By Shakespeare's Girl

Where two raging fires do meet, they do consume the thing that fuels their fury.--Taming of the Shrew

Lex Luthor stared out at the Metropolis skyline from his helicopter. He smiled slightly, his eyes not seeing the things before him, but something far off on the horizons of memory.

With a quick shake, he brought himself back to the present and smiled even wider. Today was the day. He looked to his side and smirked at Chloe Sullivan.

"Lex, you look positively evil when you smirk like that," Chloe laughed. "Remember, the goal is to win him back, not scare him off!"

"Don't worry, Chloe," Lex assured her. "I know what to do."

"I know that," Chloe rolled her eyes at him. "I just don't know if you'll actually do it though, when faced with that gorgeous hunk of muscular farm boy."

Lex smirked again. Chloe snorted at him. He sighed. She never had been intimidated by the Luthor smirk.

As the helicopter landed, Lex stretched his neck and Chloe winced at the sound of popping bones. Lex took a deep breath and stepped out. Chloe followed, lugging a large black case behind her. She set it on the ground and flipped it open. A huge speaker system was set up inside. Lex grabbed a microphone an spoke into it. "Hello? Hello?" He held it away from his mouth to address Chloe. "Are we set?"

"Yes Lex, go ahead."

"This is an announcement for the man I love," Lex spoke into the microphone, the speakers broadcasting his announcement throughout Metropolis. "You left me because I yelled at you. I said evil things and I refused to listen. I hurt you so you wouldn't hurt me. But then you left, something I hadn't counted on. And I realized very quickly that I truly cannot live without you. So I am going to apologize for the things I said. I am apologizing and I am saying goodbye. I love you, I miss you, and I can't go on without you. So if I can't have you, I would rather die. And in exactly fifteen minutes, I am going to jump off the top of the LutherCorp tower and kill myself. Because life's just not worth it without you."

He tossed the microphone to Chloe, and she gave him a look. "Lex, don't you make me write your obituary. Don't you dare."

"I'll be fine, Chloe." Lex wondered if it was a lie. He shook off his worry and walked to the edge of the building. Chloe packed away the sound system and loaded it into the helicopter.

"I will see you in Smallville tomorrow, or I will sue you for emotional damages," Chloe shouted at him as she took off in the helicopter. Lex smiled as she glared at him through the window.

He turned back to the drop in front of him

Clark had better come. Because if he doesn't, I might actually jump. Lex closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He raised a leg and stepped onto the railing running around the building's edge. This is insane.

Lex glanced at his watch. Five minutes. The second hand ticked away, shaving the time down, second by second. Lex searched the sky, but saw nothing of his hero. He looked back at his watch. Three minutes. Frantically, Lex pulled himself up to balance on the thin railing. Two minutes. He looked downward and felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. Fear and excitement blended in his chest, creating an adrenaline high that pulled him toward the empty space below him.

It was dizzying to be up so high without a safety net. It was exhilarating. It was petrifying.

He looked at his watch one last time. Time's up.

Lex spread his arms, as if he was flying, and closed his eyes, leaning out into space. Should I do it? Lex wondered. Yes, something inside him answered. Do it, or always wonder what it would have been like. Wonder about the rush of the wind, the fear, the excitement, the pain, and the ecstasy.

Lex let himself lean forward again, and suddenly felt his feet slipping away from the railing. Lex felt his breath rush out from his lungs, but didn't open his eyes. Seeing it would make it real. And he wasn't sure he wanted it to be real.

Lex smiled as the air rushed past him. This must be what it feels like to fly. Silent and frightening, and free.

And then Lex opened his eyes. The pavement was closer that he'd expected and farther than he'd thought. He wondered if the impact would hurt, if crashing to the ground in a million pieces would kill him instantaneously, or whether he would be cognizant for any amount of time.

He shut his eyes again, afraid he'd start screaming in terror and delight if he kept them open any longer. He didn't want to know how fast the pavement was racing up at him, how large the gathering crowd was. He let himself fall, and hoped beyond every hope or wish he'd ever made that Clark would be there to catch him, to save him, like he'd saved so many others from this same type of thing.

"CLARK!" Lex finally screamed. "CLARK! I LOVE YOU!"

He knew he must be getting close to impact--surely one couldn't fall for this long without hitting something?

And then suddenly something was grabbing him, wrapping around him, and Lex thought Maybe this is what it's like to die.

But then he realized that he was wrapped in the strongest and best arms in the world, and that the hard thing he was pressed against was Clark Kent's chest, and that he'd come, finally.

They hung in the air, suspended, and Lex opened his eyes and looked into Clark's handsome face, his beautiful face, the face he loved so much that it physically hurt to look at him sometimes. He smiled at Clark, a smile of wonder and apology and surprise and fear.

But Lex wasn't falling anymore, and that helped everything be all right.