-1Yep. I got a twitchy finger. Last night I was just wondering what would happen had Ash of known his father… and this is what I came up with.


"What types are strong against the ice type? Anyone?" A girl with curly and bouncy black hair raised her hand.

"Fighting types and fire types." She said with a smile.

"Very good. Now can anyone tell me what the dark type is strong against?" Ash sighed. Pokemon trainer school was so basic. He wouldn't of even come to this stupid place, but his dad had convinced him by telling him that they would have pokemon battles there. Ash had always been intrigued by pokemon battles, and the lure of being able to have some himself was too great.

"Ash, how about you tell us what's weak to the flying type." The teacher was leaning on his desk. Apparently, he had drifted off.

"Fighting and grass types ma'am." Ash said lazily. The teacher smiled coyly.

"You forgot the bug type. Perhaps you should study more instead of sitting there daydreaming all day." Ash just shrugged. The bell rang, and everyone got up to go to their next class. Ash was happy to get out of advantages and weaknesses class because he basically had it down. Next period was his favorite class: pokemon battles.

"Hey, Ash. I don't think it's fair the teacher keeps picking on you. I mean, everybody's different." It was that curly haired girl with the black hair.

You know, Alexis, that teacher just can't grasp the fact that I basically don't need her class. My dad taught me that stuff years ago, plus I figured it out by watching television." Alexis laughed.

"Well, we'd better get to the gym, or coach will make us have our battles last." She said.



Both kids stumbled into the gym. Their classmates were already there, and the bell rang just as they got in.

"Okay kids. You know the drill. Draw your cards to see who will battle and in what order." All the kids crowded the coach, who was holding a paper sack. Ash grabbed Alexis by the hand and pulled her over to the coach. Both kids reached into the bag. Ash got the number twenty, while Alexis got eleven. Ash walked around to see who he was battling. It was his best friend and rival, Gary.

"So, looks like we'll be battling last, Ashy boy." Ash scowled. He hated it when Gary called him that. He was going to make him pay later on. Two hours passed. The bell rang to signal the start of the next period, but the coach kept everyone who hadn't battled yet late for grading purposes. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, It was Ash's turn. He grabbed one of the two remaining pokeballs off of the tray.

"Let's go!" In a blaze of red light, a Gligar appeared. Gary grabbed the last pokeball.

"Whatever." Out came a Bellosom. Ash threw his hands in the air. HE ALWAYS HAD THE GODDAM TYPE DISADVANTAGE!

"Okay Bellosom, use razor leaf!" Gary said as he swung his fist through the air coolly. The flower pokemon readily obeyed, jumping into the air and firing a barrage of leaves at Gligar.

"Use sandstorm to stop the attack!" Ash said as he pointed desperately. Gligar opened its mouth and began to laugh as it kicked up a whirlwind of sand that absorbed the leaves.

"Now use steel wing!" Ash was starting to bounce up and down, getting hyper. Gligar, with its wing glowing a bright white, flew towards Bellosom.

"Use confusion!" Gary said, waving an arm through the air as he smirked evilly. Ash grimaced as Gligar was knocked backwards into the sandstorm.

"Now use sunny day!" Bellosom created a ton of sunlight in the gym.

"And finish it off with Solar beam!" A white beam was fired at The sandstorm, towards Gligar.

"Iron tail!" Ash said, desperate again. Gligar flew out of the sandstorm, and pulverized the solar beam with its tail, which was glowing a bright white.

"Now use Guillotine!" Gligar grabbed hold of Bellosom's neck with its pincers, squeezing them tightly. The flower pokemon fell to the ground, defeated.

"Yes! I won, and with a type disadvantage too!" Ash said as he danced around.

"I don't know if you've reached this unit in Type advantages and disadvantages class, but the flying type in Gligar nullified the ground type weakness. You actually had the type advantage." The coach said.

"Oh, you two head on home. there is only one more period for the day, and it's almost over.

"Alright." Both boys said. They began to walk out of the school.

"You know, when I get my own pokemon, none of them will be as weak as that Bellosom. You will never defeat me." Gary said as soon as they got out of the school.

"I doubt it. It was my amazing skills that helped me win." Ash said, smiling coyly. The two boys separated to go to their respective homes. Ash busted through the door to his house.

"I won! Mom, Dad, I won!" His father peeked around the corner.

"What are you doing home so early?" He asked.

"I was having a pokemon battle, and it was so late that coach said I don't even bother going to my next class. It was a boring one anyways. Who cares about pokemon abilities class in the first place? And I won my pokemon battle!" Ash was going to keep saying that all day.

"That's good. Go wash up, and we'll go to the lab to take care of some of my pokemon." Ash hurried to his room and took a shower. He loved taking care of his father's pokemon.


Okay guys. That's what happens so far. In case you're wondering, the trainer school is in Pallet town. Ash's father had complained to the mayor about the children sitting around doing nothing all day, so a school was built to engage the kids. Please review. If there's one thing I hat, it's people that'll sit there and read your entire story without reviewing once.