hogwarts express. A group of first year girls were sitting on the ground in the middle of the hallway, playing exploding snap, and they shrieked and giggled as he gingerly stepped around the stack of cards and past their group. The deck of cards exploded suddenly, and the girls all screamed as they pushed each other to get away, trying to avoid getting their eyebrows singed. Several curious faces appeared in the windows of the compartment doors, and gaped at Harry as he made his way past them. Romilda Vane appeared in one, and the next moment she threw open her compartment door calling after him. "Harry! Harry, I heard that you and your girlfrien--"

Harry scowled, and pushed his way out of the door of the train car. He stepped into the next car, slamming the door abruptly behind him, just in time to be greeted by the sight of Dean Thomas with his arms wrapped around a petite girl with long red hair. He was leaning down to kiss her on the cheek, but he glanced up at the sound of the slamming door, and froze at Harry's murderous expression.

Ginny turned around, a curious expression on her face, and her eyes widened in surprise as she took in the scene before her. She stepped back automatically out of Dean's embrace. "Harry, no!" She exclaimed. "It's not what it--It's not anything!"

Harry didn't bother replying. He turned furiously away from her, making his way into the nearest compartment, which was luckily empty, and slamming the door shut so hard that the glass in the window trembled alarmingly. He threw himself onto the seat and pressed his fingers against his temples, fighting to breathe evenly. The door to the compartment slid back open a moment later and Ginny was standing there alone.

She walked into the compartment, closing the door behind herself, and lifted her chin, giving him a hard, defiant look. Blazing green met burning cinnamon for an instant, and then she looked away, resigned. "Harry," she said softly. "It really wasn't anything. Dean just heard that we broke up, and he wanted to know if I was okay."

Harry snorted. "I bet he did."

"No, really," said Ginny. "I already explained to him a long time ago how I feel about you, and that he and I are much better off as friends in any case, and he was just hug--"

"Look, Ginny," said Harry, "We're broken up. You can kiss whoever you bloody-well please."

Ginny looked away. "Right," she said. She sighed. "Right," she repeated softly. "I'll just go then." She turned around, closing her eyes, and taking a deep breath, and slid the compartment door back open again.

Harry watched her with as impassive a gaze as he could manage, telling himself that he would let her go, he wouldn't apologize, wouldn't call after her, wouldn't even think about her, and then before he could stop himself, his body was making his decisions for him, and he was on his feet, grabbing her hand, and pulling her roughly back inside the compartment. The door closed again with a bang, and then he was pressing Ginny up against it. His hands slid into her hair, his lips were on her face, and he was kissing her desperately on her forehead, her cheeks, her chin, and between kisses he was whispering to her, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Please, don't go."

Ginny raised her arms to wrap them around his neck, and she tipped her face up so that her mouth met his. He pressed her more firmly into the door of the compartment, and his body was hard against hers. Feeling his tongue sweeping against her lips, Ginny automatically opened her mouth to him, and she let out a soft moan as he deepened the kiss.

Unhooking her hands from around his neck, she ran them across his broad shoulders, and down his arms to squeeze his biceps. He pulled his hands out of her hair where they had been tangled, as her hands continued down to his forearms, and then he grasped her hands in his, interlacing their fingers. He pulled her hands up above her head, and pinned them there against the door, as he moved to push her soft body even closer against his own, so that he could feel her every curve and crevice as they continued their frenzied kissing. He slid one of his thighs in between her legs, and she brought one of her legs up, hooking it around the back of his hips. Releasing her hands, he brought his own around to the sides of her waist, and then down to cup her bottom in his hands, pulling her hips hard against his own. Ginny met his thrust eagerly, and hugging her arms back around him, she pulled herself into him, bunching her robe and her skirt upward around her thighs, and wrapping both of her legs around his waist.

Stumbling slightly backward, Harry carried her with him as he collapsed onto one the plush seats, with his ex-girlfriend still on his lap. Legs still clamped around his waist, Ginny felt him thrust his hips upward against her again, and she pushed back down against him; Harry's hands were busy unfastening the silver clasps of her robe. He groaned as she wiggled against him in her attempts to pull the robe the rest of the way out from under her, and down off of her arms. Before, she had even finished casting it to the floor, Harry's hands were loosening her tie, and pulling it over her head. Then he was unbuttoning her blouse, and pushing it back over her shoulders, and his lips were against her neck, her collar bone, the tops of her breasts. He was licking, and sucking, and biting, and it vaguely registered in Ginny's mind that she would have marks later, and she wondered if she should care, but she couldn't because she was too busy trying to help Harry out of his own school uniform.

Coming to his senses for a moment, Harry took the time to cast an obscuring charm at the window on the door, and a locking charm at the door itself. It sealed with a squelching sound. Harry struggled his way out of the sleeves of his robe, and he pulled apart the knot of his own tie as he felt Ginny's hands against the buttons of his shirt. He wrenched the robe out from under himself, and he felt her unwrap her legs from around his waist. Instead, she was kneeling on either side of him, straddling his lap. He placed his hands on the backs of her knees, and began to run them up her thighs, all the way to the elastic edge of her panties. He flipped her skirt up as he reached it, giving him a brief glimpse of those lace covered panties, and then she had settled herself back down on him, skirt bunched around her waist. He thrust against her hard, and again harder, and he felt her trembling as she buried her face into the crook of his neck.

Bringing his hands up to cup her face, he pulled back and stared at her. Her face was flushed, and her lips swollen. Her crimson hair was in wild disarray and she gazed back at him with fire in her cinnamon eyes. "God, Ginny," he gasped. "So beautiful," and then he was kissing her again, holding her against him. His hands skimmed up and down the bare skin of her back, and then they were on her shoulders, pushing the straps of her bra down.

