Title: Tackle
Rating: E, since it blocks out the language
A/N: This includes a direct quote from my own mouth on Saturday. Let's see if you can guess which it is!
A/N2: Originally posted for the FlashFic30 , 9/16/2008. I'm posting it here today in honor of the start of Buckeye football!

Filius smiled at the young couple sitting next to him in the stands. It was obvious they were fans of the home team. Each was wearing scarlet and grey from head to toe. Their jerseys were red with a white "47" on the front and back.

"Come to the games often?" the young man asked, eyeing both Filius and his wife.

"Actually this is our first game. We got tickets from a friend of ours and it seemed a nice way to spend the last Saturday of our vacation. We've actually never watched your football before."

"Oh really? I guessed you were long time fans since..." He glanced at Pomona. "Anyway, you seem to be enjoying the game."

Filius chuckled as he, too, glanced at Pomona. "Yes, my wife is quite the fan of sports, though she is usually more of a rugby fan."

After having stared at Pomona with wonder throughout the men's conversation and most of the game before it, the young woman finally spoke. "Is she always this intimidating to watch a game with?"

Filius smiled before looking at his wife who stood beside him.

"Tackle the bloody bastard! Take his f**k**g knees out! I could do a better job than that!"

Filius turned back to the couple as Pomona continued to yell at the boys on the field. "You should see her in a classroom."