The team was rushing after the cloaked figure at full sprint as they tracked him. They had engaged in combat only ten minutes ago and now the enemy was in full retreat. Neji Lee and Tenten gave pursuit through the canopy as they continued to engage and attempt to capture him. Moments later the figure had split into dozens of shadow clones with nearly thirty in number. Each of them they all took off in several directions later. Neji cursed aloud as all he could see was the same energy signature in each of them. Lee and Tenten sighed as they realized that wouldn't be able to track him. Moments later Gai appeared before them as he was prepared to scold them all.

"How many times have I told you all, never underestimate the skills and abilities of your enemy; especially when you start to overestimate your own abilities compared to your opponent? Right Neji!" The Hyuga Genius hung his head down as he felt like an idiot. He was taking the fight too lightly and because of it, he allowed the enemy to escape. "NARUTO COME ON OUT SON!"

Moments later the figure draped in black appeared next to Gai. Standing upright, each of them was shocked to see a head full of long unruly locks of spiked blond and sapphire eyes that pierced through out the forest.

"NARUTO!!!" All of them cried out in unison. "Hey guys, what's up?" The blond knucklehead gave his patented grin as he rubbed the back of his head naively. "All right, where do I start, you performance was excellent up until all three of you started to get cocky. When that started happening Naruto here was finally able to get the upper hand." All Naruto could do was stand by as he watched Gai berate his team. He knew that it was to help them become better shinobi but he was actually going a little overboard. But it wasn't until he began to berate Naruto's skills that it finally got on his last nerves.

"For crying out loud guys, all this knuckle head can do is a simple shadow clone jutsu as well as his forbidden sexy jutsu!!! Come on! This is Naruto were talking about!" "That's enough, Gai sensei! I have a lot more then just that sexy Jutsu in my arsenal." "Please you think that I care what you can do. So, you beat Neji in the chunin exams. Whoop-Dee-doo. Another example of underestimating your opponent." He made sure to stare long and hard at the enraged Hyuga. "Naruto just go home, your job is done for the day."

Naruto was about to object when Kakashi appeared with his team. Sai and Sakura along by his side.

"Gai! Your behavior is unacceptable. I can also see that you've been drinking as well. You go home right now and just maybe I'll consider not informing Tsunade about this." Gai was furious that he was being bossed around by his rival in front of his own students not to mention being threatened as well. Gathering his pride, he began to make his way back to the village when Tenten coughed tiredly from today's training. This for some reason set Gai off as he cocked back his arm to unleash a deadly right hook towards her. "How dare YOU LAUGH AT ME!!!!"

Everyone froze as each shinobi there watched Gai ready to nail Tenten directly in her face. Kakashi was about to flicker himself to take the hit when they all saw Naruto standing in front of Tenten with blinding speed. Catching Gais punch, which was no pushover and known to shatter some bones, Naruto cocked back his own right as he performed the Rasengan and followed through to hit Gais stomach. Kakashi had appeared and was about to catch Naruto's right arm when he saw that the boy had stopped on his whim. The energy swirling in the Rasengan had already ripped away most of Gais front shirt and vest by then. Kakashi let out a silent sigh when he realized all Naruto had to do was push a little more and make contact. But Naruto had let go of Gai as he stood upright, looking over to his left he could a thick tree trunk. Flickering over to it he let loose. "RASENGAN!!!!" Seconds later the orb pierced through the trunk like a hot knife through butter. Afterward everyone could see a massive hole in the trunk that was nearly threes time the size of Naruto.

"I don't like showing off that much any more but I think I made my point. Don't you ever underestimate me again, GOT IT!!!" Gai nodded stupidly as he got up with the aid of Neji and Lee. To there, surprise Tenten walked up to Gai. "I'm sorry Tenten, my youthful desires got away…" 'SMACK!!!!' The echoed was heard throughout the area as Kakashi looked away ashamed at Might Gai. "You know my father was an alcoholic and that he used to hit my mother and me. That's why I have no last name and that's why they are both dead. His drunken rage burnt our house to the ground when I was six. I thought of you as a second father Gai sensei. I guess I was wrong." The enraged Kunoichi had run to Kakashi and held him tightly as she cried. The copycat Nin could only sigh as he motioned Sakura to take her. But it was then that he saw Naruto sitting in the hole taking it all in. Everyone had a depressing look of deep thought on his or her face, well except Sai who continued to sit back and watch the whole thing.

"'Sigh' All right all training for today has been canceled, everyone go home." As he said this, he gently handed Tenten over to Sakura as she gently rocked the Kunoichi back and forth. "Naruto lets talk." Kakashi jumped from his perch over to Naruto who continued to sit. "About what, how I shouldn't use the Rasengan against my friends. Kakashi sensei, save it for Sasuke, I would never kill comrade, even if he did let people beat me when I was just a kid, at least now I know why."

Kakashi was shocked at the revelation as he looked back at Gai. He could see it was true as the jonin instructor hung his head down in shame knowing that Naruto would probably tell Kakashi now. Though no one heard Naruto, each of the shinobi there could all see the solemn expression on his teachers face. Before Kakashi could talk to Naruto some more, the blond had disappeared from sight.

