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Part II

Two months had passed since that fateful day. Naruto still thought about it from time to time but gave it no more thought then that. He had been working well with Tenten and the others and missions were taken care of with ease. The group was at a restaurant when Hinata and Kiba as well as Shino came in to eat as well. The group caught up with each other and Hinata had a few misses with her dinner after Naruto had glanced at her. The night was young and the teams had yet to return home. They had made there way to the center of town when Naruto spoke up.

"Hey guys! If you don't fill like going home yet then lets head over to my place! I have some sodas and stuff." The bright blonde said cheerfully hoping that night wouldn't end so early. "Sorry guys but Akamaru and I have to get back home soon. We kind of pulled a prank on my mom and sister just before our last mission so now we have a curfew." Kiba rubbed the back of his head nonchalantly as he tried to look innocent. "Awe that sucks. How about you Shino?" Naruto was really hoping he would get at least Shino. Though the two rarely spoke, he probably knew Hinata the best, and with some luck, he may be able to shine some info on that for him.

"Sorry Naruto but I have to get home soon as well. I have to return some specimens back to my clans lab for testing." This statement shot poor Naruto's plans down in flames, sulking in his defeat; he prepared himself to be shot down by the girls immediately. "I'll… I'll come, that is… if the offer was… was open… to the girls as well." Hinata was gently poking her fingertips together as she braved herself for offering to go over. Naruto couldn't believe his ears. "Well Ino is out searching for new breeds of flowers with her mom so yeah! I'm in Naruto!" Sakura was like Naruto, she really didn't want to go home yet and the idea of staying out longer was appealing. However, Naruto was stunned that his once long time crush Sakura was coming as well. "Um… well I should get home soon, but I guess I could hang out for a couple of hours." Tenten thought twice about her decision since she had yet to get over two weeks ago. But for the sake of not looking suspicious she agreed to go along. Naruto however could clearly see that her thoughts were racing, about what he could only guess.

Kiba and Shino immediately looked awed and amazed that Naruto was going to have not one, not two, but three girls over at his place. Kiba cocked a devilish grin towards Naruto as he and Akamaru gave their goodbyes. His eyes said it all as he stared at what he considered one of the luckiest bastards alive in his view. Shino bowed gracefully as he pulled Naruto to the side. "Don't get any funny ideas and don't make sexist jokes. Not if you want to live past this night. Also don't do anything I wouldn't do." Naruto's mouthed dropped at the statement as he looked in the glare of Shino's glasses. For a brief moment, Naruto knew Shino was smirking as well as he gave his good byes as he left. With nothing else to do, Naruto led the way back to his apartment.

On the way, they stopped by grocery store to pick up a few essential items with the help of Hinata, who by name and prestige in the village could get liquor with out even having to be twenty-one. Though all of them were nearly eighteen already. Long with the sake, they were able to pick up some snacks that the girls wanted since they were "supposedly" all on diets. Naruto didn't let this fly and used a small genjutsu on the items saying they were low fat. Hinata and Sakura saw immediately but only laughed to themselves about how much Naruto cared.

As they stood outside his door Sakura was preparing for the worst when she the lock click. Opening the semi creaky door, Naruto switched on his lights and soon they could all see inside. It was nothing like they had expected. The floors were spotless; the furniture looked nearly brand new. The kitchen was clean as a whistle, and the living room had a cozy and quaint fill. The entire apartment had a warm and welcoming filling.

"Damn!" Clasping her hand over her mouth Naruto looked at Sakura as he just laughed aloud. "Yeah tell me about it! I can hardly get used to it my self. And I just moved in three days ago!" They all looked at Naruto as he continued to laugh making his way to the kitchen to put away their things. As the girls made their way into the living room, they put their things on the coat racks and sat on the couch as they watched Naruto scurry around the kitchen. "Naruto… do you need help in there?" The nervous Heiress was concerned as Naruto nearly slipped in the kitchen. But the resilient blonde recovered quickly but was humble to her offer. "Yeah can you take out the chips and dip?" Hinata quickly scurried to his side as she took both items to the living room. "Hey is there anything else you need help with Naruto?" Sakura was concerned as she watched the confused blonde staring at his microwave. Naruto only sighed as he nodded helplessly in defeat. The pink haired Kunoichi made her way into the room and saw that he was going to try to pop popcorn. Laughing gently, she shooed the blonde out and got to work programming the thing. Tenten had jumped up as well as she went to put things away for him. Naruto felt bad that they were working even though he had invited them over but saw them smiling happily clearing out the kitchen. He planned to make up for it with games.

