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Well, this is an AU story. I won't be following the original guidelines of the series either, it might sound slightly the same, but trust me, it won't turn out like that. Happy reading!


Danny looked over at Sam uncertainly, lowering an eyebrow. "Are you sure it's entirely safe…? What happens if something goes wrong…?"

"It'll be fine." Sam said reassuringly, patting Danny on the back. Tucker stood there, mesmerized by the ghost portal.

"Wouldn't it be great if it really worked!?" he said in excitement. "A whole world of ghosts… It'd be amazing!

"Well…" Danny thought it over, weighing the good and bad things. "I… guess we could. It probably will be interesting. I just hope mum and dad don't come home, they warned me against using this thing because it wasn't working. Still I bet they'd love it if I got it working!"

"That's the spirit Danny!" said Sam who was grinning at him. "Maybe you should put on that jumpsuit."

"Why?" Danny asked Sam, Tucker also had an inquisitive look on his face. "It's just a jumpsuit, it's no different than my clothes except material."

"Hey, we're not taking chances Danny, I'm not sure either, but just to be safe I think you should wear it."

"She's got a point, y'know." said Tucker. "But… ugh, you better get rid of that sticker with your dad's face on it first."

'Yeah." Sam said, wincing at the sight and ripping the sticker off and handing the jumpsuit to Danny. "Talk about a fashion disaster. You don't want to go walking around in a world of ghosts with that on your chest."

Smirking at the thought, Danny put on the white jumpsuit that had black gloves, a black collar, a black belt and black boots. It looked tons better without the Jack Fenton sticker on it, although still odd.

"Well… It doesn't look as bad as I thought it would." said Tucker. "But hey, better you than me!"

"Yes, thank you so very much, Tucker." Said Danny spitefully but grinning. The three smirked for a second then focused their attention back onto the ghost portal.

"Hey, look, I think I know why it didn't work for your folks, Danny!" Sam said suddenly and excitedly. "There's a small bit of copper wire that's broken just there. If we could solder it back together the portal might just work!"

"Yeah, there is… see Danny? Right down the bottom there." Tucker added. "I can solder, has anyone got a soldering iron?"

"My parents have one back here on this bench." said Danny, walking over and grabbing the soldering iron, then handing it to Tucker. "Oh, wait, you'll need some solder too." Danny went back over to the workbench and fumbled through the draws until he finally found and pulled out a roll of solder. "Here."

Tucker took the solder and the soldering iron, plugging it into the wall and waiting for it to heat up, then carefully melting the solder so that the copper wire joined up again nice and firmly and melting it onto the steel gate of the portal from which it had come loose.

"There, all done!" said Tucker, passing back the tools he had used after unplugging the soldering iron from the wall. "Not bad for a techno-geek."

"Yeah, not bad Tuck." Sam said. "Guess it's time for you to take a look inside Danny, here's a camera!"

"Hey, yeah." replied Danny. "I almost forgot about that."

Taking the camera, Danny stepped inside the large, short tube. Inside was two buttons, one green one with 'on' written over the top and a red one with 'off' written over the top.

"Wish me luck guys!" Danny said excitedly, pulling the camera strap over his shoulder.

"Good luck Danny!" Tucker and Sam chanted in unition. Danny turned to the two buttons and gulped; it was now or never.

Sam and Tucker were witness to a blood-curling scream; one that was so horrible it made their very souls shudder. A green swirling mass appeared in the portal after a large explosion. As the two dared to look at the portal, they feared the worst.

-End Prologue-

Author's Note:

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