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Link glanced at the clock and was shocked to see that he had been day dreaming for over an hour – it was almost noon! He put on his dressing gown and began padding around the flat. He needed to think seriously about the situation with his father – he couldn't bear the thought of spending the rest of his life wondering what had happened in the years since his eighteenth birthday. Had he given up drink? Had he settled down with one of his girls? Link wasn't sure if he was even alive. He sighed. This was too much for him to deal with, especially without coffee.



Tracy came down the stairs into the lounge, where her mother was watching her favourite TV show, Scarlet and Brazen; Jazz and Jezebels.

"Hon, can it wait until the end of this episode?"

"I….I don't know….."

Sensing something was wrong, Edna turned of the TV.

"What is it, sweetie?"

"Umm……it's Link. Remember how he ran out last night, well it's because of his dad," Tracy was getting seriously close to tears.

"Trace, pet, you'll get nowhere with worrying yourself. Did you not say anything when he was driving you home last night. You two took so long, your father and I would have been getting suspicious, had we not been so worried!"

"Yes, he told me why he ran out, and what had happened, but he didn't say anything about what he was going to do…what we are going to do…"

"I'm sorry, sweet pea. I'm not sure what's been going on with that poor boy's family – but I'm as worried as you. Mr. Collins followed him out – what do you say we go to lunch with him and figure out what we can do?"


Corny was still in bed when the phone rang.

"H-hello?" He usually didn't get phone calls until the evening.

"Corny, it's Tracy. I need to talk to you about Link. I'm worried,"

Although Corny knew that Tracy was looking for some sort of assurance, he wasn't able to give it to her.

"I'm worried too. We need to do something,"

"Meet me at 2 o'clock outside the diner, 'kay?"


Corny caught sight of the clock as he hung up the phone, and was shocked to see that he had less than half an hour before he would have to leave.


Tracy had been waiting outside Raquel, the local diner, for 10 minutes when Corny came sprinting round the corner, breathlessly apologising.

"Come on, we need to talk,"

With the food on the table, the pair began to talk.

"How much did Link tell you last night?"

"He said that he hadn't spoken to his dad since he moved out," Tears were welling up in Tracy's eyes are she recalled the terrible thing Link had told her, "And that he drank and he," She couldn't bear to finish the sentence. Corny took her arm.

"Did he say what he planned to do?"

"N-no. But we should help him figure it out. He's been dealing with it practically on his own – apart from you, of course – for so long. It's too much,"

"We need to talk to him….soon…let's go now – he could do something dangerous, let's go!"



Link was surprised to see Tracy and Corny standing about to knock when he opened the door.

"Where were you going?" Tracy was suddenly suspicious. She wasn't the type to track down her boyfriend's every move, but last night he said that he had no plans, and under the current circumstances it was unlikely for him to make spur-of-the-moment plans.

"Well, I was looking for you. Do you want to come in?"


The three were sat around Link's coffee table, each waiting for someone else to start. Link eventually began.

"I think I should talk to my dad. Or not…"

"Well, what brought this on?" asked Links mentor, the magical Corny Collins

"I've just been thinking a lot and I don't want to start my new life with Tracy without fixing my old life with my dad."

"How can you still call him your father after all the awful things he has done to you?" asked the future Mrs. Link Larkin

"He may not be much of a dad, but like it or not his blood is in my veins"

"Do you really think that matters?! You owe him nothing! By the look of those scars on your arms, he took the majority of that blood back!!"

"Everyone makes mistakes, Tracy,"

"We're supposed to learn from our mistakes – not repeat them!"

FLASH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Master of the universe! The pair turned away from their argument to Corny, who had grabbed the camera from ottoman and photographed the pair.

"What the hell, man?" Link was confused why Corny thought he needed a momentum of this moment.

"It's you first fight… you should keep the picture, and remember that it's not a nice sight. You work well together – stay that way!"

It was then that the two wrapped each other in a tight embrace.

"Link, if you want to go see your dad, I'll support you, but I'm going with you"

"No Tracy, I don't want you to come, he could hurt you"

"Look Link, we can work this out, but only if we do it together!"

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