A few minutes later, the girls made there way inside and saw Naruto breaking out all of his board games and video games as well as his Cd's and movies. They couldn't help but be impressed.

"Naruto, were did you get the money for all of this?" Asked a curious Sakura, Naruto looked up from his instant ramen and smiled as he finished swallowing. "You know the last few missions we went on. Well they had a lottery going on and Purvey sage bet me that I couldn't win after he had gotten thirty tickets. Well I bought one and I won nearly ten grand." Tenten had spit up her drink after hearing that Naruto had won ten thousand on the lottery. "What!? I bought five of those thing and you only bought one and won?" Naruto looked like he was a deer caught in pair of headlights as he tried to figure a way out of the jam he was in. "Uh… oh YATZEE!!!"

The girls couldn't tell what he was talking about until they looked down at the game they were playing. In unison, "AGAIN!!!" "That's the fifth time in a row!" Blurted out Sakura. Hinata was just as shocked when she had been watching the cards closely. Nevertheless, she was more excited that Naruto was having a good time. They had talked a lot together that night she was grateful for it. However, she also found herself falling even more for the blonde.

It was late into the night and Sakura had let herself out. She had remembered at the last minute that she had to report in for work tomorrow at the hospital around eight. It was eleven and she had a few drinks herself as she mixed her drinks. A clone of Naruto's walked her home. All that was left were two very flushed Kunoichi as they were finishing there game of truth or dare. Naruto having the Kyubi inside of him was drinking twice as much to keep his buzz going.

"Hinata, truth or dare?" Tenten slurred slightly as she was giggling to herself. Hinata didn't like the look on her face, knowing that it meant nothing but trouble. "Truth…" Swallowing a bug gulp of sake, she waited hoping and praying that Tenten would be kind. "Alright Hinata tell me, do you find me a attractive in a lesbian sort of way?" Tenten couldn't help but laugh as Naruto's eyes lit up like the fourth of July. Hinata however answered quickly. "Yes I do Tenten, if I were gay I would definitely ask you out." The heiress spoke with skipping a beat, which surprised everyone in many ways. One she didn't stutter and two, she would take Tenten out on a date if she were gay.

Naruto couldn't believe the power and influence Liquor had on people. The very idea was unfathomable to him as he watched Tenten squirming in her seat. Just as he was about to have another drink Hinata spoke up.

"Umm… Naruto, truth or dare." The blonde just sighed as he took a quick sip of his sake. "Dare." This caught Hinata of guard, as she was hoping for him to say truth. Quickly regaining her composure, well whatever was left of it, and braved her self.

"I dare you…" She started prodding her fingers together nervously. "too… um…" She clenched tightly on to her t-shirt as she blurted out. "I dare you to make out with me right now!"

To say there was an awkward silence would have been an understatement. Tenten had quickly put her drink down on the table as she waited to see if Naruto would do it. Though a part of her secretly wished he wouldn't. Before Hinata could ask again Naruto had scooted next to her as they were both sitting on the floor and gently caressed her face. Hinata was a mixture of flushed emotions and being close to near fainting as he closed the gap between them. As Naruto inched closer he stopped waiting for Hinata to meet him the rest of the way. In her drunken stupor Hinata swallowed her pride as she pressed her lips against her long time crushes. The kiss was soft and tender and just as she pulled away she could hear Naruto speak.

"Hey, I thought you wanted to make out?" His bright smile was seen by both Kunoichi as Hinata leaped for joy. Wrapping her arms around his neck Hinata took him the ground which caused the blonde yelp out of surprise. Tenten watched the whole ordeal and was beyond jealous. Sitting watching the two she could fill her heart breaking. But she reminded herself that she was the one who pushed him away, not the other way around. In her drunken stupor she talked to the two lip wrestling shinobi rolling around on the floor.

