Cristina Yang gave her friend a suspicious glare. They were over at Joe's having juice with Derek and Mark. Which in the first place was already highly suspicious since she thought Meredith was avoiding Derek. But apparently, Derek was just her 'friend' now, not the baby's daddy or whatever. But what really made her suspicious was that she was giggling all too much for someone who apparently was only drinking juice.

"Are you high?" she finally asked.

"What?" Meredith stopped her giggling and shot Cristina a look.

"You've been giggling all night. Surely, you're high or something," she raised her eyebrow at her friend who was now frowning at the fact that was just told to her.

"You have been giggling, Grey," Mark commented from his spot across Cristina on the small table. "At every little thing that's been said. You even laughed when you saw the salt and pepper shakers."

"I have?" Meredith's frown became deeper. "I did?"

"Yep," Mark nodded.

"I think it's the juice," Cristina announced, eyeing the almost empty glasses in front of them.

"We're drinking the same ones, we're not giggling like crazy pregnant lady over here," Mark motioned towards Meredith.

"Or her hormones going all crazy," Cristina shrugged. "Pregnancy really makes people go loco."

Meredith started to giggle again. "Maybe it's the juice."

"See?" Cristina shot her friend a disgusted look. "Loco."

"It's the hormones," Mark announced. "Your kid will probably come out laughing or giggling, Grey. A stoned baby."

"That'll be a sight to see," Cristina smirked.

"Hey!" Derek finally cut into the conversation. "That's my kid you're talking about!"

"Actually, it's just Meredith's kid right now since you're just her 'friend' or whatever," Cristina reminded him.

"Fine," Derek just nodded. "That's Meredith's kid you're talking about!"

Meredith started to giggle loudly once again, making Cristina raise her eyebrow in suspicion once again. Maybe there really was something in the juice they just drank.

"What are you giggling about this time?" she eyed her friend once again.

"A stoned baby," Meredith replied in between her giggles.

"Oh god," Cristina couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Someone take here home now, I think she needs some sleep. I think she's intoxicated or something. Did you put something in her drink, McDreamy?"

"What?" Derek exclaimed. "Why would I do that?"

"Who knows what goes up in that head of yours," Cristina muttered. She looked at the two attendings in front of her. "Now who would like to take home crazy hormonal girl over here so I can get a real drink, eh?"

"Shep's the friend," Mark quipped as he stood up. "And I need a real drink too."

"Hey, I want to stay!" Meredith complained

"Time to go home and sleep out whatever's in you, Mer," Derek told her as he stood up and made her stand up too.

"But a baby's inside me!" she exclaimed. "I can't just sleep it out!"

"You've got her?" Cristina asked Derek.

Derek went still for a moment and finally nodded. "I've got her, Cristina, I've got her."


"Mer, you're home," Derek softly said as he looked at the sleeping woman beside him. She was snoring softly and he swore there was a little drool already forming at the side of her mouth. He reached over and ran his hands along her cheeks and sighed. As much as he wanted to be more than just the friend, he knew Meredith wasn't ready and he was willing to wait as long as she needed time.

He looked down at her still flat stomach and reached over to place his hand on top of it. He couldn't wait till he could feel the baby kick and he wished by that time he could already freely do this without the need for Meredith to be asleep.

He felt Meredith shift and he immediately removed his hand. She opened her eyes and let out a small yawn.

"Hey, you're home," Derek repeated.

"We're here?" she asked, looking out the window of his car. She turned to him and gave him a small smile. "Thanks, George."

"You don't need help to go inside?" he asked, silently wishing she would say yes.

"I can handle it," she smiled as she opened the door and stepped out of the car. She held the door open and held her smile. "Good night."

"Good night," Derek echoed back as he watched her close the door and walk up to her house. He didn't blink until she was finally inside her house and he let out a sigh. He just watched his whole life walk away from him and he couldn't do anything about it.


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