Love Act 143

A RyoSaku version

Written by purpleblush017

If there's anything Ryoma Echizen didn't like, it has to be stepping out of his comfort zone. (Or stepping in a Tezuka zone)

And that's exactly what he's feeling right now.

Echizen Ryoma is uncomfortable.

Normally, he'd 'Twist Serve' the cause of this feeling. But no, the Gods decided to turn their backs on him, playing a little game with him, pushing, no, shoving his buttons again and again. What's worse? He couldn't do anything about it. Unfortunately, his nightmare came.

His senpais finally cracked.

Being cornered by his Regular Tennis-playing senpai's after school, bringing him to God knows where, and tying him up on a wooden chair is a proof of that. He always knew that something's wrong with his comrades. It was just a matter of time they'd show their true color. Kidnapping him is just one issue he can handle. But the moment he saw the dark glint on senpai Fuji Syuusuke's eyes, Ryoma instantly knew that he's not going to like this.

Fuji's smile is as good as a clear warning of a very bloody massacre and slaughter.

Ryoma felt a cold freezing tremor run along his body.

Shiver. Shiver.

Add the fact that Momoshiro-senpai's disturbing grin stirred up the tension. Then there's Kinimitsu Tezuka's smirking face. Oh, here comes hell! So, the guy can semi-smile after all. Feeling endangered for his own life, Ryoma wiggled and shifted on his seat, trying to break free and make a very desperate run for it. A loud creak was heard upon doing so.

All of his eight senpai's surrounded him, giving him a frightening smile.

"Now, now, ochibi! Don't try to escape on us!" his red-headed-acrobatic-tennis-playing senpai, Kikumaru Eiji warned, patting his deep green bundle of hair.

Ryoma sneered. Trust the great Seigaku Tennis club regulars to be up for something. "You're not going to rape me, are you?"

Upon hearing his amusing reply, the room was instantly filled with (evil) laughs, curses, protests and (demonic) snickers.

"Fsssh, I don't swing THAT way, dumbass!" Kaido hissed.

"Ooh, Touch-y." Momoshiro-senpai teased.

Kaido's small squinted eyes, squinted even more. "Why you little—"

Before Kaido's claws could dig into Momoshiro's skin, Oishi-senpai-slash-mama-of-the-Seigaku-Tennis-club fortunately stopped him in time. "Please, you two, stop this. We have important matters to attend to." Oishi-mama looked over at Echizen.

And cute wittle Echizen glared in return, mentally wishing that his sempai's would literally drop dead. "What the hell is going on?" his golden cat-like eyes narrowed as he demanded an answer.

He felt a soft pressure on his shoulder, "Ssshh… relax, ochibi." Fuji soothed, almost seductively, which made his hair stand up.

"Don't touch me!" the small and favorite prince of tennis yelled. How can someone relax when he's kidnapped by a can-easily-snap-in-a-moment-slash-purely-evil-inside person? Which in Ryoma's case, he's surrounded by eight. "You people really are GAY!" he accused dramatically.

"ENOUGH!" Seigaku's male Tennis club captain, Tezuka announced. "It's about to start." As if on queue, the lights flickered on.

There was another someone who entered the room as his sempai's silently sat down on their respective seats. It was then Ryoma realized that Horio and Katsuo were there as well. The Ichinens were incomplete for Kachiro seems to be missing in the picture. Ryoma could only smirk in triumph, Kachiro is a bad boy and he was punished correspondingly.

"State your name." a new voice rang inside the room, the command, directed at Ryoma. And he could only glare in return at his Seigaku Tennis club coach—Ryuuzaki Sumire.

Even she is involved in this?

"State your name." Sumire repeated, her wrinkles showing.

There are two persons Echizen Ryoma couldn't defy—Kinimitsu Tezuka and Ryuuzaki Sumire. It's not like he's afraid of them or something, come on, he doesn't even respect his old man. It's just that he never wanted to run hundreds of laps around Japan.

"Echizen Ryoma." He answered grudgingly. Whatever this is, it's not going to be good.


Remember your goal Echizen, Tennis Pro, Wimbledon, French open, Australian open and US open. Keep that in mind.


Is this some kind of trial? An interrogation? Has he done something wrong?

"Ryoma Echizen. Twelve years old. First year. I hereby find you guilty."

His eyes widen in shock. What the hell? Didn't he have a say in this?

"What the hell is this about?" he demanded an answer, now.

Sumire smirked, "You don't believe you're guilty?"

He snorted. "I don't even know what I'm accused of."

The old hag eyed him. "And here I thought you were supposed to be the genius around here."

Ryoma gave her his super-duper-mega-wega-ultimate glare. It was odd. All of the people in the room besides him seemed to be smirking or smiling evilly, way, waaay too EVIL. Yeah, his trouble senses were driving him insane. This spells disaster.

"Fine." Sumire looks at him amused, then smiles. "I call in…"

A witness?

"…Sadaharu Inui."

A tall man stood up upon stating his name. His eyeglasses shimmered as he adjusted them. The data-gathering tennis player, Sadaharu Inui walked towards an empty seat a few feet away from tied-up Echizen. Sumire looked at him and said, "Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, or so heaven forbid me I will not kick you out of the tennis club?"