"Hey this game is really boring, let's do something else." Hoping that this would get there attention. It didn't as the two kept making out passionately. It wasn't until Tenten saw one of Naruto's hands making its way up Hinata's shirt that she bolted up out of her seat.

"NARUTO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!!" Yelled Tenten, finally getting there attention. The blonde broke away from Hinata as he realized just exactly were this was going. Backing away he was gasping for air as well as the young heiress. The two were very flushed and secretly wished that they hadn't been stopped; Hinata more so then Naruto. As Tenten got up she stumbled her way to Naruto's side and kneeled next to him. Hinata was stumped until she watched her grasping his face and brought his lips to her own. Hinata stared awe struck as her heart was nearly crushed. Her supposed friend Tenten was making out with "her" Naruto! Getting up from her place she rushed over to Tenten and shoved her away causing the weapons mistress to fall back. Naruto was still in a daze when he felt Hinata capture his lips once again.

Tenten couldn't stand it as she weaseled her way in-between the two and had Naruto to herself yet again. She had found her way into his lap and was caressing the back of his neck to hold her self up. Hinata wasn't about to sit back and watch and took it as an open challenge. As Tenten let Naruto go briefly to catch her breath Hinata guided Naruto to her lips as they both fought for his attention. Naruto was lost in a thick mist of sake and raging hormones as he went back and forth between the two Kunoichi until his thoughts began to clear.

Finally in control Naruto broke away from both Kunoichi who were getting even more intimate with their lip action, causing a very noticeable bulge in Naruto's pants to appear. The girls watched as he scooted away trying to get some distance, only to follow after him in a sultry and provocative way. As they crawled back over to Naruto he couldn't stop it as they both began to have there way with him. He was too weak to resist both women they ravaged his mouth and body with there's. In a matter of moments he could hear a kunai being unsheathed. Sensing no danger he watched as his shirt was slain before him, slowing being removed from his body. Hinata was quick to begin kissing his body bas well as Tenten, both girls no longer caring about the other, only knowing that was a challenge to both. Who could please Naruto the most? It wasn't until that a strange tattoo appeared on the blonde's delicious body that they stopped to see what exactly what it was. They could see it was a formula but what kind they couldn't recognize.

"It's a seal, to one of Konohas darkest secrets." Both Kunoichi looked up at the depressed blonde as he sat upright and stood on his feet. Bringing them up he had them sit on the couch while he took his place on his coffee table in front of them. And then began one of deepest confessions.

"Nearly eighteen years ago the Kyubi attacked Konoha, and in its wake he brought a sense of fear to the whole village that if you even speak of the event they could remember it as clear as day. I was born the day of the Kyubi attack so I can't remember any of it." The girls sat and listened intently as they watched Naruto being washed over with waves of emotions that he was clearly holding back. "The village tells of how the Yondaime, the fourth Hokage, defeated the Kyubi and destroyed it forever right." They both nodded, "It was in the history books. The battle cost them both of there lives." Tenten spoke only to see Naruto laugh gently at her words. "Yeah I guess that's true. You see it cost the fourth his life, but left the Kyubi caged. You see Tenten, Hinata, this tattoo, is the demons cell. I'm a container. I hold the nine tailed fox inside of me."

Before they could ask or respond both girls were met with darkness as there worlds turned black. Lying on the couch Naruto had his two hidden clones knock out the Kunoichi and carry them off to there respective homes. Making another clone Naruto told him what to do, and moments later he was off to see Tsunade herself about his decision and the events about the night. Laying them on their respective beds, each clone left a note to speak with Tsunade for the rest of the details, and soon they disappeared as well. Naruto spent the rest of the night on his roof top smoking a pack of cigarettes and drinking a bottle of Sake. Letting loose the held up tears that were flowing freely as he basked in the light of the full and radiant moon. In the shadows cast by Naruto the form of the Kyubi was seen roaring into the night as it tried desperately tried to escape its prison from within.

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