Title: Rats and Cats

Rating: PG
Pairing: N/A
Word Count: 154
Warning/s: some curse words. I am not clean.


Can anyone lend me

Two eighty-pound rats?

I want to rid my house of cats. – Drats - Shel Silverstein

Dedication: Mogata, who's PM frightened me in many ways.
A/N: I used to play Runescape. I used to play Runescape a lot. Now I don't. So if there is some Quest you DIRELY need me to know about, you can go ahead and tell.

DISCLAIMER: I own a cat.

MuchJokes, being your average consumer whore, has recently purchased membership for the next couple of years.

Being a member for the first time, MuchJokes must do what every member must do in the beginning of their very first membership.

Get a cat.

A simple feat in itself, the he accomplished the task with little trouble.

The next thing any new member with a cat does is to go make it kill rats.

Now MuchJokes is a relatively new character, believing that playing on the free server is a ridiculous notion, and therefore was not aware of some things.

Let us observe.

MuchJokes treaded softly into the sewers. "Hmm…" He pondered out loud, "Perfect climate for rat hunting. I should be able to find some quickly."

Walking deeper into the musty dungeon, our 'hero' spots a blue rat in the distance.

"Go get it kitty!" He shouts.

MuchJokes never got a cat again after that.