"Harry." She breathed his name in a low, husky tone that made his heart skip in his chest.

"Ginny." He whispered her name again, tipped her backward, and kissed her. Holding her against him, feeling her chest against his, and kissing her gently, he unexpectedly felt not the frenzied impassioned feelings that he had been feeling for the several minutes, but a quiet, intense, whispering sort of burning love. And quite suddenly, he realized that they needed to stop.

He loved her. He loved her, and because he did, they needed to stop. He kissed her again, softly, rested his forehead against hers, smiling at her for a moment, and then pulled back. Taking the straps of her bra between his fingers, he pulled the bra back upward until she was covered, and then slid the straps back over her shoulders and into place.

Ginny stared at him in confusion. "Harry," she said. "What is it?" She pulled his face back to her's. "Harry, I lo--"

Harry kissed her again, as tenderly as he knew how, trying to convey the depth of all he felt, but knew that he could not yet say in that moment. He pulled back and stroked the side of her cheek softly with his fingers, then he picked up her blouse from where he had dropped it beside him, guided her arms back into the sleeves, and began to button each of the buttons one by one.

Ginny gazed at him with a mixture of disappointment and resigned acceptance in her eyes. He buttoned the last button, and Ginny slid off of his lap with a sigh. Just as she was wondering where on earth her tie had been flung in the melee, the door burst open with a bang, and Hermione stood in the doorway in full prefect mode.

"Students are not allowed to lock--" she began, and then stopped abruptly as she realized what she had walked in on. She blushed. "Harry! Oh, I'm so sorry, it's just it was our hour to patrol the corridors, and I noticed the charms on this door and--"

"Hermione?" came Ron's voice. "Is Harry in there? What's the matter?"

Hermione quickly turned around, closing the door behind her with a snap. "Nothing!" she squeaked. "Nothing at all! No one in there, nothing to see at all!"

Ron raised his eyebrows, smirking. "Nothing, huh?" He peered around her, looking over her shoulder through the glass, through which nothing could be seen as the obscuring charm was still in place.

He attempted to reach behind her to the handle of the door, but Hermione stood in the way, blocking him. "Honestly, Ron, there's nothing at all. Where on earth has that witch with the food cart gone? I could really go for some chocolate frogs right about now, how about you?" She grabbed Ron's arm and began to lead him away down the hall. He followed her with a bemused expression "Or a pumpkin pasty, maybe," she continued, "Or something healthier. There must be some sandwiches or something on the cart that's healthier than all of those sweets. Really, it's a wonder that more wizards don't have all of their teeth falling out with all of the--Ron!"

Ron had waited until she was clear of the compartment door, and then suddenly he lunged out of her grasp and back to the compartment door, which he threw open with a flourish. "Harry! Caught yo--" He stopped, making a choking sound.

"Harry! Ginny! What the hell! I thought you broke up!"

Harry finished pulling his shirt on and began buttoning it up before looking up at his friend. He shrugged. "We did," he said.

Ginny tightened her tie and smoothed her skirt down over her hips. "We did." She nodded in agreement.

"So?! What the hell is this?" continued Ron angrily, gesturing at the robes still strewn on the floor and at the pair's clearly disheveled appearances.

Ginny pulled her robes over her uniform and looked at him. "It's nothing," she said briefly. She touched Harry's hand and he gave her a small smile before looking away. Flipping her hair behind one shoulder, she squared her shoulders, adjusted her face into a neutral expression, and pushed her way past her brother into the hallway. "See you guys around," she said.

Hermione grabbed her arm. "Ginny?"

Ginny shook her head at her. "It's okay. I'll see you around, too." And then she was gone.

Hermione popped her head into the compartment. "Harry? Is everything okay?"

"It's fine," said Harry in an even tone. "Nothing happened. We're broken up."

Ron broke out of the stupor he was in. "Yeah?" he said angrily. "It sure didn't look like it to me! How could you do this to her?! You about killed her when you broke up with her, and now you come in here and just take advantage of her! You piece of--"

"Ron, SHUT UP," said Harry. He let out a slow breath and reschooled his features. "We're still broken up," he said calmly. "It won't happen again." He pushed his way past Ron and Hermione and disappeared down the hallway, in the opposite direction from the one Ginny had taken.

"Ron!" exclaimed Hermione. "Honestly!" she turned and followed Harry down the corridor, muttering angrily under her breath.

Ron watched them go, mouthing wordlessly. He shook his head. "Mental, all of them." He followed his two friends down the corridor toward the original compartment where he had sat with them for the first half of the trip. He made an awkward sort of leap at the last moment to avoid stepping on a group of first years he hadn't noticed who were playing cards on the floor.

"Annoying little midgets," he muttered, looking at them over his shoulder.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" Romilda Vane exclaimed.

"What?" Ron turned around suddenly, tripped over Romilda, and they both went tumbling to the ground.

Romilda shrieked. "You giant klutz!" she exclaimed. She smacked him on the arm. Hard.

"Get off of me!"

"I'm trying! Would you just--"

"Weasley!" came an angry sounding voice. Ron managed to turn his head, and a set of Hufflepuff robes came into view. He braced his arm on the side of the wall, and picked himself up off of Romilda. He offered her a hand, which she brushed aside angrily, and standing up, she stormed back into her compartment. Ron turned to look at the Hufflepuff. It was Zacharias Smith. He looked disgusted. "What on EARTH were you two doing?" he demanded angrily.

The first years on the floor giggled nervously, before they all shrieked in dismay as the stack of cards in the midst of them exploded with a bang.

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