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I nearly whooped in joy when somebody in the research section shouted that Allen Walker has arrived.

The Great me was the first to receive the news that everybody who went to Edo was safe and alive. And that includes my goddess.

The Great me was so worried sick about her.

"We need to borrow a phone to call Komui!"

Of course, of course. Anything for the heroes who came back.


Where's Lenalee-chan?

"Ah, master! Where are you going?"

"I kind of feel like running for it."

Oh. So they found General Cross.

"Don't leave."

That voice, my goddess Lenalee was there!

Oh my god! She's…She's…My Lenalee-Chan is hugging Cross!

And her hair is short.

Oh no! Hives. I can feel myself breaking into hives. I must keep calm.

Keep calm…

But Lenalee is with Cross.

Cross is with Lenalee.

And her hair's short.

Cross. Lenalee. Long hair gone…


"Ahhh! Bak-sama fainted! Somebody get the doctor!"

Moko-Chan: Yeah! This is the last Chapter of "Inner Feelings" Hope you all have enjoyed this. Had to end on a humorous note.