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'Forfeit.' Ryoma fought hard to keep his eyes from closing. 'That word never sounded good.' He tried to focus his attention on the ceiling of the mobile transport he is in, blocking everything else. It was only seconds ago that he's living in a wild, vivid world of humans. It also took seconds for him to slowly drop into the oblivion. 'Forfeit. Let go. Surrender…Give up. But…I will…n-not.'

"Oh my god! He's closing his eyes!" A woman screamed. She reached out and slapped Ryoma hard on the cheek but the young man was too forgone.

Two years ago…

Ryoma stomped inside their room, clearly not in the mood for conversations. Behind him the door shut close as his four lovers came in.

"What's the rush?" Ryoma snarled at them. "I mean, can't this wait for at least a few hours until my practice is done?" The eighteen-year old boy slumped on the bed. His questions were met by dead air and it made the tennis prodigy frown. 'Something's off.' He studied their solemn face, almost hating every bit of second that passed by.

"Ryoma…" The first one to speak was the man to the far right. The haughty aura around him was absent and the flawless skin on his forehead creased. "Actually there is a rush."

"Dillydallying is unbecoming of you, Keigo." Ryoma rolled his eyes.

"Quit it brat." The man snapped at him, making Ryoma smirk. 'Now there's some normalcy.'

"Ryo…" The next one was the smiling tensai…but today he's not smiling. He sat next to him and gently pulled him into an embrace. However, Ryoma felt surprisingly cold in his arms.


"What we mean is that…" Golden eyes look up to meet with chestnut-colored ones and the latter shied away. The stoic man beside him stepped forward, gazing directly at him. Most people might call him cold but there so much more past that unfeeling expression.

"Ryoma, we mean to stay that this is the right time to part ways."

Ryoma tried to gasp for a breath. Even if it is just a memory, the sharp edges of each word are still buried in his now-weak heart…immensely hurting him.

As his world started to dim…he tried to hold out once more…maybe for the last time to that painful memory. The burning sensation was the only thing holding him up while dangling over to the edge of life.

"Why?" Came a whispered pain after a few minutes of stunned silence. Ryoma broke off from Fuji and kept his eyes glued on the stainless beige carpet. He went rigid for a while...as if life came rushing out of every pore in his body.

"We have our own paths to follow Ryo-chan." Fuji replied. He sighed. " Keigo here needs to concentrate in over-seeing Atobe Industries. Gen was asked to be a School Administrator in US and Kunimitsu is leaving for England to join his uncle's law firm."

Ryoma bit his inner cheek hard to suppress the sob that was attempting to escape from his throat. " A-and how about you, Syusuke?"

"Syusuke was asked to apprentice in a big modeling agency in Australia." Keigo replied.

Ryoma tried blocking their voices from his head. 'No. I don't believe this. This is just a dream and soon I'll find myself awake under a tree. This is not happening.' Trapped in his internal turmoil, he didn't notice his lovers closing in on him.

"And you have so much a head of you too, Ryoma." Gen gently touched his cheek, as if trying to feel for some tears but there was none. "Now you can have no regrets and you are free to join as much tournaments as you want."

"It's just that we need to pursue our individual dreams to feel whole." Keigo added.

"Are we not whole when we're together?" Ryoma asked. The realization that they were not as happy as Ryoma thought them to be tore his heart apart. "Is love not enough to keep you whole?"

A spurt of courage made him look up and look straight into their eyes. "Am I not enough?"


"Damn that's insane." Oishi muttered with his eyes glued to the television. The once-rowdy shop fell into a grave silence as the news aired.

"Are you telling me that he just went out and shoot randomly?!" Eiji sat there gloomily, watching the bloody traces on insanity.

"I guess he just snapped." Inui muttered. Eiji glared at him indignantly.

"But Sadaharu! A lot of people were killed or hurt!" The 23 year-old model/gymnast whined.

"That is just sick." Momo muttered. He tore his eyes away from the TV and scanned the shop. Everyone was supposed to meet up for their monthly "catching-up" but someone is still missing. " Mind you guys, Ryoma is as late as ever."

"He might have been caught in the traffic jam. That shooting spree evidently caused real mayhem." Taka replied, serving him with another plate of sushi.

" Fshuu….but I'm damn worried." Kaidoh muttered.

" Yeah…" Oishi sighed.

"Hey Oishi…" Eiji called out. "I think someone's trying to call you." The mother hen followed Eiji's line of sight and saw his phone flashing.


Ryoma tried to weave through the dark haze in front of him but his legs and arms fail to respond to his orders. He tried everything…clawing, gnawing against nothing but his body refused to move.

"It would be best, Inoue-san that none of these goes public."

'That's Syuichiro-san's voice. Am I in the shop already?' Ryoma mentally asked himself.

"He doesn't need the extra publicity right now…not like this."

Ryoma tried to move his head towards the direction of the voice but his body remained stiff. 'Syuichiro-san! What's going on!?' In the dark he tried to move about once more but all was in vain. 'Syuichiro-san!!!!!'


Oishi gazed at the unconscious man on the bed. Mechanical ventilators, monitors of some sort and tubes were attached to the fragile body on the bed…his sole existence depending on how these contraptions work.

" Ryoma…please don't surrender." Oishi hastily wiped the tears that welled up his eyes. He's amazed on how he's still able to cry after two days of sobbing his heart out over Ryoma's hospital bed. With the boy's adoptive parents dead…he literally doesn't have a family to comfort him.

'Well he had one…but two years ago it shattered.' The medical student bitterly recalled the breakup two years ago.

"Your life is not yet forfeited Ryoma. Even without them you fought to live." Oishi gently caressed Ryoma's limp fingers. "You must continue living…your yourself."


'I can hear you perfectly Syuichiro-san." Ryoma wanted so much to let the older man hear him. 'Don't cry for me.'

Ryoma stood up. "Oh well…who am I to stop you from fulfilling your dreams." His lips curved up into a pained smile. "And as you had said, I have big dreams for myself too."

"We're sorry."

"Don't be sorry." Ryoma wanted so much to cry that very moment. "No one cheated. No one was physically hurt. We just need to go on separately…that's all."

Keigo gaped at him. "So you're not mad?"

Ryoma sighed. "I can never hold you back from being happy Keigo."

'I'll fight. I'll live. I'll fight. I'll live.'


The door opened and in came the rest of the former Seigaku regulars, sans Fuji and Tezuka.

"We brought you food, Syuichiro-san." Kaidoh muttered, making sure his voice is no more than a whisper. The aspiring doctor nodded. "Just put it in the table Kaoru-kun."

Eiji stood next to his best friend. "You think he can hear us?"

"Eiji-san." Taka muttered gloomily.

"I think so." Oishi tried to compose his self. "He's in partial coma after all. His brain is still working."

Inui reached out and gently placed his hand on Ryoma's forehead. "We're here O'chibi. Have faith that we'll never leave you."


"Yes Taka?"

"His fingers twitched." The sushi chef pointed at Ryoma's once-limp fingers. And it moved again…just a slow gently flick made their eyes bulge then well up with tears.

"I think he heard us Sadaharu." Eiji choked out. "I think Ryoma is agreeing with you."


A/N: Gloomy start? If you think that this is another Coma-reunion plot…you're wrong. You'll know more in the upcoming chapters.

As for the first name basis within the regulars, I think being friends for almost a decade did that.