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"Ash, sweetie, time to go to school!" Ash's mom called upstairs. Gligar tilted his head.

"We have to go to school every weekday. It's my Mom's orders." Ash said. The fly scorpion pokemon yawned. Ash returned it to its pokeball. He looked at the egg, which was resting on his bed, and put it in his backpack. He then came out of his room, and went outside. He began to walk to school. He passed by the lab, grocery store, and the radio station, and the road leading to route one. Gligar popped out of its pokeball.

"Huh? What is it Gligar?" Ash said, crouching down to his pokemon's level. It grabbed the hem of his pants and tugged on them, pointing towards the route. Ash directed his attention towards it, and saw a quick movement, going deeper into the route. Ash ran after it. Gligar flew up and landed on his shoulder. The thing began moving faster and faster, and Ash was having a hard time catching up.

"SLOW DOWN!" A female voice sounded through the air. Ash froze, and Gligar went flying. Turning around, he saw Alexis, and she flew right past him.

"Ash, can you help me capture that Nidoran?" She yelled behind her as she continued to run. Ash nodded and followed her.

"Use sandstorm Gligar!" Ash yelled as he pointed to a pair of purple feet. Gligar created a whirlwind of sand, picking up the pokemon and sending it flying. It landed on its feet some distance away, on its feet. It fired a ton of purple darts at Gligar.

"Get in the sky!" John ordered, raising a hand. Gligar soared into the air, avoiding the attack.

"Now use iron tail!" Gligar dove at Nidoran, and with its tail glowing white, swung at the pokemon, but Gligar was greeted by two hooves hitting it square in the face. The fly scorpion pokemon pokemon was knocked backwards into a nearby tree, and slid down it. Nidoran then began charging Gligar, with its horn pointed directly at it.

"Dodge and use guillotine!" Gligar soared back into the air, and used its pincer, which was glowing a bright white, to grab on to its horn. Nidoran began to shake its head desperately, and ran off in a random direction. Ash and Lexy chased after it. It kept running, and Gligar was becoming dizzy.

"Use slam!" Gligar used its tail to hit Nidoran on the head. The pokemon fell to the ground, defeated. Ash reached for his belt, but realized he didn't even have any pokeballs. Lexy did.

"Let's go pokeball!" She said as she threw it at the purple pokemon. It was absorbed by a red light, and the pokeball shook three times before it was captured. Lexy picked up the pokeball and turned to face Ash, but he was running ahead. He knocked away some bushes, and came to a big city. Lexy ran up behind him.

"Where are we?" She asked. Ash read a nearby sign.

"Welcome to… Viridian city."


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