Well I decided to post another 5 things for the challenge. I was looking at the book "Brokeback Mountain Story to Screenplay. And I managed to find these quotes that meant alot to me. I hope they do to you too.

1- Jack Twist


Your folks just stop at Ennis?

Del Mar

Nice to know you Ennis Del Mar.

2- From screenplay

Tent don't look right.

It ain't goin nowhere let it be

That harmonica don't sound quite right.

That's cause it kinda flattened when that mare threw me.

I thought you said that mare couldn't throw you.

She got lucky.

If I got lucky that harmonica woulda broke in two.

3- Friend this letter is a long time over due. Hope you get it. Heard you were in Riverton. I'm coming thru on the 24th, thought I'd stop and guy you a beer. Drop me a line if you can, say if your there.

4- Swear to God I didn't know we was going to get into this again...

Hell yes I did. Red-lined it all the way couldn't get here fast enough.

5-Anything interesting up there in heaven?

I was just sending up a prayer of thanks.