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Chapter 49: Stolen
It was now well-into the night. Sam and Tucker had headed off home after both being called by their parents and scolded for being out so late. Tucker had walked, while Sam took a cab, as she was able to afford the expense. Besides, she couldn't very-well walk home with her back in such a sorry state.

Danny and his father, Jack, sat in the lounge room, discussing what they should do next. However, they'd been doing this for half the day and most of the night, and it just wasn't working. The only clue they had was that the "Wisconsin Ghost" lived in Wisconsin. And how were you supposed to seek it out in an area that big?


Jack glanced at the clock, rubbing his tired eyes with his HAZMAT suit's gloves. They were getting rather bloodshot, and his body was ready to hit the pillow.

His mind, on the other hand, was not.

"I need coffee..." Danny's father slurred, his half-open eyes beginning to droop further. Danny didn't hesitate to make it, although it didn't seem to help – soon after drinking his fill, Jack Fenton was lost to the world of dreams.

Danny himself didn't even think about sleeping. He wanted to stay awake – had to stay awake. He had to think of something.

He was so busy being lost in thought that he didn't realise when the Wisconsin Ghost materialised behind him. Within a moment's notice Danny was confused, bewildered, and most-definitely no longer in his lounge room.


Anita picked up a small stone from the ground. She couldn't sleep any longer, not even if she felt somewhat-safe in the Ghostwriter's hands. Taking a moment to find the sharper end on it, she began to use the rock to draw thin, powdery white lines over the cold stone bricks. The ghost behind her watched as more and more lines were etched into the walls, looking much like symbols. He wasn't quite sure where they were from, but he doubted much that they'd just come from the girl's head – simple as they were.

One was a swirl with two tails extending from the middle, while another was an hourglass. The final one she drew was just simple – three triangles in a pyramid shape.

And quite suddenly, a collection of bricks fell to the ground to reveal a passageway.

"What were those symbols?"

"They're these things from a bunch of games called 'The Legend of Zelda'... I was just drawing and then the wall came down..."

The Ghostwriter had heard of that title before. Were they not a set of video games? He was sure... Thing is, that meant...

"The Wisconsin Ghost likes playing the Legend of Zelda?"


Apparently so. Not that it was so much of significant importance as it was laughable. But still – apparently so.


The small group of four – Maddie, Jazz, the Ghostwriter and Anita – stepped out from the secret passage. It had lead them straight into an underground laboratory – evidently not the way out, but at least somewhere. It was there that they heard the Wisconsin Ghost's voice echo through the chamber.

"- know what I mean, Daniel." he snarled – the small group leaned in a little closer to within eyeshot, where they saw Danny trapped in some kind of metal cube. The Wisconsin Ghost didn't like the nonexistent answer that his subject was giving him, either. "Answer me! I know you know, so there's no point denying it or shaking your head or anything! Now give me an answer, or you'll find your head subtracted from your shoulders!"

"But I don't know." the boy said angrily, his face curling into an angry glare. "I don't know any secret of what I am! I don't even know what you're talking about!"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, boy! You still have your human side! I was split! You surely know something about switching!"

"But I don't know anything! Why'd you have to get my family involved – or start killing people or anything to find this out! Why didn't you just take me in the first place?!"

"I'm the one asking the questions, Daniel. And I can guarantee you that until mine are answered, you won't have your answers, either."

Maddie suddenly tuned out – he was finally doing it. He was letting himself become revealed – and all just to get the answers. The others might not have picked up on it, but she knew his split half only too well. Well, not really well, but she at least used to know it. She knew the two were connected – the same person in two different forms – but... she didn't know that the two were split; they had been the one being... and now he thinks that Danny... is the same, when clearly he is not...

Unpleasant thoughts began brewing in Maddie's head, although she shared them with none as she watched the events unfold before her...


"You know what I'm talking about," the Wisconsin Ghost stated, voice suddenly calm. "Surely, you have switched – I know you have."

"Because I'm the voice in your head..."

"No... I don't know!" Danny said, and then continued, feebly, "Please, let all of us go..."

"You have seen yourself change, Danny. Do you remember – it was that flash of the eyes in the mirror. Your eyes were blue, for just that moment. It was me. I found that human part of you still locked inside, unable to resurface, powerless. I brought it out to try and show you that there was still that side to you."

Danny's mouth dried up, remembering the voices he'd heard – and that small, quick flash. That was... it was... him. The original him – the blood sample, the urge to occasionally eat... the icy blue eyes... there was a human part in him – there definitely was. He wanted to say something, but found himself rather speechless instead.

It was you... you were -are- the voice in my head. The one that has been causing me to faint, the one that's been prying into my thoughts! Why have you been doing that? Danny thought mentally, forgetting that his thoughts could be heard quite well, it seemed.

"Because you hold the answer to sow me back together. Without my human half, I become powerless to my wants! I do things that my conscience regrets! Boy, do you see where I'm going with this? I almost killed my human half a few months after it split off. I'm lucky enough right now to be forcing myself into my right mind – which I can do only seldom of the time."

Danny's mind became blank. There was still many of his questions unanswered, but even though he'd met with the same fate as the Wisconsin Ghost, how on earth could he provide the answer of regaining his – and the ghost before him's – human self? There was too much he didn't know for his mind to decide on any kind of decision, and it was so late at night... even as a ghost...

Vlad noticed his weary state. There was no use heckling him now. He would have to wait a few hours – a few hours that would try his control.

The spectators, unaware of the non-verbal fight that had gone on between the two ghosts, looked at each other in confusion. Maddie did not – she might have only known a quarter of the story when it came to this, but it was certainly... a quarter that mattered.

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