Ok so yesterday night at around 11:00 pm I found out one of my best friends died. I haven't published anything in almost two years and I haven't written anything in a year. One thing she always told me was to keep creating and that's exactly what i'm going to do cause she always liked to read my stuff. So I know this wasn't exactly written for FFX but i fell like it could maybe fit in at the point where Tidus leaves.

I cried a thousand tears

And I'll cry a thousand more

Knowing that you're gone forever

Death's the only thing in life that's sure.

I'll never forget your face

And always say your name

I know I'll think about you in the sun

Even more when it rains.

I know that you are happy

How could you not be

When I know you're in heaven

Watching over me.

I understand it was your time to go

But I hate that you couldn't stay

I'll try hard not to cry

Cause I know I'll see you again someday.

I know its not the best but its what came to mind while thinking about her, sorry.