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The Prince & The Dragon King


Many years ago, the world of Yamimakai was at war. The humans lived in their great barrier cities safe from their enemies, the dragons.

The ruler of the dragons was a cold heart beast. His name was Atem. A giant dragon, with scales the colour of the darkest night and eyes the colour of fire. He was cruel and merciless; he killed without a second thought and cared for no one, but himself. He lived alone, in a ruined castle. Legend says that he guarded a huge hall, filled with gold and jewels. And that all that entered his lair, never came back.

The king of the humans was a gentle and kind old man. His name was Solomen. He returned to the throne, after a great battle in which his son, former king Kai, was killed by Atem. Leaving Solomen to raise Kai's son, Prince Yugi. Yugi was only 4, when his father died. His mother Queen Electra died giving birth to him. Everyone loved the young prince. He had the most beautiful amethyst eyes in world, and the most hair colour, it was red, black and gold.

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