Author's notes: These series of one shots contains spoilers for the Noah's Ark. Also the order and length of the chapters do not indicate my preference for any of the characters.

Disclaimer: D Gray Man does not belong to me.

Chapter 1: Krory

Why is it so dark?

I think I'm trapped again, just like the last time.

Just like the flowers which are trapped in the very depths of the castle, was ensnared there as well. But I never did mind, as long as she, Eliade, was to remain with me for an eternity. Just like the endings in fairy tales, we would live happily ever after.

Then they came. The humans came to disturb me, the exorcist brats had to come and disturb this fragile balance.

And then they dropped the bombshell that I was one of them, an ally and that my beloved Eliade was my enemy. I could not believe them or rather I refused to believe them. How can the kind and caring Eliade be my foe?

However, she tore away the barrier which prevented me from believing. She was my enemy and I killed her with my own blood-stained hands. Constantly, after that, I kept asking why me?

But Allen-kun forced me to stand up again, to fight as an Exorcist so that I had a reason, so that Eliade died for a reason. Still, I wonder why he was so angry with me for being so dejected, maybe he experienced something similar. Maybe he saw the shadow of his past in me.

I fought continuously from then on, looking for General Cross with people whom I can consider my companions. Then slowly, one by one, they appeared and disappeared. Anita-san and her crew, Allen, Chomsuke and that katana-wielding exorcist whose name I cannot remember. How many more friends am I going to lose like this.

The annoying Noah brats tried to take them all away. I cannot let that happen, they have brought me out of my dungeon; I cannot let them enter the darkness. It is frightening. Then I was trapped once more.

Eliade came to me, I thought it was my end but she did not want to see me again. She wanted me to go join the Exorcists, I do not deserve to be by her side, not yet anyway. Suddenly, I felt the sensation of floating and I cannot clearly remember what happened. I just found myself lying on the floor. Jesdebi were gone. I have succeeded in protecting my comrades but I cannot join them yet.

I'm just too tired, maybe later…. After a short nap.