Inui raised an eyebrow to say something equally intellectual and sarcastic at the same time but when he coded the seriousness on Sumire's face, he decided not to. "I do."

Echizen was shocked, mouth hanging open. "What in—"

"Shut your mouth!" Sumire gave him a glare. "And you better listen very well, Ryoma!" she commanded. So bossy. She nodded at Inui to say something or say what she needed to hear.

"Before I start telling my side of the story, let me say something first. I did not stalk. As a senpai, I am merely concerned about Echizen's actions. And my concern led to my confession." Inui said, looking stoic as ever. "Let me repeat, I was not stalking, I was concerning."

Ryoma sneered. Yeah, right.

"Get on with it, Inui." Sumire demanded.

Inui took out one of his data book from God knows where, flipped its pages and glanced at the crowd, as if preparing for a speech. And a speech did come out, "It all started on date: September 27. Ryoma Echizen, 1st year, a regular of the Tennis club had started acting strange." He paused for a dramatic effect. "He started to cut his Tennis practice short, sometimes he would skip the whole session."

Kikumaru Eiji piped in, "Oh, I remember nyah, those times when oichibi did not attend practice!"

"EHEM!" Sumire croaked, "Please continue."

Inui flipped the notebook, onto the next page. "So, after days of Echizen acting this way, I dismissed it, thinking that he might actually be in some sort of extra-curricular activity which will only last for less than a week. But to my surprise, this skipping of practice session is not some phase. As it happened, it became a routine. And before I knew it, Ryoma Echizen hardly goes to after-class practice anymore." He adjusted his eyeglasses and continued.

"So, as a concerned senpai that I am, I followed Echizen after his last class." He paused before saying, "Guess where he went."

Momoshiro raised his hand and grinned, "To the ladies bathroom!"

"Fsshh, you dope! Why would Echizen go there?" Kaido hissed.

"Isn't that obvious, Mamushi!? To peek at girls—"

"He's not like you, fsssshhh."

Momoshiro's eyes rounded. "What'd you just say? Why I oughta—!"

"Ara," Oishi started to stop them.

Inui shrugged, immune to their cat and dog antic and continued. "Echizen Ryoma went to the Female Tennis club. To fetch Ryuuzaki Sakuno."

Eyes widened. And then snickers were heard.

Looks were straightly directed at the boy in the chair. Cat-like eyes shimmered with anger, a blush creeping on his cheeks, it seems. "I was…" the blushed deepened. His head turned opposite of them, "Che."



He stood straigh, with all his glory. He stood there all handsome and fresh, his cat-like eyes examining her through the fence. The green zigzag strips of metal entangled together that served as a blockage for him to reach and touch her lay strong.

Her loose hold on her pink racket tightened. There appeared to be a small tint of pink forming on her cheeks, as she became aware that the Prince of Tennis was actually—checking her out. Her blush deepened.

In her warm and barely audible voice, she tried to snap him out of his reverie, "Ryoma-kun?"

Which actually worked.

"Your skirt is too short." He plainly said. Straight to the point.

The shy and conscious girl fidgeted as her hands automatically fiddled the hem of her Tennis skirt. "Eh? Ano…"

He must admit, she has pretty legs. And those same legs are not to be taken lightly in the eyes of a maniac or a sane person like him. Ryuuzaki Sakuno is just too innocent for her own good. As Echizen being in the same year level as her, it had fallen on his shoulders to protect the coach's granddaughter.

Ryoma Echizen adjusted his cap, "I'll walk you home."

He's just concerned. That's all.


"Eh?" she looked surprised. She glanced sideways. "But I still have Tennis practice. And I—"

"I'll wait."

Her auburn eyes shimmered in disbelief. Did she just hear that right?

"I'll wait." Ryoma repeated clearly.

Sakuno never knew that day would be wonderful.

End Flashback

Everyone looked at Echizen with a malicious smile etched on their faces, even Tezuka Kinimitsu gave off a smirk.

"I always knew you weren't gay, Echizen!" the enthusiastic Momo-senpai yelled, musing over the small tale Inui have told them.

"Che." Ryoma resorted to ignore him. "What I did that day does not concern you people."

There was a fake cough, "Mainly, this has something, no, a lot to do with us, Ryoma." The old coach gave a glare as if she's ready to eat his face whole. "My granddaughter has a lot to do with what we're doing right now."

Ryoma looked away, obviously annoyed.

"And I have to take note, that since that day onward, Echizen Ryoma walked her home." Inui added. "The sole reason why he kept missing all those after-class practice."

"Nyah! Ochibi's got a girlfriend!" Kikumaru laughed, cheering him on. "Ochibi's got a girlfriend!" he sang.

Horio scratched his head, "Eto, senpai stalked on Echizen to gain this information?"

Inui's glasses twinkled as he adjusted them. "As I have explained, I was merely concerning."

Ryoma twitched. Concerning his ass. Why did this happento him?


"Next. Proceed to the stand, Oishi."