Title: He Has A What?
Author: Cheysuli Night
Rated: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize.
Warnings: Dirty minds and spoilers for Yondaime's real name.
Summary: Yondaime hears some disturbing news.
A/N: Bunny adopted from MakoRedEyes.

Jiraiya was smirking. He couldn't help it; it was just too funny the way Minato was reacting, pacing back and forth as he ranted at the older man. Jiraiya chuckled. "All I said was that he had a fetish."

"He's too young to have a fetish!" Minato shrieked as he glared at his former teacher. "This is all your fault! You and those books!"

Jiraiya frowned. "Hey, don't blame my books for this," he said, clutching his ever present notebook to his chest as if to shield it from the blond's wrath. "And Kakashi's been a legal adult for years now." He cocked his head and put on an innocent expression. "But I don't see what that has to do with anything."

Minato fumed. "It has everything to do with this," he growled. "And I'm the Hokage; if I say someone is too young for something, then they are too young!"

Jiraiya gave him a look. "Abusing your position, I see." He shrugged, leaning back against the wall as he flipped open his notebook to a blank page. "If you're so against this," he said as he pulled a pen from his pocket, "then tell him." The slamming of the door was his only answer. "Heh. And people think I have a gutter mind."


"-And it better not be dogs, either, or any other kind of animal. And I hope it's not something weird like feet or ears. I am going to kill Jiraiya for giving you those books. They are nothing but filth, I tell you!"

Kakashi blinked in confusion at the ranting blond, wondering why the man had burst into his home and started ranting about kinky sex and... dogs? Kakashi was starting to feel nauseas listening to the things his former teacher was describing. //Who would actually want to... Oh, god, I need brain bleach.//

Minato was oblivious to Kakashi's distress and continued his tirade. "Now I understand you're a growing boy with..." He shuddered. "Desires. But Kakashi you are much, much too young to have a fetish!"

Kakashi frowned and finally spoke up. "Too young?" He cocked his head and pulled a small stone figure out of his pocket, holding out to the older man. "Do you want it then?"

Minato choked when he heard that and stared in confusion at what Kakashi was holding. "Uh... what is that?"

Realizing Minato was not going to take it, Kakashi lowered his arm. "This old woman was selling them in a village Jiraiya and I passed through on our way home from our mission. She said they were called fetishes." Kakashi shrugged and handed the figure to Minato when the man hesitantly reached out for it. "Jiraiya bought me one. Said it was funny." He frowned. "I don't understand why though."

Minato stared at the small stone figure he held in his hand. "This... this is what Jiraiya meant when he said you have a fetish?"

"Well, yeah." Kakashi frowned. "What did you think he meant?"

The Hokage laughed nervously. "Nothing. Nothing important." Blushing in embarrassment, he turned to leave, not remembering he was still holding onto the fetish.


Minato cringed, staring longingly at the door which he had almost reached. "Yes, Kakashi," he said, reluctantly turning to face his former student.

Kakashi stared at him in confusion. "What does a fetish have to do with kinky sex?"


A/N: So how do you think Minato will answer that question?