Title: Teach Me

Summary: Hermione wants to know what it's like to be kissed.

Spoilers/Disclaimers: Nothing except the plot belongs to me. No real spoilers!

Sorry about any mistakes ahead of time!



Harry glanced up from his homework and smiled, "Hello Hermione."

She tucked her hair behind her ears, before answering, "Um-hi--" Just get straight to the point Granger, she thought to herself. "Would you do me favor?"

"Anything," he said casually, pushing his glasses up his nose.

Hermione took a deep breath, twiddled her fingers, and bit her lip before speaking, "I want you to snog me-t-to snog me as if I were the last female in the world, maybe even as if I were incredibly important, as if you loved me? Can you do that? You see I've never been kissed. I mean the only guy that's ever even looked at me 'that' way was Viktor and well, all he did was watch me study. I want to know what it feels like and I know you have experience because I've caught you a couple of times and well, the rumors. So, so I kind of figured…"

Harry, throughout her entire speech, just stared, with his chin dropped. "Hermione-"

"Don't stare at me like that; you don't know what it's like to not be noticed, to not have guys, well in your case girls, even flirt with you. They don't even flirt with me; I don't even make a wave in the radar! Merlin—you know how many times I've wondered what was wrong with me? I've gone through everything, I'm pretty enough, but my breasts are rather small,-I've heard some men like that though. I've gone through everything and my last idea is that I'm not experienced. I mean, why would a guy want a girl who doesn't even know how to kiss, you know?" she paused, taking a deep breath, tucking her hair behind her ears again. "So I've decided that you're the best candidate."

Clearing his throat, Harry folded his hands together, and stared for a second. "Does Ron not factor?" he asked softly.

Hermione raised a puzzled eyebrow, "A-a w-what?"

"He fancied you for a few years."

"As did I him, but he never did anything and then he completely forgot about me the minute Luna 'accidentally' fell into him. It was actually kind of romantic the way it happened, though I didn't think so at the time and two years later…" she chuckled, then frowned and immediately placed her hands on her hips, looking as if she were about to shake her finger at him. "Do not-do not give me that all knowing smile that you have Harry. I will not be-"

Harry slapped his thighs and slowly stood up, making his way towards her. "You sure you want to do this?" he asked when he was only inches away from her face.

Hermione gasped. "I-um…" She hadn't expected this. Not for him to be compliant, not for him to be so close, and most definitely not for him to smell so-so masculine and sexy. She felt her eyelids droop as she nodded. "I'm sure."

He slowly leaned forward. "Okay," he breathed against her lips. "Ready?" he asked, only allowing a half a second for a reply.

Hermione grunted in surprise as Harry gently pulled her body into his, his hand was warm against her neck and lower back, and the way his thumb brushed against the column of her throat sent shivers down her spine and made her stomach curl with anticipation. This was rather odd; she'd expected it to be like any other experiment she done, not like this, not enjoyable…not that she didn't enjoy her science experiments, but this was just on a completely different level of pleasure.

The hand that was situated near her lower back slowly started to slide down, causing her school skirt to lie snug against her thighs, cupping the slope of her bottom. A muffled, kittenish grunt, escaped as Harry's hand clamped down against her buttocks and gently pushed her up, forcing her to stand on her tiptoes.

Oh wow, she thought, oh God. Yes, more of that!

He applied more pressure, before pulling slightly away, his thumb caressing her swollen bottom lip, his eyes staring down at her intently with a look in his eyes that Hermione had only ever once saw on his face.

That's what that look meant when he'd walked in on her in the shower at the Weasley's house.

"Open your mouth," he demanded.

She frowned but complied; only she did it as if a dentist were about to examine her teeth, it was obvious she was confused as Harry pulled back.

"Um, Hermione, that's not what I meant—um never mind," he chuckled, as he started opening his mouth wider, cupping the side of her face, and pulling her forward.

Hermione jolted when she felt the warmth his caressing tongue. Her eyes opened wide and an excited slash surprise groan escaped at the electrifying content. Her knees turned to jelly and before it could register she felt herself rapidly falling from the snug position in Harry's arms. She squealed, clutching Harry tighter, catching them both by surprise as they fell to the floor, knocking heads as Hermione fell on top of him.

Harry cried out with pain, quickly bringing a hand to his forehead.

Well, she hadn't entirely intended to be in this position, but she decided it felt nice being on top of him. Oh Merlin what had she just done?

There's something terribly wrong with me!

Mortified, Hermione stared down at him horror. "I am so sorry," Hermione whispered her eyes wide as she looked at him. She then swiftly tried to get up, which proved to be a problem considering their legs were tangled together, and his other hand was still snuggly against her posterior.

"Hermione-whoa! Just stop, just—" Harry gave a forced grunt as Hermione's elbow landed in his stomach, her knee ramming into his thigh, inches away from a place Harry wouldn't have been very happy about had her knee gone higher. "Hermione, stop!" he whispered softly, catching her face, bringing it closer to his, and forcing eye contact.

When they finally did make eye contact, a tear slipped down Hermione's cheek. "I-I guess there's finally something I'm not good," she gave a half-hearted laugh.

"Hermione," Harry smiled, softly wiping the tear away. "You were perfect, but I usually don't sweep the girl off her feet with only the second kiss," he chuckled.


It is short I know, not very detailed either, but I thought it was cute enough to post! Maybe somebody will get a little laugh out of it!