Later that week Might Gai had requested a leave of absence from active duty so he could get into rehab. Taking over his position was Anko Mitarashi, and replacing Tenten was another medic Nin in training. She had recently lost her entire squad in a scouting mission and was assigned to Gais, aka team Anko for some basic taijutsu and scouting. Plus the upside was having a training fanatic who would get beat up more in one day then most ninja in there entire life time. Tenten had requested a transfer to team seven after she realized that she was still needed for missions. However, all she really wanted was to run away and be alone. Nevertheless, having a hyperactive blond on your team left no real time for it. The weeks had passed and Tenten was getting over her depression. She would see team Anko from time to time; she found that the team was happier with the new girl. They seemed to get along very well and they were showing each other a few things that would help one another. Her mood was surprisingly cheerful, as she had found close friends on team Kakashi. He was fair and rigorous with training, her and Sakura got along marvelously and for both of them it was a relief to have another females opinion on things. Sai had returned to Anbu and left team seven. Naruto couldn't't have been happier.

But it was on days when they had individual training or no training at all with the team that things between them began to surface. Naruto was sprinting through the woods practicing his flicker technique. He had been improving on it since his last fight with Sasuke. Naruto realized that if there were going to be any way of bringing him back to Konoha, he would need god like speed to do it. But for now he found that he needed to learn to dodge.

Kunai, senbon and shuriken filled the air as Tenten chased down the slippery fox boy. They had been training together for little over a week now and he found that it was just as if not more dangerous then with Sakura. At least this way he would be shiscabob instead. He liked his death to have a little variety as with Sakura he would be a just a either a pancake or mashed potatoes.

As he fished dodging another series of weapons, he made his first mistake when he was finally pinned to a tree. His arms and legs were soon outlined by a series of Kunai and shuriken fastening him tightly to a tree.

"Fine, fine already I give." Jumping down from a nearby tree Tenten twirled her kunai as she walked up to him mischievously. She was now sporting a tighter out fit that was similar to Sakura's except that her dress was all black with gold trimming. She had black elbow high gloves with gold lacing on each end of the finger holes and where her arms slip in. Her hair was still in buns except now she used make up to mark her cheeks like Naruto's. Why she did it, he never knew.

"Say it or I'm not letting you out." The flirtatious girl laughed as she pressed her right foot to Naruto's stomach as she leaned on him. From here the blond could see quite bit as his eyes ran up her black knee high stockings all the way to her black spandex. He couldn't't help himself stare at her wonderfully toned body. From her calves up to her thighs, to her lean and muscled core. To her… Naruto shook his violently as she realized where his thoughts were leading him. Tenten only laughed, as she knew what he was thinking. He never knew why she wore such raunchy clothing when they trained together, but he was sure going to find out.

Trying to break free Naruto pushed against the trunk when Tenten spoke. "Hey if you keep that up your clothes are going too…" but it was too late as she heard the fabric beginning to rip. Tenten jumped back in a aerobic style back flip showing off her incredible flexibility. Naruto escaped from the kunai when he felt the cool November air grace his now bare skin. Standing in front of her, Naruto was now plain as the world around him. The tables had turned on her, as Tenten was the one now staring at the sight to behold. His chiseled body was awe-inspiring as his cut figure left her heart racing. His lean strong arms were well defined and as he stretched, each rippling muscle called out drawing its own individual attention. His core was fabulous and evenly spaced. So gorgeous was he to her that she felt she could serve dinner off him, and then some.

It was merely seconds but to her it felt like a lifetime. Regaining her composure, she charged only to be caught and subdued in a very curious position. Naruto had her bent over in front of him with her arms trapped and pinned to her back. He felt that she now helpless only to find he was wrong. Jumping up Tenten went into a curled position while wrapping her legs around the blond's waist. Following through she ducked through his legs with her momentum sending him rolling forwards. Loosing his grip on her hands Naruto braced himself as he felt her legs release him. Rolling through he stood up again as Tenten handspring back to her feet ready to jump back and throw some kunai. However, as she felt for her weapons pouch her eyes became the size of saucers. Filling around she realized that they were gone.

"Eh hem, is this what you're looking for?" Naruto called out to the surprised Kunoichi. Tenten immediately looked up to see that Naruto had six scrolls and three bags full of weapons. Tossing them deep into the forest, she grinned as she finally had to use Tai jutsu. Naruto grinned as well as he quickly knelt over to pick up scraps of his old shirt. Ripping it evenly he ran the strands trough the loop holes of his bright orange pants. Tying it tightly around his waist he gave a grunt as he charged the anxious kunoichi. With every ounce of strength she had she caught a right hand that was aimed at her face and sent Naruto flying over her shoulder towards a tree. Naruto countered easily enough as he held her wrist and with momentum in his favor he pulled her with him as he planted his feet and pulled her into a tight bear hug. The Kunoichi gasped as she struggled against his grip over her. After a minute of struggling Naruto felt her just completely give up.

"What's wrong are you ok Tenten?" All she could was enjoy it while she could until she felt his grip loosen. Turning her to face him she could the concern on his face. "You've been wondering why I have been dressing like this right Naruto?" The blond nodded, he was finally going to get to his answers. But instead he more then he ever thought possible. Caught off guard Naruto felt her hands grabbing his thick locks as she pulled him into her lips. Shocked and amazed Naruto let her go as she poured every ounce of her strength into him. Her lips were so soft and full as they touched his own. His mind went blank as he was caught up in the moment. As he was about to embrace her She had backed away.

"That's why Naruto. I wanted you to notice me, not as a ninja but as a woman; because I want you in my life Naruto. But I know I can never be. I could never do that Hinata." Her tears fell freely now as she stared the dumbfounded blond.

Before he could respond she threw a smoke bomb and disappeared. Naruto stood there as he tried desperately to figure out what the hell was going.

I'm trying to find inspiration for my other works. So until then here are some short stories. Let me know what you think. PEace!!!